NBC Pulls Episode of 'Hannibal' About Children Who Murder Other Children

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April 19th, 2013


NBC is pulling the fourth episode of Hannibal, "Ceuf"scheduled to air next Thursday, April 25 because its subject - children who are brainwashed into committing murder - has been deemed inappropriate in light of the Boston bombings and other recent violent incidents. The fifth episode, "Coquilles"  will air in its place. The omission of one episode from the series will move the season finale up a week to June 20 from June 27. According to Variety, showrunner Bryan Fuller made the decision not to air the episode. NBC will make selected clips for the episode available online. The episode will be shown outside of the United States.

  • Jacob

    How many more episodes are they going to get rid of. When the last time networks did something like this except for 9/11

  • Charmed

    I could understand if the episode involved a bomb, but it has nothing to do with it! If this gets pulled, why not every other show on TV?!

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    I agree with all of this.

    Plus if they need to have advisory black screens after every commercial break plus maybe just b4 the most gruesome scene, fine.

    Plus, “this decision was made hours b4 Boston b/c of Sandy Hook”, my g’d that’s just over censorship. It should never have been made, in that case, or at least only made for the DVD.

    Tom M
    Posted April 19, 2013 at 1:05 PM
    Call me a cynic, and this might be a rough take, but the sensitivity here seems to be disingenuous. People, specifically children, are murdered every day in this country. In theory, there is ALWAYS someone’s family to be sensitive to, but it’s like there’s a secret mathematical formula that computes the amount of PR flack they’ll take and what the hit to their bottom line will be, and only if that computation rises above a “statistically significant” threshold do they then take action.

    I am by no means pro-TV violence (if that’s even a thing…it doesn’t sound quite right), but I am pro-”acknowledging the realities that exist in the world”. Fact is, we live in a world where violence exists and people can and will do bad things to one another, ever since one caveman clubbed another over some dispute or the other. I’m sad these events happened, I’m sure you all out there are sad this happened…only the most malevolent or sickest out there wouldn’t be. That being said, I say vote with your remote…no one’s forcing anyone to watch “Hannibal” (or “Haven” after Newtown), but it pretty much says on the tin of these shows what they’re about, so if people want to watch it, I say run it and let them decide, because if we’re not going to scale back or eliminate televised violence (and we aren’t, the horse is long out of the barn on that), then rescheduling it to “sensitively” cram it in between national tragedies is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • cimmer

    Okay I don’t mean to sound cranky and insensitive but with a show like Hannibal and considering the world we live in, NBC is going to have to suck it up and grow a backbone otherwise they’ll be pulling eps on that show constantly.

  • Alan

    This sucks :(

  • Glue

    This is becoming unbearable. They can’t keep doing this every time something happens in America. It’s always something. Everyone knows that scripted shows are just fictional. They aren’t real and it’s not like they film these episodes on purpose. And if they’re not airing it due to the sensitivity of the issue then airing it later won’t change. It’s still in the same year. It’s still in the same few months. It will still be a sensitive issue. It’s like the Castle episode that they yanked out. Seriously, It’s still going to air. Why not get it over with and air it?

  • Dan

    Hopefully they air it sometime in the summer, I would hate to see a good show with an unaired episode from its first season.

  • Dan

    ABC had the right idea flip flopping an episode of Castle airing the episode instead next week.

    Maybe they can do that with Hannibal, does anyone know if its serialized to the point where they cant?

  • Jazz

    Everyone knows that scripted shows are just fictional.

    No, they don’t. That’s what concerns me. People used to understand that what appeared in books or showed up on a screen was different from their own lives but more seem to be having trouble making that distinction. We seems to need a lot more disclaimers. For everything. Toys, cough medicine, seat belts, shows. Everything. That being said, I do wish there were more lighter shows on the air. I like the balance of dark and light.

  • BrieK

    This is stupid.

  • cindy

    useless to ban it, as the internet is worldwide, and someone outside the USA will post it

  • Grst

    Absolutely pathetic. Complete cowardice on the part of NBC, and an insult to the intelligence of viewers. No wonder their ratings suck.

  • HW

    Yeah, this is totally lame. The show does have enough of an ongoing storyline that it could throw things out of wack. They would be better off delaying it a week and then airing it.

  • merrranga

    like everything that bryan fuller does, this is beautiful, and dark, and will die too soon. like most of his characters…

  • r0ckmypants

    Eh… still not as dumb as Fox pulling the hurricane episodes of Animation Domination because there was a tornado in the midwest.

  • SobetonNYC


  • jessica

    ‘The episode will be shown outside of the United States.’ So will Canada still get it?

    No. City is going so far as to pretend that Œuf just doesn’t exist. But if you are in Macedonia or Spain or Thailand or Poland or Brasil or Mexico then you will be able to see it on your local AXN channel.

    it will be available to anyone to download it, not legally of course. and as to why, other countries don’t really care about sandy hook so pulling it worldwide would just needlessly alienate every single foreign viewer.

    good thing it’s available somewhere or i would’ve stopped watching entirely until the DVD came out.

    Don’t count on it. You are more likely going to be waiting for the DVD release (which likely will be 12 eps in US and 13 eps in Poland and Mexico). Those not legal downloads come from actual broadcasts, either in Canada or USA or England for almost all English shows. Œuf is not being shown in any of those countries. Maybe it will come from Poland or Mexico.

    Only in America… can you have more concern for fictional children being killed by fictional child soldiers than real child soldiers killing people of any age.

  • jessica

    God Is A Comedian Playing To An Audience Afraid To Laugh

    … another episode NBC refused to broadcast because of its content. Perhaps some of you recognise this as the third episode of The Black Donnellys. It was shown on NBC’s website, was shown on HDNet, is available on iTunes, and is also on Hulu. I am pretty sure they are all censored since that episode is about 4 minutes shorter than any other episode of the show.

    Even if Œuf is made available outside the US there is a decent chance it won’t be what the initial ‘final edit’ was.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I regard this as the exact sort of over-reaction that security guru Bruce Schneier warns against in his article, worth reading by everyone:

    The Boston Marathon Bombing: Keep Calm and Carry On
    :www. theatlantic .com /national/archive/2013/04/the-boston-marathon-bombing-keep-calm-and-carry-on/275014/

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Dan: “does anyone know if its serialized to the point where they cant?”

    It is very serial in terms of the progression of the two main characters and possibly others since each serial killing appears to build on the previous. If this episode was more procedural, perhaps they could re-schedule or leave it off, but I kinda doubt it.

    Still, IF it was Fuller’s decision, perhaps he thinks it’s not too damaging to the show.

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