FOX News Channel Was Most-Watched Cable News Channel During Friday Night Breaking News

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April 22nd, 2013



FOX News Channel was number one in total viewers at 7pm Friday evening when the news of the second bombing suspect's capture broke.  See below for more:





FNC: 5,748,000 in total viewers (1,574,000 in 25-54)

CNN: 5,195,000 in total viewers (2,362,000 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 1,429,000 in total viewers (459,000 in 25-54)



FNC: 5,970,000 in total viewers (1,926,000 in 25-54)

CNN: 5,371,000 in total viewers (2,474,000 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 1,717,000 in total viewers (618,000 in 25-54)


  • torontomatt

    who cares? look at the frickin demo numbers LMAO. CNN stomped fox..

  • Doug

    7pm wasn’t even the crucial hour – it was 8pm.

    But nice try Fox…LOL

  • Rono

    CNN beats the living hell out of FoxNews in demo so what’s the point?

  • Peace be with you!

    ummm. Demo is what counts? Plus all 3 major networks were running live reports at same time (4 if you count Fox and its feed from Fox news).

  • Jeff R.

    The interesting things here are those MSNBC numbers! Pathetic!

  • Joe

    CNN reported false info after false info from the beginning of the bombing. They released pictures of innocent people as persons of interest that exploded across the internet. CNN is irresponsible and so is anyone watching their “news” programs.

  • 1nancy2

    CNN Demo #’s….Very impressive. Bravo, CNN.

  • Cookie Dee

    Fox is the top News Outlet on TV. Fox is turning liberal by the week, beginning before the election Nov 2012. Chris Wallace badgered conservatives in questioning up to Sunday, 2013.
    Once Murdoch dies of old age, his ultra liberal family will take over and ratings will be = to CNN , at the bottom.

  • Cookie Dee

    Chris Wallace also gave Feinstein the kid gloves yesterday. He also had some idiot from the Bush Adm. who said the bombing was nothing more than Columbine. He is a stupid fool and more proof Bush was a liberal idiot.

  • Doug Z

    Our country is like a boat with a gaping hole in the hull. What’s the first action required…PLUG THE HOLE!! If you don’t plug the hole first you soon have a sunken boat.

    Rubio and the other Congressional Gangsters are ignoring the huge holes on our borders, and thereby are allowing our country to sink. What this Obama-Rubio Immigration bill does (using the boat analogy), is to blindly declare that all the water that has entered the boat through the huge hole is now potable! Meanwhile, nothing has been done to plug the hole, or secure our borders. Our Country is sinking fast!

  • Doug Z

    We are witnessing Marco Rubio’s Gang initiation…he is being initiated into the Congressional Gang. None the less, if Rubio passes this initiation he will be a full fledged Congressional Gangster!

    We need to enforce the laws we have now, SECURE THE BORDERS – NOW!! Any new laws are only going to strip Americans of our freedoms.

  • AniMatsuri

    Used to be CNN got big numbers whenever there was breaking news. Now they can only say they won in the demo. How long until that goes away too?

  • Eric

    CNN was for sure #1 in worldwide audience. The coverage on CNN US was broadcasted on CNN International (usually the programming is focused there on international news), probably the audience was huge all around the world. CNN is available in moré countries than FNC, and CNN has some “reputation” outside the US.

  • Mark2

    NBC News with Brian Williams at 8PM drew 10.47 million viewers

    CNN won the key demos.

  • sc3458

    CNN did a lousy job of covering the breaking news on Friday night, I was live streaming on Fox and it went down due to overwhelming traffic I believe. I then started streaming from Fox 25 in Boston. At the same time I had Fox News on television. People I was talking to who live overseas were complaining about CNN’s lack of coverage in Europe. I advised that person (from Norway) to livestream Fox 25 in Boston so she could see what was going on….they were very happy to the get the link to that network. She complained over and over that CNN was not reporting what was going on on CNN International I presume.

    CNN is going downhill since new management took over and Fox is doing a much better job on their breaking news stories lately…….

    I will give Fox all due credit for their excellent breaking news coverage of a live event.

  • Ron

    This is hilarious, reading all the liberals trying to rationalize how CNN really won even though they lost.

    Yes, I realize that you think that, because CNN got more of the 25-54 audience, that somehow means something. But, fact of the matter is, once these younger mushheads move out of their parents basement and actually start making some real money (on their own), and they are now making six figures, and are now counted among the “rich bastards who already pay the vast share of the taxes, but ought to pay more in order to pay their fair share”, they too will become conservative and join the crowd watching Fox News.

    All it means that CNN got the younger crowd is that they get the most uninformed and unaccomplished in life (aka, the low information voter).

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