'Futurama' Canceled by Comedy Central

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April 22nd, 2013


Update: The official press release announcing the final season is here.

Looks like Futurama won't be living on this planet anymore. Though Comedy Central resurrected the cancelled FOX animated comedy in 2010, it has decided not to renew Futurama, according to Inside TV . It's seventh (and now final) season will finish airing later this year.

The producers say that they are exploring options for a new home for the show, but there are no serious talks at this point.


  • forg

    Aww sad :(

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Well it had a good run. Lots of great episodes post-cancellation, so I guess all that’s left to say is thanks to Comedy Central, for resurrecting a great show.

  • James

    Oh no :(

    Ahh well. It was 52 episodes that I never expected to have.

  • Alienware

    I wonder if third time is a charm.

  • Vanquished

    Well that sucks…

  • Oliver

    Sad, but not unexpected. The ratings were poor and the revived episodes weren’t as well written as the original run.

  • BenA


    It would be great but this time, it sadly won’t :( :(

  • Kris

    I’m as mad as I’ve ever been!

  • Tommy

    It was a good, honest run. Comedy Central allowed the series to nearly double the amount of episodes produced by the series – but like all things that arn’t “The Simpsons” it’s about time. Maybe after a few years FOX will produce some more long-form specials… I really doubt this is the definitive end of the franchise.

  • Mark

    I’m with Kris. I am not happy about this.

  • James

    >The ratings were poor and the revived episodes weren’t as well written as the original run.

    They were okay on a Thursday (good enough for a 26 episode renewal). It was the Wednesday move which damaged the ratings (this isn’t fan excuse bingo, you can clearly see the drop between Season 6B and Season 7A).

  • Jessica

    I’m sad. I love Futurama and I thought the last batch of new episodes was much better than some of the other new episodes.

  • ugh

    Didn’t they win an emmy last year?

  • DaxJackson

    I completely forgot it was still on, watched the first season back and forgot about it. Probably because I couldn’t get into it again. Shame, but it was never as good as the original run.

  • hello

    I think it has more bad than good since it came back so i am not sad

  • s0303

    i didn’t even know it was still airing…i just thought it was over when fox cancelled it…lol

  • Steve

    I’m looking at you, Netflix.

  • jay_s

    Real shame. Its been consistently better than The Simpsons has been for a looong time.

  • Tom

    well… that’s disappointing

  • Ike

    I’m a bit sad, but overall, the Comedy Central episodes were not nearly as good as the original run on Fox. Most of the best new ones relied more on pathos and drama and odd plot twists than on funny dialogue; the apparent lack of a writers’ room really hurt the show, particularly in the most recent batch from summer 2012. So, it’s probably time.

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