NBC Pulls Episode of 'Hannibal' About Children Who Murder Other Children

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April 19th, 2013


NBC is pulling the fourth episode of Hannibal, "Ceuf"scheduled to air next Thursday, April 25 because its subject - children who are brainwashed into committing murder - has been deemed inappropriate in light of the Boston bombings and other recent violent incidents. The fifth episode, "Coquilles"  will air in its place. The omission of one episode from the series will move the season finale up a week to June 20 from June 27. According to Variety, showrunner Bryan Fuller made the decision not to air the episode. NBC will make selected clips for the episode available online. The episode will be shown outside of the United States.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    Seriously ridiculous…as people said, it’s not even about bombs!! it’s about children learning how to kill children…stop being so sensitive, nobody is gonna force you to watch NBC on thursday night!

  • KarenM

    I think it was the producer who decided to pull it not NBC.

  • Rook

    I kind of understood the Castle pull, since it was bomb related, but this is just attention-seeking off the back of a tragedy, and I hope it burns Fuller and Co. right to the ground.

  • s0303

    i would understand if this episode was related to bombs, but it’s not…i’m assuming children are not watching this show…we are adult viewers and should have the right to watch this episode or not…they already are putting an advisory warning to viewers before each episode…if they have to, make the warning stronger, but still air the episode…we can make our own decision if we want to watch it or not…

  • KarenM

    Rook, maybe it is attention seeking. Why would the producer pull his own show? Anyway, I don’t know but again if this show was on cable it wouldn’t be pulled plus it would’ve found a bigger audience. That’s the sad part about it. It’s not perfect but the potential was huge for this show and the networks just can’t handle a controversial show very well.

  • Alex

    Don’t bring your facts into this situation. It just gets in the way of the absurd overreactions.

  • Alex

    Anyway, I don’t know but again if this show was on cable it wouldn’t be pulled plus it would’ve found a bigger audience.

    Given that the shows creator and not the network pulled the episode I’m not sure what basis there is to the claim that it wouldn’t have been pulled on cable. Also go and look at the cable ratings for last night then tell me the show would have found a bigger audience on cable.

  • Wright

    As long as Hannibal doesn’t get cancelled I don’t really care what they do.

  • merrranga

    @ Josh & KarenM

    it will be available to anyone to download it, not legally of course. and as to why, other countries don’t really care about sandy hook so pulling it worldwide would just needlessly alienate every single foreign viewer.

    good thing it’s available somewhere or i would’ve stopped watching entirely until the DVD came out.

  • merrranga


    again, this was in response to sandy hook, not the boston bombing.

  • MichaelChickless

    deemed inappropriate in light of the Boston bombings and other recent violent incidents

    Oh, please.

  • KarenM

    Network TV is ruining our lives but it’s okay if you watch it on cable or the internet. If the producer did this to boast talk about his show so what? That’s not going to make people watch it. Maybe one episode and if it’s not their cup of tea they’ll just change the channel.

  • Alex

    Network TV is ruining our lives…

    Good to see that people are maintain perspective on the situation.

  • Mark

    Pretty sure this is a stupid idea honestly, if local stations want to not show it fine but to pull it everywhere when it doesn’t even have anything to do with the Boston bombings just doesn’t make sense. Almost seems like a shameful publicity grab honestly.

    I understand what happened was horrible but can you honestly tell me there aren’t 50 things on TV right now with tons of violence that would potentially upset people that won’t be pulled?

  • Mark

    Oh and if this was for sandy hook it’s even worse given how long ago that was, seriously it doesn’t make sense.

  • Charmed

    Seriously? The ratings are dropping already, and missing out one episode will destroy it! I don’t watch it, but I imagine it probably has an ongoing storyline, and if you miss one episode you don’t know what’s going on.

  • KarenM

    Don’t you understand? TV creates mentally unstable Americans and terrorists! NBC is desperate for a hit show so maybe they want the publicity.

  • TVDude

    It’ll probably show up on the DVD/Blu-ray release. Something give it a little more value.

  • AB

    If the possibility of the content will offend you, DO NOT WATCH A SHOW ABOUT A SERIAL KILLER.

  • DaxJackson

    Should have aired it. Let people decide if they want to watch it or not. Don’t pull it because of your own person sensitivities Mr Fuller.

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