Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Vampire Diaries' & 'American Idol' Adjusted Up; 'Glee' Adjusted Down

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April 19th, 2013

Vampire Diaries Pictures of You

American Idol and The Vampire Diaries were each adjusted up a tenth while Glee was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, April 18:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R(8-8:31PM) 3.1/10 11.43
FOX American Idol (8-9:02PM) 3.0/10 12.42
ABC Wife Swap 1.5/5 4.63
NBC Community 1.3/4 3.13
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.0/3 2.14
8:30 CBS Two and a Half Men - R 2.4/7 8.79
NBC The Office - R 1.0/3 2.24
9:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 3.3/9 10.89
FOX Glee (9:02-10:02PM) 2.1/6 6.14
NBC Parks and Recreation (9-9:31PM) 1.7/5 3.35
ABC Grey's Anatomy - R (9-10:02PM) 1.1/3 4.02
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.6/2 1.59
9:30 CBS 2 Broke Girls - R 2.2/6 7.71
NBC Parks and Recreation (9:31-10:01PM) 1.7/5 3.34
10:00 CBS Person of Interest - R 1.6/5 8.63
NBC Hannibal 1.4/4 3.51
ABC Scandal - R (10:02-11PM) 0.8/2 3.31

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  • forg

    CBS make a 2-hour comedy block here, make the night stronger even more

  • Lance B.

    sad for nbc, good for community.. i think if community can hold or avg a 1.3 the rest of the way it should be renewed. it will end up being the 2nd best-rated comedy they can renew with it office and 30rock ending.

    has Go On/New Normal done better than a 1.1 when not paired with the voice.. i know whitney has but down the stretched also started putting out 1.0s

  • Kavyn

    Just curious but has a new episode BATB ever aired after a repeat of TVD?

  • Elijah

    I seen this over on Marc Berman’s website

    “Of the four current on-the-fence CW series (including “The Carrie Diaries,” “Hart of Dixie” and “Nikita”), “Beauty and the Beast” is the least likely to return.”

  • Lance B.

    To all the fans of Whitney, Go On, and Community (im one myself)

    Animal Practice was known as a Flop in the ratings and did horrible.. but their #’s look awfully familiar.

    EP 1 – AP = 4.1, W = 1.4, GO = 6.4, C = 1.9
    EP 2 – AP = 1.4, W = 1.1, GO = 3.4, C = 1.2
    EP 3 – AP = 1.3, W = 1.3, GO = 3.4, C = 1.1
    EP 4 – AP = 1.1, W = 1.4, GO = 2.7, C = 1.2
    EP 5 – AP = 1.1, W = 1.8, GO = 2.1, C = 1.5
    EP 6 – AP = 1.2, W = 1.4, GO = 2.6, C = 1.1
    EP 7 – AP = CAN, W = 1.3, GO = 2.4, C = 1.1
    EP 8 – AP = CAN, W = 1.2, GO = 2.2, C = 1.0
    EP 9 – AP = CAN, W = 1.2, GO = 2.1, C = 1.2
    EP10 – AP = CAN, W = 1.1, GO = 2.5, C = 1.3
    EP11 – AP = CAN, W = 1.2, GO = 2.4, C = N/A
    EP12 – AP = CAN, W = 1.3, GO = 1.5, C = N/A
    EP13 – AP = CAN, W = 1.2, GO = 1.7, C = N/A
    EP14 – AP = CAN, W = 1.0, GO = 1.3, C = FIN
    EP15 – AP = CAN, W = 1.0, GO = 1.3, C = FIN
    EP16 – AP = CAN, W = 1.0, GO = 1.1, C = FIN
    EP17 – AP = CAN, W = FIN, GO = 1.1, C = FIN
    EP18 – AP = CAN, W = FIN, GO = 1.1, C = FIN
    EP19 – AP = CAN, W = FIN, GO = 1.0, C = FIN
    EP20 – AP = CAN, W = FIN, GO = 1.9, C = FIN
    EP21 – AP = CAN, W = FIN, GO = 1.1, C = FIN
    EP22 – AP = CAN, W = FIN, GO = 1.1, C = FIN

