Will 'Grimm' Be a Welcome Escape from Grim News Programming? - Poll

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April 19th, 2013

Grimm Season 2

Grimm has solidified its rank as Friday's top scripted program. Its most recent episode on April 5 scored a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. Tonight, it faces off against last minute competition from CBS's news special about the Boston Bombers as well as its usual opponent, Shark Tank. How do you think it will fare? Make your prediction!

  • Jeff (Canada)

    1.4 Most people will either tune into Shark Tank, or will want to watch bomber coverage.

  • Rebecca

    I’ll watch Grimm, as always.

  • Dan S

    Why not go for 1.7 or better ? I just read on Deadline that CBS is pulling Vegas at 9pm for a primetime news special on the Boston tragedy. Interesting they didn’t put it on at 10pm instead in place of the H50 repeat scheduled.

  • Alex

    To be honest I think I’m more interested in what Rock Center does tonight. Presumably some kind of growth would be expected, no?

  • Alex

    @Dan S
    Airing the news special at 9PM means its avoids both 20/20 and Rock Center at 10PM and airs opposite entertainment shows on the other broadcast networks thus (in theory) rates better. And in fact not only rates better but beats both of the other news shows to the punch so to speak.

    Also I suspect a Hawaii Five-0 repeat probably stands a chance to make CBS some money whereas a Vegas original probably not so much. Of course others will read all this as a sign that Hawaii Five-0 is moving to Friday 10PM next season and CBS is using this repeat as a test run.

  • PurpleDrazi

    Assuming Grimm is actually on and not replaced by some news special, I will watch Grimm. I think it will be in the 1.4 – 1.3 range though. To many people watching the news.

  • DenverDean

    It all depends on how the story unfolds in Boston – if has not been resolved, there will be continuing interest on cable and newsmags. If the suspect has been captured, less so.

  • Fake Me Out

    I think PurpleDrazi is right to suggest Grimm may get yanked at the last moment for breaking developments in the bombing … you know, vital news that requires immediate coverage like the SAC sneezed and ate a bagel. I don’t mean to trivialize the event itself, but the “journalists” and the 24/7 news cycle that requires coverage of the same stuff over and over and over and over IMHO numbs the senses and in fact trivializes the event.

    And then you have the press conferences with whack-a-doodles asking about false flags and the same questions over and over and asking about something they were already told in the briefing there were no more details … Cronkite et al must be rolling over in their graves at the sadsack “journalists” on air today.


    PS: Anyone else think this excessive, blanket coverage can sometimes be exactly what the bombers want and if it didn’t happen perhaps, just perhaps there’d be fewer bombings, shootings etc?

    PPS: 1.6 for Grimm and I hope even higher.

  • John A


  • bluejoni

    I can’t wait to escape into the world of Grimm tonight !! What a horrible week –stay safe everyone and hug the ones you love !!

  • Joseph

    “Grimm” will get under 1./3 in t he 18-49 demo because:

    (1) It will go up against a CBS News special on the manhunt for the remaining Boston Marathon bomber.

    (2) It will go up against coverage on the cable news channels on this subject.

    (3) In Boston, it will be bumped-off NBC station WHDH (although sister station and CW affiliate WLVI may carry “Grimm” instead) for local news coverage.

    (4) Other NBC stations in New England, especially WJAR in Providence and WVIT in Hartford, may also bump “Grimm” and either produce their own prime-time news coverage or (more likely) simulcast WHDH.

  • maplab98

    > 1.7 14.48%
    1.7 6.13%
    1.6 22.28%
    1.5 24.23%
    1.4 20.89%??
    1.3 7.52%
    < 1.3 4.46% 

  • Wright


  • slardbarg

    Anybody else think this would be perfect excuse to put a news special on tonight then pull Ready for Love and air a “special” Grimm at 9pm after the Voice? It would give NBC a chance to see how a drama would do there, and it give Grimm some expsosure. I think the Voice goes to 2 hrs the next week anyway.

  • Theoacme

    I voted 1.6 in the poll, but reading about WHDH in Boston likely going full local press on the Boston Marathon dragnet story, there will be adjustments, possibly very significant if other NBC affiliates simulcast or produce their own coverage.

    I now say 1.7-1.8 in the prelims, adjusted down to 1.5 in the finals.

  • Alex

    Anybody else think this would be perfect excuse to put a news special on tonight then pull Ready for Love and air a “special” Grimm at 9pm after the Voice?

    No. You should probably remember that NBC already has a news show scheduled for 10PM.

  • iMember

    ABC is preempting their primetime line up tonight too to cover the Boston manhunt – Carine MacKenzie from zap2it on twitter. Grimm should go up tonight, hopefully!

  • MichaelChickless


  • s0303

    1.3 or 1.4…it’s not going to air in boston and may lose some viewers to the news coverage airing on cbs…

  • Mary

    I love Grimm. News is on 24/7 online. It can wait.

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