Will 'Grimm' Be a Welcome Escape from Grim News Programming? - Poll

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April 19th, 2013

Grimm Season 2

Grimm has solidified its rank as Friday's top scripted program. Its most recent episode on April 5 scored a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. Tonight, it faces off against last minute competition from CBS's news special about the Boston Bombers as well as its usual opponent, Shark Tank. How do you think it will fare? Make your prediction!

  • cimmer

    1.5 but it’s not just the news coverage, the Bay Area has or had it preempted for sports on it’s regular channel so Grimm viewers will have to pick it up on 36 tonight. Otherwise I would say a 1.7 in the final ratings if this were a normal night.

  • Rebecca

    @Fake Me Out

  • Ann

    I’ll be watching Grimm and I think it’ll match the 1.5 from it’s last original episode.

  • HV

    Fashion Star 0.5
    Grimm 1.5
    Rock Center with Brian Williams 0.6

  • DenverDean

    I’m betting Grimm gets bumped tonight.

  • TV Viewer

    It looks as though ABC, CBS, and NBC are going to preempt all of their scheduled shows tonight. CW and Fox will probably stick with their programs.

  • lori kurtz

    Enough blah blah blah by the news media…you do love to hear yourselves and your repetitive comments over and over again. Please let us get back to regular programming…stop the madness!

  • TV Viewer

    The second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was taken into custody at 8:58 PM EST. (The first one was killed earlier in a shootout with the police). There was no way any of the major networks (with a news bureau) was going to air some other program at 9:00 PM.

  • Rebecca

    Yeah it looks like no Grimm tonight. Glad the second suspect was caught. Fashion Star is on now.

  • Shaz

    The new episode of Grimm aired in Canada tonight. Huzzah!

  • iMember

    I think Grimm ended up getting preempted everywhere once news broke out that the suspect was caught.

    Thank goodness they caught him though!

  • Ray

    Umm, so when in this episode going to be aired??

  • colleen

    Love Grimm.

  • Eric_Philly

    Should have had an N/A option :(

  • JayC

    When Will be able to watch the rest of grimm that the news coverage cut??

    I also heard they are moving to grimm to tuesdays at 10pm WTF??!?!

    I also didn’t like how T.V. shows pulled Mob doctor and Zero Hour(which was starting to get good until they pulled.

  • Rebecca

    Any word yet on when this episode will air now? Also, the two Happy Endings episodes that didn’t air on ABC?

  • JR35

    Never mind those- what about Shark Tank? :)

  • Rebecca

    Someone on another thread said a producer tweeted last night that the unaired Grimm from last night should air next Friday. So that answers one of my questions. Anyone see anything from Happy Endings folks?

  • dora

    Grimm didn’t even air were I was, bombing special report took it over! Now I can’t find it any where! It’s not on July or Amazon! Did they just postpone the airing. I have my screen set up to auto record but just got the stupid news segment and even more ridiculous “fashion star”. I am so upset!

  • dora

    Not on Hulu not “July” sorry

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