Saturday Night Low-Rated Drama Showdown: 'Smash' Versus 'Vegas' - Poll

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April 20th, 2013


Smash's ratings keep falling on Saturday nights. Last week it  scored a paltry 0.4 adults 18-49 rating, behind game show Bet on Your BabyVegas has suffered since moving to Fridays. Last week it earned a 0.8 adults 18-49 rating, and was beaten by a repeat of Kitchen Nightmares.  Last night it suffered the indignity of being bumped to Saturday at 8PM so CBS could air a news special. (The network decided to keep the reruns it had scheduled, though everything ended up getting preempted and shuffled in most markets.) So tonight we get a unique battle: Smash versus Vegas. Arguably, Vegas has been doing better, but how many people even know it's airing tonight? There's no question both shows are going to do badly, but which show is going to do worse? Make your prediction.

  • Rebecca

    Golden Girls beats Smash.

  • torpeau

    Hmm, looking at my Verizon app, Vegas isn’t even on tonight at 8 — an NCIS rerun is. Can’t be good for Vegas.

  • sarah nz

    Vegas beats Smash, but really wanted to vote for ‘nobody is watching either show’.

  • andri

    I watch smash on Saturday’s easy guess Vegas shall outscore.

  • Richard

    I love Vegas and it’s cast of characters. It’s humor,drama,romance, plot, and it’s good clean tv. I’m really surprised at the ratings. So sad to see such a good show disappear. Don’t appreciate the change of time and date without some kind of notification wish another station would pick it up.

  • Honolulu, Hawaii veteran

    When is this episode 18 of tv show “Vegas” going to be shown? The local tv schedule for CBS on this Bright House cable did not show it on Friday, because the coverage of what was happening in Boston. Then it said it was going to be on Saturday, April 20, at 8 pm. Then it did not show then, because of some sporting event. Then it said it would be on Sunday morning at 2:05 am. Once again, another show, “Extra” was on instead. How can CBS expect a high rating for a show if this keeps happening? How can we, the viewing public, know when a show is on, if CBS or Bright House keep telling people to watch at a certain time, but keep showing a different program instead?

  • Capnbob

    My TiVo “got it” on Friday but it was secretly a H50 rerun. It has it ignored the “rerun” on Saturday so no “Scoundrels”. Way to kill the show completely stone dead. I have 8 eps stacked up so I wasn’t even watching any more but still… It’s the principle.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    Who cares ? Both Shows are DOA !

  • Dan

    Better to be burned off then pulled from the schedule always.

  • jonzen

    It is sad that this country has become so dumb watching reality garbage. The tv industry is forcing what they want you to watch. Last i checked, Sun thru Thurs were work nites, and most people are home relaxing on the couch. So, why is there nothing except idiotic crud to watch on Tues? What is the battle for Monday about? I really think a prerequisite for employment in the scheduling dept should be at least an iq 70! So, go ahead, cancel Vegas and opt for some reality garbage that those with an iq of 70 or less enjoy!

  • barb schneider

    We look forward vegas. The best show on tv. Along with Blue Bloods. Why take the good ones off. If we aren’t home, we record them. Please keep them. Thanks

  • Jose

    Vegas is the best show ever hope they don’t get rid of it!

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