Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Vampire Diaries' & 'American Idol' Adjusted Up; 'Glee' Adjusted Down

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April 19th, 2013

Vampire Diaries Pictures of You

American Idol and The Vampire Diaries were each adjusted up a tenth while Glee was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, April 18:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R(8-8:31PM) 3.1/10 11.43
FOX American Idol (8-9:02PM) 3.0/10 12.42
ABC Wife Swap 1.5/5 4.63
NBC Community 1.3/4 3.13
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.0/3 2.14
8:30 CBS Two and a Half Men - R 2.4/7 8.79
NBC The Office - R 1.0/3 2.24
9:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 3.3/9 10.89
FOX Glee (9:02-10:02PM) 2.1/6 6.14
NBC Parks and Recreation (9-9:31PM) 1.7/5 3.35
ABC Grey's Anatomy - R (9-10:02PM) 1.1/3 4.02
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.6/2 1.59
9:30 CBS 2 Broke Girls - R 2.2/6 7.71
NBC Parks and Recreation (9:31-10:01PM) 1.7/5 3.34
10:00 CBS Person of Interest - R 1.6/5 8.63
NBC Hannibal 1.4/4 3.51
ABC Scandal - R (10:02-11PM) 0.8/2 3.31

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  • rick

    I must give credit to TBBT. A freakin repeat gets a 3.1 and 3.3 demo and just as many total viewers as the fast-fading American Idol. Also Wife SWAP Is finding a audience. As for NBC’s “hits”, How do they make money with those ratings. I must admit i love Scandal, so i don’t think i’m going to follow Hannibal. I sticking with The Waking Dead as my gore show.

  • JJA

    Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries was dreadful. The past few episodes (since Elena burnt down her house) were also dreadful. I also think it was a mistake to get rid of BOTH Tyler & Jeramy. No wonder the VD ratings are tanking.

    The ratings will go back up next week. People are excited about The Originals pilot.

    Beauty & The Beast was actually good last night. I had written that show off, but there seems to be an actual possibility it can morph into something good. Of course, that’s what I said about GG season 6.

  • Lance B.

    heres the avg. ratings for go, ap, whitney, and community

    10 episodes w/out voice, go on = 1.23
    5 episodes of animal practice (did not count olympic one) = 1.22
    16 episodes of whitney = 1.24
    10 episodes of community = 1.26

  • ryan

    @ RSH

    old crap old crap…..
    after what you say about TVD you clearly need a life or gf or somthin btw hope to see you when this show get renwed :)

    plz keep the hating going am havin so much fun here :)

    and yeh i rem. you said you were done with BatB thanks god you are not bec we need you here
    well at least for the laugh :)

  • gene oisten

    don’t want to bust your bubble but ai had 1 million more veiwers than tbbt, not that i like either one

  • Lance B.

    @gene oisten

    its better to have a higher 18-49ratings over viewers total..

  • Claudia


    RSH this morning about BATB
    “If BATB had episodes like last night for most of the season, the show would have been vastly better. That episode was mostly about Muirfield and the conspiracy and had plenty of action. It was unquestionably the best episode of the season so far.

    It also seems to have stabilized around .6 which gives it a better shot at renewal, although I still expect it to be canceled UNLESS 1) international sales do well at the upfronts, and/or 2) the CW really can’t afford to cancel it due to lack of replacements.”

    I JUST DONT GET THIS GUY, bec he thinks Nikita is the best show out there he is entitled to bash other shows. CW is doing bad overall, just Nikita alone look at its ratings and they might get the pity renewal for syndication NOT BECAUSE ITS A HIGH RATED SHOW and if it was the great show he thinks it is more people would be WATCHING BUT obviously THEY ARE NOTTTTTTT, I could even take the heat from the Arrow, SPN or TVD fans bashing over BATB but Nikitas or HOD please give me a break!!!!!!!

  • Anyanka

    I think Caroline is just about everyone’s favorite character. She’s my favorite along with Rebekah, which makes me so ambivalent about the Originals. Mystic Falls is way too crowded, but I don’t like Klaus enough to watch a show about him. I’d rather they kill off Klaus (and Matt while we’re at it, he’s so boring), and keep Rebekah on the Vampire Diaries. I’m sure they could find a way around Klaus being pretty much everyone’s bloodline (which was said but never proven). The only thing I like about Klaus is his amazing chemistry with Caroline. But her being with Stefan works for me too.

    I’d say Elijah could stay on Vampire Diaries too, but after his stupidity last night, I’m not so sure!

  • Claudia


    Also,for obvious hating reasons you still watching the show, every week you seem to know whats going on. Seems you are a beastie in the closet you just dont wanna admit it and keep fighting against it knowing you actually love BATB :) w

    Keep the hate but please make up your mind already….

  • methix0r


    Klaus is there bloodline , Stephan’s damons tylers carolines elenas, It is also the same in the book , SO it is not possible to kill klaus off or they will all die , No more originals will be killed off , No way to kill them either klaus as the white oak stake.

    Also was TVD just matching the series low in the demo , What about in the total viewers was it matching series low or was it a new series low in total viewers

  • Mickey 1.0

    Supernatural’s feat of still pulling a lot of 1.0s in its 8th season is all the more impressive when even TVD is hitting the 1.0 level.

    Hope TVD goes back up though. The CW needs it.

  • Hater

    Fans need a crap like RSH :) bashing the show isn’t that bad at all, instead it makes the show popular. So keep it up trash mouth.

    TBBT and 2 Broke Girls \m/
    and Congratulations to the rest who made it well and respect for BATB fans! good job.

  • sarah nz

    Darn my Hannibal prediction was off by (.2-.3) maybe it does share some audience cross over with PoI (from my observer standpoint on Hannibal).

    Time will tell – see how next couple of weeks episode does. NBC doesn’t have a lot of great shows so may be ok for renewal (it’s done better in that time slot than the other attempts in the last year or so for NBC [from memory]).

    Darn you PoI for losing that .1 and getting 1.6 for that repeat.. but different time slot may have affected it slightly ;)

    Yah – PoI final 3 episodes for the season starting next Thursday @ 9pm for 3 straight weeks ! Will wait till then to have my show withdrawal symptoms.. although Got will help keep it at bay for a couple more weeks (then the double sadness will hit):/

  • badboy


    “a .6 is still awful, you can’t have shows in first season pulling those low numbers…how is it suppose to make it to 4-5 seasons?”

    I disagree. Cult, TCD and Emily Owens ratings are/were awful, BATB numbers are at the very least mediocre for CW standards nowadays. IMO they are decent when you consider everything. And I wouldn’t be so sure that the show will drop in ratings on a different timeslot it has proven that it can stand on his own feet. Even the network seems to recognize that no show can get the full retention out of VD’s lead-in which is why they try the spin-off. And that’s the last option really.

  • CrimTV


    New series low in total viewers, but that doesn’t matter

  • jake3988

    Perhaps CBS should consider moving PoI to 10pm. Those RERUN numbers are better than the majority of new episodes for CBS at 10pm.

    I wonder how well it would do with a new episode in that slot.

  • Bizarro

    Last year after the final hiatus TVD fell to 1.0 like this year. TSC fell to .5 from its .6 and had 1.14 million viewers. On the other hand, B&TB held on to its demo and improved in viewers. This is a good sign for B&TB. If it keeps it up it will be getting renewed for sure.

  • Tom


    Thank god for VD!

    Um, Luke…you might want to find out what VD actually stands for. LOL

  • disney rocks

    I think POI will be Thursdays @10 next season and willl be there a long time.

  • Sab G

    Hannibal is both too good for, and too extreme in content, for network. It should be a cable show.

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