CNN was #1 in Cable News on Friday in Key Demos

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April 22nd, 2013


via press release:


Network Has Best Delivery Since Election Day and Highest Non-Political Delivery in 10 Years

CNN Digital Posts Record Numbers; Highest Traffic of 2013, Among Top Days in History



According to Nielsen time period data for Friday, April 19, CNN was the top-rated cable news outlet averaging 2.47 million viewers in primetime and 1.34 million in total day in the key demo adults 25-54.  FXNC followed with 1.93 million in primetime and 953k in total day and MSNBC posted 618k and 387k respectively in the key target demo adults 25-54.


CNN also ranked #1 in cable news among younger viewers 18-34 in primetime with 1.01 million and #2 in all of television (NBC averaged 1.22 million).  CNN’s 18-34 primetime performance is +25% above ABC’s 808k, +60% ahead of CBS’ 631k, +140% over FXNC’s 420k, and +327% above MSNBC’s 236k.


On Friday, CNN posted its highest total day total viewer, 25-54  and 18-34 audiences since Election Day 2012 (Election Day total viewers 3.48 million, 25-54 1.70 million and 18-34 1.02 million).  Across all demos (total viewers, 25-54, 18-34), Friday was the network’s highest total day performance (non-political) in 10 years (since the Iraq War).


Compared to the prior four Fridays, CNN had the largest total day growth in cable news – increasing +1168% in 25-54 and +788% in total viewers.  FXNC was up +333% in the demo and +73% in total viewers, and MSNBC increased +231% and +220% respectively.



CNN Digital for Friday, April 19, 2013:


•           173+ million page views - the 3rd highest day on record after Election Days 2008 and 2012.

•           20.4+ million unique visitors - the 4th highest day in history.

•           21 million video starts - 3rd highest day in history, following only the Japanese tsunami and Inauguration 2009.

•           2.3+ million live video streams.

•           44 million mobile page views - second highest ever.

•           1.41 million mobile video starts - top day on record.

•           CNN’s unauthenticated live TV coverage received more than 163K mobile plays.


*In addition, the CNN Apps for iPhone and iPad both peaked as the #1 free apps in the iTunes Store on Friday, April 19, 2013.


(Sources: Adobe Analytics; Bango mobile – includes domestic sites only)

  • Max

    Awww poor fox news. Hahahaha

  • Eggmanbill

    Viewers are starting to see that Fox News is a no-news organization that it’s main purpose is to divide our great Country and undermine our government. It’s lies and fake “fair and balanced” BS Opinions by rejects from real news outlets is catching up to them. Fox No-News in a nose dive, it has become a comedy channel and a bad one at that!!!!!

  • City Kitty

    CNN was the only station that had LIVE coverage during most of the action early Friday morning, I was glued to it up to 4AM, especially enjoyed seeing the (wrong) suspect being stripped naked and walked to the police cruisers – flopping in the wind!!!!!
    It was great coverage and no one had it on the ground at that time but CNN. Jake Tapper, however, looked and sounded REALLY ticked off that he had to get out of bed to anchor. What a spoiled brat.
    CNN deserves this, they had great coverage but could have done without the attitude.

  • Stan T.

    There you go again…you Fox Haters just don’t get it…

    CNN: 2.47 MILLION
    MSNBC: 618 thousand

    Fact is, CNN and Fox News were competitive. Of course, once this blows over in a couple of days, CNN goes back in the basement…but look where MSNBC was. They didn’t even get their usual low-info viewership numbers for a friday night…

  • Ralph Hahn

    Very good numbers for CNN and FNC. CNN’s massive gains reported on the news release tells me one thing: That their numbers have been in a free-fall before and after the election, there was no way to go but up.

    Now, MSNBC is the bit@h for both FNC and CNN.

  • Stan T.

    I want to know if this post is accurate, or the post before this one…because this is what the post before this one said:


    FOX News Channel was number one in total viewers at 7pm Friday evening when the news of the second bombing suspect’s capture broke. See below for more:

    FRIDAY, APRIL 19th

    7PM ET:

    FNC: 5,748,000 in total viewers (1,574,000 in 25-54)

    CNN: 5,195,000 in total viewers (2,362,000 in 25-54)

    MSNBC: 1,429,000 in total viewers (459,000 in 25-54)


    FNC: 5,970,000 in total viewers (1,926,000 in 25-54)

    CNN: 5,371,000 in total viewers (2,474,000 in 25-54)

    MSNBC: 1,717,000 in total viewers (618,000 in 25-54)


    Did CNN win by 500,000 or did FOX win by 600,000?

  • Sicilian Papa

    CNN hit big in the key demo. Fox did well and MSNBC? Maybe they should move Tingles to 8pm. A round robin panel Tingles, Keith (gas bag of all gas bags), Sgt. Ed T. Schultz, Phil Donahue and Sharpie.

    They could call it The Five….Dumbbells.

  • Doug Z

    Our country is like a boat with a gaping hole in the hull. What’s the first action required…PLUG THE HOLE!! If you don’t plug the hole first you soon have a sunken boat.

    Rubio and the other Congressional Gangsters are ignoring the huge holes on our borders, and thereby are allowing our country to sink. What this Obama-Rubio Immigration bill does (using the boat analogy), is to blindly declare that all the water that has entered the boat through the huge hole is now potable! Meanwhile, nothing has been done to plug the hole, or secure our borders. Our Country is sinking fast!

  • Coffee Steve

    OH NO!! Is Fox going down? Is FOX History? Can FOX recover? :-)

    The preceding was a paid political hack job by Comcast/Universal and anyone who would believe it yuk yuk

  • Doug Z

    We are witnessing Marco Rubio’s Gang initiation…he is being initiated into the Congressional Gang. None the less, if Rubio passes this initiation he will be a full fledged Congressional Gangster!

    We need to enforce the laws we have now, SECURE THE BORDERS – NOW!! Any new laws are only going to strip Americans of our freedoms.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Coffee Steve: >>> OH NO!! Is Fox going down? Is FOX History? Can FOX recover? <<<

    LOL! Yeah Fox will recover. There has always been more distance on a big-a*s news story like Boston between #1 CNN and Fox. Now, the gap is closing and the losers are those from MSNBC. I think even some of the liberals tuned to CNN because they know that all they get from MSDNC is mean, talking heads.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Eggmanbill: FUNNY that you should call someone a liar! ROFLMBO.

  • AppleStinx

    This post proves once and for all that TVbtN is fair and balanced. :grin:

  • Joseph

    Two words as to why CNN did well in the ratings on Friday (April 19th): Boston. Manhunt.

  • Mark

    Just to give my 2 cents. Did anybody find the coverage of Boston last week ridiculous? I understand it was a big event and deserves a good share of focus but did we need non stop 24 hour coverage of it for like 5 days? There was other things going on

    The basic coverage for all stations was getting “expert” after “expert” taking about nothing that was news worthy just giving their opinion of the situation

  • Mark2

    Reality Check:

    NBC News beat every single cable channel with over 10 million viewers.

  • JusThaFacs


    You might want to try another line of work. Comedy is NOT your strong suit. Not sure if anything is so all I can say is good luck, kid.

    BTW, tell your other wackos at BSnbc, that JusThaFacs sez hey…! And thanks for trying to be funny…I mean at least you tried.

  • Mark2

    Total Viewers for 8-9 PM hour:

    #1 – NBC News = 10.47 million
    #2 – ABC News = 7.79 million
    #3 – FOX News = 7.62 million

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