    EP 1 of AP and GO are due to Olympics
    EP 5 of GO aired after a 3.0 Voice clip show
    EP 7 of AP was Replaced with Whitney EP1
    EP12 GO no longer has the voice lead in
    EP 8 of W and EP16 of GO is where EP 1 of C premiered
    EP20 GO has the voice as a lead in again
    EP21 GO moved to thursdays (no voice)

  • CrimTV


    Wouldn’t trust a word he says, he constantly claims that Supernatural is a failure

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    Glad to see TVD keept its series low to a 1.0, not bad for a CW show about to end its 4th season.
    Even after being adjusted up Flopmerica Idol got beaten by a TBBT rerun (which also got adjusted up)

  • Ultima

    I seen this over on Marc Berman’s website

    “Of the four current on-the-fence CW series (including “The Carrie Diaries,” “Hart of Dixie” and “Nikita”), “Beauty and the Beast” is the least likely to return.”

    Don’t fall for the nonsense of retentionistas.

  • Jaime04

    So happy Glee has been renewed season 5 & 6!!!!!!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Nice to see TVD adjusted up, even if only by a tenth. This is a warning that the CW needs to find a replacement for its hit show before too many more seasons go by, however. Which is why it needs to start canceling low-rated new shows and putting on more new pilots – to find that replacement hit.

    Which is why BATB needs to go with all the rest of the low-rated crap not scheduled for syndication. The fact that this week’s episode was slightly better than the previous crap does not make up for the previous crap.

    Death to BATB!

    Hopefully Hannibal will go back up in the next episode or at least stabilize. The show really is incredibly good. The pace may seem slow for some people because there are few action scenes, but it does not seem slow to me because the writing is so good there is tension THROUGHOUT the show. The show is almost never NOT riddled with tension because of the psychological aspects of the characters and their interaction. The show is INTENSE and that is as good as having action on the screen. Most shows rely on action to get intensity, but intensity which is constant is better. It takes good writing,directing and acting to pull that off and Hannibal does it.

    I was surprised to see Lector drop Bloom – I thought that was highly risky as was taking Abigail somewhat into his confidence. Still, the scene was highly effective at showing how dangerous Lector is.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    BTW, I like the picture. Candace Accola looked amazing in both the red and the white dresses. :-)

    And Elena is starting to make Katherine and Rebecca look like nice girls. :-) I wonder how long the show can keep that up without irritating a lot of the Elena fans.

    There may have been a hint in the dialog where Caroline told Stefan that he would find a new girl someday. Maybe the writers want to hook up Caroline with Stefan making a Stefan-Klaus-Caroline triangle vs the old Damon-Stefan-Elena triangle and the even older Damon-Stefan-Katherine triangle.

    I’d like that, because Caroline is my favorite character. :-)

  • Maya

    ^ I would love Caroline with Stefan, while they are completly ruined Elena’s character, Caroline’s a different story ;)

  • Bradley

    Parks and Rec was the #1 show for the 8 o’clock hour in men 18-34. That’s one of the all important categories. Why doesn’t NBC give the show a pat on the back with an early renewal. Show it some loyalty. They’ve never been able to breathe.

  • CrimTV

    @Richard Steven Hack

    Wow, Caroline is my favourite too! I’ve always thought they’d be a good couple from season 3 onwards :)

  • badboy

    It’s crystal clear that BATB doesn’t need TVD as a lead-in show so that’s another plus for them. Berman is full of crap probably just another bitter TSC fan haha.

  • halloween

    @badboy a .6 is still awful, you can’t have shows in first season pulling those low numbers…how is it suppose to make it to 4-5 seasons?

  • Elijah

    Bitter Secret Circle fangirl most likely

  • alvar

    Dreadful numbers for Hannibal. Crushed by a Person of Interest repeat!

  • Iggy

    The Eric Andre Show has been renewed for season 2. (HuffPo)

  • Immaculate


    Didn’t you say like three weeks ago you were done with BatB and trying to talk “sense” into BatB fans or something like that? Haters gonna hate.

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