NBC Pulls Episode of 'Hannibal' About Children Who Murder Other Children

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April 19th, 2013


NBC is pulling the fourth episode of Hannibal, "Ceuf"scheduled to air next Thursday, April 25 because its subject - children who are brainwashed into committing murder - has been deemed inappropriate in light of the Boston bombings and other recent violent incidents. The fifth episode, "Coquilles"  will air in its place. The omission of one episode from the series will move the season finale up a week to June 20 from June 27. According to Variety, showrunner Bryan Fuller made the decision not to air the episode. NBC will make selected clips for the episode available online. The episode will be shown outside of the United States.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    The ridiculous part of this, BTW, is that they pull TV shows over alleged violence, but show movies like Zero Dark Thirty that glorify the civilian deaths caused daily by the US government’s over-reliance on the US military to conduct foreign policy. Not to mention the corrupt origins of that foreign policy is the desire of the elites to control resources in the world for their benefit.

    A number of articles have appeared in the last couple of years, and especially since Sandy Hook, pointing out how societies where governments tend to be militaristic have a high level of violence in the society. Since government is SUPPOSED to (but never does) exist to control social violence by its “monopoly” on the use of force, the fact that a government is allowed by the electorate to run around the world murdering literally hundreds of thousands of civilians by use of the euphemism “collateral damage” for the benefit of a small fraction of the society – those being paid to produce and use the constructs of war – probably influences a lot of psychologically unstable types that murder is acceptable.

  • merrranga


    ummm… i think you’re on the wrong site. this ones about dumb tv shows.
    for dumb politics there are plenty of other sites.

  • merrranga


    i will be watching it by friday, i promise you. they have internet in those countries too. i watch plenty of downloaded things originally aired in foreign countries. heck, because of timezone, 90% of the tv i watch hasn’t even aired in the US yet.

  • jessica


    i will be watching it by friday, i promise you. they have internet in those countries too. i watch plenty of downloaded things originally aired in foreign countries. heck, because of timezone, 90% of the tv i watch hasn’t even aired in the US yet.

    The prerequisite to that all being the broadcast of the show in that other country prior to the date you desire, in this instance the coming Friday. Unless it appears on iTunes you are not going to be watching it since it isn’t scheduled for broadcast in any of those countries until after Friday.

    So are you saying that Haven and Hannibal are collateral damage?

    And in other news the season 2 premiere of Continuum is tomorrow night. It deals with the aftermath of a terrorist blowing up a skyscraper in Vancouver. A few minutes ago the little text beside the Showcase bug was still indicating it wasn’t being pre-empted due to the bombings in Boston.

  • merrranga

    ok, then the day after whenever it airs. my point is, it will make it to the internet and quickly. i’ve watched complete seasons of shows cancelled in an episode or two that were never aired or released otherwise a week after cancellation. i’m sure an episode of a popular show that actually aired in multiple countries will make its way to the internet immediately. however long it takes, i’ll wait because there’s no point in watching this show, or any bryan fuller show, out of order.

  • Mike


  • CCV

    Yet an episode of Castle about a bomb is only delayed a week…if any over-sensitive soccer moms are offended by shows about sad things, just don’t watch the freaking thing. Must we all adhere to the moral/ethical values of the most hyperbolic individuals (not necessarily referring to soccer moms)?

  • amber duffer

    If someone would be traumatized by violence on tv, due to recent events or otherwise,I don;t think they would be watching hannibal anywaY.iT IS RIDICULOUS TO COMPLETELY TAKE AWAY AN EPISODE LIKE THAT! I don;t understnand what it has to do with the Boston bombings anyway- they werent children that did that.Makes no sense to me at all.

  • tomsman

    Oh please. Anyone who watches this show knows fully well what they are in store for. Put up some warnings and get on with it. We still haven’t watched any of the eps on our dvr. How I missed the fact that this is a Bryan Fuller show is beyond me. I love his work (Dead Like Me remains my favorite show of all-time & and I mourned Pushing Daisies much longer than I should have). It was his decision not to continue with the season after the writer’s strike, as many other shows did. Network tv projects and him are always great and then die for any number of reasons – mostly stupid network programmers/bean counters who bitch about the budgets that THEY approved in the first place. I’m just going to delete the eps. There is no sense in getting involved when they are already screwing around with the show and not giving the audience the credit they are due.

  • tomsman

    If the concern is kids stumbling across the show – it is the parent’s fault for being too damn lazy to configure the tv and cable box’s parental controls or sensitive folks use it to protect themselves from material they will clearly find offensive.

  • C-Love

    I agree with most of the comments. I don’t think it should be an issue to air this episode. It has nothing to do with bombing, but it does involved brain washed children that are made into killers. From the info we’ve received from the media so far on the Boston Bombers: The older brother was the one that attended the terrorist attack camps, and he was on the FBI watch list. It appears he taught his brother how to make the bombs and convinced hm to help in the attack. But I still think it ridiculous to pull the episode in the US only. If someone is bothered by a show, they have the ability to change the channel.

  • Homer Moreno

    Will the episode be included in the DBD/BR season 1 package?

  • Badsocket13

    My heart goes out to the families of Sandy Hook and Boston, and that’s a given for all American’s. TV or the movies are an escape for most of us, and the cancellation of episodes or the censorship does not in anyway provide any relief to the families. I could however relate to the removal or delay of an episode if it had direct correlation to these events (e.g. School shooting or marathon bombing).
    Being sensitive and having compassion from a human aspect, and having respect for our fellow persons is a good thing. But canceling or leaving fans with a degraded web broadcast of this or any other TV show or movie is just plain nonsense.
    Everyday the networks air subject matter that would be considered insensitive to victims of terrorists, and nothing is said. Why is it that NBC chose this particular show to make a statement? The Following aired an episode of a school shooting where people were huddled and seeking protection from a killer, and this aired after Sandy Hook.
    Air the episode NBC, and quit the grandstanding act.

  • Jinx

    Am I the only one that is completely infuriated with the ban on Hannibal airing in Utah? Seriously! If you don’t like the show, and you think it’s too gory change the damn channel! Don’t make it so that others can’t enjoy what is being aired! I mean come on! It’s called Hanniabl that should give you a heads up!

  • CAS

    You can watch the show on amazon through the Internet. We watched it on our tv using our PS3 through amazon. I just wanted to let everyone know that there are ways. It was $1.99 I think. It’s stupid to stop the show. Like someone before said… People who are grieving are probably not watching these shows so don’t take away our right to watch it! It is horrible that these tragedies keep happening and so sad but stopping a show or anything else is just plain stupid. Taking away people’s right to watch something or not is going to just piss everyone off. It already is!

  • CAS

    I am in Utah also and yes we were so angry! We should be able to watch what we want to watch!

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