Predict the Ratings for the First New 'Once Upon a Time' in Nearly a Month

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April 21st, 2013


After three weeks of reruns, ABC is airing a Once Upon a Time tonight. After a scary, horrible week, an hour of magic and fairytales sounds great to me. But will America agree? The most recent episodes of the former powerhouse have been hovering at a 2.2-2.3 adults 18-49 rating. Can the show break its ratings curse and rise again? Make your predictions below.

  • NBC Fan

    The Clip Show did decently last week so I’m predicting a 2.4.

    Once Upon a Time-2.4
    Remember Sunday-1.5

    60 Minutes-1.4
    The Amazing Race-2.4
    The Good Wife-1.7
    The Mentalist-1.7

    The Cleveland Show-1.2
    The Simpsons R.-1.6
    Bob’s Burgers-1.6
    Family Guy R.-2.2
    American Dad-1.8

    The Voice-1.3
    The Celebrity Apprentice-1.8

  • Justin121


  • Fred

    Hoping for a 2.5 or more.
    But most likely around a 2.0 or so.

    The movie that follows will tank, due to low promotion.
    I didn’t read any reviews or preview whatsoever in the TV GUIDE, EW WEEKLY, Newspapers

  • lukas

    Once Upon a Time-1.9
    Remember Sunday-1.5

    60 Minutes-1.4
    The Amazing Race-2.5
    The Good Wife-1.6
    The Mentalist-1.7

    The Cleveland Show-1.4
    The Simpsons R.-1.8
    Bob’s Burgers-1.8
    Family Guy R.-2.0
    American Dad-2.1

    The Voice-0.9
    The Celebrity Apprentice-1.4


    once upon a time dropped to a series low 2.2 against grammy and sport events , and then when it came back after a hiatus it was against the bible , now without stupid awards shows , without major sport semifinals and with a recap episode last week i am betting a 2.9-3.0 for this weeks episode.

  • omabin

    I am being optimistic and going for a 2.5, but I won’t be surprised with anything in the 2.0-2.5 range.

    Does anyone know why did ABC air Revenge all by itself on Easter Sunday against TWD finale and GOT premiere with no lead-in instead of airing it today following OUAT and with lower competition?! Are they just playing with the shows for the sake of it or what?

  • Antonio

    Sadly, I see a 2.0 for tonight. I expect it to grow to 2.8-3.0 for the season finale, though.

  • Rollie Dethloff

    Once Upon A Time got a little boring and slow for a while

    12/2/12- Exciting
    *Christmas Hiatus
    1/6/13- Decent
    1/13/13- Exciting
    1/20/13- Dull
    2/10/13- Dull
    2/17/13- Dull
    3/3/13- Better, but not great
    3/10/13- I watched an hour for that?!!
    3/17/13- This is more like it!
    3/24/13- Dull

    It just got dull for extremely long stretches for me. The episode on 2/10 was the worst of the season so far. Hopefully tonight with the introduction of a new character and what looks to be an exciting show, it’ll rise out of it’s rut :)

  • Rollie Dethloff


    ABC scheduled the Revenge episode on Easter Sunday because it wasn’t getting a new episode tonight. This was ridiculous though. The movie could have aired last week with the clip show as it’s lead-in!

  • The End

    @Rollie Dethloff

    The state of the show at present reflects the ratings received, the quality and magic of it is nowhere near the level of Season 1s. It almost feels direction-less at times. Though from what I know about the finale of Season 2(Not allowed to post spoilers here), it’l end strongly, but damn, this show needed that consistant quality Season 1 had.

    If Season 3 returns to Season 1s level of quality it’l do even better. I think you’d agree that Season 2 started off well but fizzled out. I would rate Season 2s opening arc probably an 8. At the moment it’s probably on a 4 out of 10 in my opinion in regards to quality.

    One of the recent episodes read as bad fan fiction lol

  • The End

    @3.0 ++++ the bible and walking dead ended.

    Hope you’re joking. Neither show competed with Once.

  • JR35

    Harry, a jump from its last rating to a 2.9. Would be nice, but unlikely.

    Just stay above 2.0, please, OUAT. It finished in the 2.2-2.4 range (final ratings) for weeks- hope, at the least, that that continues.

  • John A

    I have to agree about ABC and Revenge. The month hiatus was ridiculous. ABC should have ordered 2 more episodes this season to avoid this long break. But i still blame the quality too for most of the ratings decline. It wasnt all because of competition it faced.

  • Rollie Dethloff

    @The End
    Yes, I do agree that Season 2 started out great, but it had some slow episodes (The Frankenstein and Emma episodes). It picked up again starting with the Wolf episode, but fizzled right back out again. It’s just gotten stale, and Season 1 didn’t do that as much. They had a few surprise moments that you kinda expected. Cora throwing that lady out the window is a great example of that. I think it’ll pick up since it looks like there’s a battle on the way from the promos. It also looks like they’re getting ready to kill off a main character :(

  • Brandy

    I hope a 2.2_2.3

  • Greg


    It’s not a hit anymore. Now it’s just a solid performer.

  • ZmaX

    hopefully Once can rise. It’s depressing seeing how far it’s dropped.

    @Richard Steven Hack
    yeah :( and at least they had a re-cap episode for ‘Once’ last week for fans to catch up. So much has happened in Revenge recently, that would have been great for the show too.

  • Joseph

    I think the main reason abc kept revenge on Easter Sunday was so that revenge could be in for a number of weeks in a row because a main problem with revenge last season was that it wasn’t really on for a number of consecutive weeks- I don’t really agree with it but I think that was the intention

  • Chris

    Sadly Abc is killing “Revenge” and “Once upon a time” with these 1-2 month hiatus every few episodes or so ….seriously they are such a curse.

    I’m prdedicting below 2.0 < May be 1.4-1.5

  • were123

    I hope it goes high, as it would help Revenge next week. Sadly, I expect a 2.3 at best

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