'Futurama' Canceled by Comedy Central

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April 22nd, 2013


Update: The official press release announcing the final season is here.

Looks like Futurama won't be living on this planet anymore. Though Comedy Central resurrected the cancelled FOX animated comedy in 2010, it has decided not to renew Futurama, according to Inside TV . It's seventh (and now final) season will finish airing later this year.

The producers say that they are exploring options for a new home for the show, but there are no serious talks at this point.


  • Master Cho

    It had a good run, but I never felt the new episodes were on par with the originals and that’s why the ratings went down.

    I may be alone on this but watching the new episodes, I felt I had to force myself to laugh more times than not.

    Still, was better than The Simpsons, that show probably hasn’t been funny the past five seasons.

  • Ram510

    Now that Futurama is gone I wonder if Comdey Central will pick up Community if NBC doesn’t?

  • Cristian Madera

    and Glee gets renewed for two seasons.

  • chrisjozo

    Maybe it can go to cartoon network’s adult swim where it belonged.

  • Feedback

    I don’t watch this show, but it seems like the type of show Adult Swim should save.

  • will

    My guess is it reached a syndication number at 140 episodes. It was probably time.

  • toons

    not unexpected since word of this was leaked a month ago. while the 52 episodes were mostly great… (that backwards time machine episode they won best animated series for was so amazing) i never liked that they were on CC… i knew so many people who like futurama but had no idea it was back on. they knew the new eps but thought they were just reruns of old eps that cc was running. they have 26 million facebook fans… there’s gotta be another place. FX to pair with Archer? TBS would be great. Adult Swim i think is the perfect fit. Or even netflix. The whole series is on there now. I think it will come back a lot sooner than the last gap.

  • The End

    In before someone mentions that Futurama was only revived because of the strong DVD sales, and could be again.

  • jake3988

    I’m kind of doubting this is the end, but if not, it’s 52 episodes we never thought we’d never have. So that’s something.

  • Jamiestp

    This website is extremely annoying today on my iPhone.

  • John Q Zoidberg


  • Hubert Farnsworth

    This is very disappointing. I am hopeful the series can find a new home (perhaps Netflix or Adult Swim). With Fox cancelling the Cleveland Show, it might even get a second shot at its original network.

    Bad news, everyone.

  • Carl

    I guess they would rather run another clone of The Soup.

    Hopefully Adult Swim can pony up the money for it. They were really pissed a few years ago when they lost it.

  • richard

    good riddance. the show has been awful since it came back. its barely the same show as it was in the original run. not even remotely funny. i gave it a chance, but it just wasnt funny. occasionally i still tuned in, just to see if it had gotten better. nope. just an all around awful show now. glad they arent adding more bad ones to the bunch.

  • Natlie

    go to hell comedy central, ‘Futurama’ was the only thing good on your pathetic station!

  • toons

    richard… i disagree… they won the best animated series emmy in 2011… there was a reason… the eps have been great… the backwards time machine is one of their best… they had tons of great new eps… the problem you have is not the show, it’s yourself… i’m not trying to troll insult you… i see it in other fans or former fans of other things as well from snl to mtv… you’re older… a lot older compared to when the show was fist on… i assume back then you were young and fun… as people age they get more jaded and angry… they dont appreciate the same things… you probably wouldn’t have liked futurama if the show premiered now with the original eps… it’s almost exactly the same… a balance of crazy, funny, smart, and many of the same writers and producers and animators… it’s the same show

  • richard

    @ toons I guess thats fair. not sure it IS the reasoning I dont like it anymore, but that a fair enough assumption.

    worth noting I have never liked snl. very irritating show to me.

  • Kris

    take Futurama to Netflix!

  • King Crab

    THere is a hilarious interview with Matt Groening and David X. Cohen about the show. They both talk about how they expected to be cnacelled again long ago. They joke about people not believing them when they say the show is over for the third time. Good stuff. They are open to continuing it so who knows. They did DVDs before to keep it going. They also cracked they may bring it back as a puppet show in the park or on the internet, or as a puppet show in the park broadcast on the internet. Now that sounds like a viable option. Screw doing a comic book. Puppet shows are the way to go.

  • The Zapper

    This news is heartbreaking. Futurama had the distinction of being one of the few shows that could bring you to tears with laughter and sadness. I still remember the first time I saw the episode with Fry’s dog and how sad the end made me feel. The Simpsons/Family Guy/American Dad etc haven’t made me feel anything close to that episode.

    C’mon internet! Petition time!

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