Predict the Ratings for the First New 'Once Upon a Time' in Nearly a Month

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April 21st, 2013


After three weeks of reruns, ABC is airing a Once Upon a Time tonight. After a scary, horrible week, an hour of magic and fairytales sounds great to me. But will America agree? The most recent episodes of the former powerhouse have been hovering at a 2.2-2.3 adults 18-49 rating. Can the show break its ratings curse and rise again? Make your predictions below.

  • The End

    @Rollie Dethloff

    Well said and I agree with you. Speaking of Regina, she’s easily the best character in this show and the most well acted. Luckily Regina/Snow/Charming/Emma etc won’t be killed off anytime soon.

  • Rollie Dethloff

    @ The End
    That leaves Ruby, Belle, Rumple, Hook, and Henry. This is getting interesting. They should’ve kept Cora on the show. Her death really didn’t send the show anywhere. Greg/Owen is an interesting guy though, and so is Tamara.

  • Liz

    The obvious choice to go is Henry (due to aging) or Ruby (due to her getting a new pilot). Honestly, if it was Regina or Rumple that would make it so much easier for me to not watch. They are the only 2 good actors left on the show, now that Cora is gone and they don’t show fairytale world much anymore. The show is very dull and not much worth watching. Smart move would be to kill off dead weight like Ruby or Belle. I know they bend over backwards for some odd reason to keep Emilie De Ravin on the show. However, she is very weak on this show. Along with Emma, Snow and Charming. They are main characters and the show will not kill them off.

  • Monica

    I think it’s wrong for people to say that TWD and the Bible didn’t compete with OUAT. You never know with overruns that you might miss a minute or two before changing the channel. I personally don’t like switching networks for certain shows. I suspect there’s some fraction of people who don’t watch OUAT (and DVR it instead or catch up online) to avoid missing a minute or two of TWD. That might only account for a couple tenths, but it’s still something.

    I’m going to be really optimistic and say 2.6 for a Belle-centric episode.

  • Monica

    Also if they kill off Henry, ratings will go back up to the high 3s :)

  • Martine NBC is trying to kill off Grimm, I suppose some people will turn to this.

  • k:Alex

    It was a great show, but it’s more a soap now.
    I don’t like that and a lot of people too, look to the ratings…

  • maplab98


  • Dan

    2.2 but hey that’s good enough for ABC. Sunday is very competitive

  • alvar

    the month break won’t do the show any favours – 2.0 at best

  • Fred

    After watching the recap special , I have raised my ratings expectations a bit.
    It played like a Greatest Hits album, eliminating the dull scenes this season . Lots went on this second season and hopefully some of the missing viewers caught up with the recap.

  • HV

    I say 2.2

  • NBC Fan

    OUAT was trending on Twitter

  • NBC Fan

    OUAT was trending on Twitter.

  • tv_viewer

    My prediction is 2.3 for Once Upon A Time.

  • American

    2.5, reasons:
    1. Recap episode last week.
    2. Episode was half-decent, some pretty good spots honestly.
    3. OK promotion from ABC.
    I think the best option for OUAT right now with the ratings slump is to kill off a character, not Regina or Gold, but Henry or Belle. Henry might be the better choice just because his character seems to bring down everyone else, plus it would give Regina a reason to either stay good or more likely, stay bad, and not be so annoyingly cautious. Belle might work out too, since she’s “Lacey” now and doesn’t fit in with Gold like she did, and it would be neat to see what the Dark One would do with his love gone.
    Hopefully next month we can see an uptick, maybe a 3.0 and 8.5 million for the finale??? Just hoping.

  • harry

    We will know for sure in almost 2 hours , but i am insisting on my 2.9-3.0 rating. The bible and once upon a time shared viewers imo and tonight once will go back 3.0 !

  • Ann

    I highly doubt they are going to kill BElle. She’s one of the most popular characters. I thought Emilie was terrific last night and overall it was one of the better episodes. However, the show’s been off for a month so I am not really optimistic about the ratings.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Once Upon a Time-2.2
    Remember Sunday-1.3

    60 Minutes-1.4
    The Amazing Race-2.3
    The Good Wife-1.6
    The Mentalist-1.6

    The Voice-1.0
    The Celebrity Apprentice-1.6

  • Pavelsauce


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