MSNBC Falls Behind FOX News and CNN for Total Day Viewing Last Week

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April 22nd, 2013



For the week of April 15-19, fewer viewers tuned in to  MSNBC than any other news network.  The cable news channel averaged only 639,000 total viewers in total day for the week, more than 1 million viewers behind FNC and nearly 1 million viewers behind second place CNN.  See below for more

4/15 to 4/19 Total Day Average


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  • Joseph

    Still, MSNBC’s numbers (along with those of CNN and Fox News Channel) are likely much higher than the previous week (April 8th-12th), thanks to the Boston Marathon bombings.


    MSNBC is a joke. They were blaming the tea party for what happened in Boston. You can’t take that network seriously.

  • Mark


    MSNBC actually was probably the best not to jump the gun pointing fingers. CNN was a big disgrace in that regard and Fox had a few blunders(generally going off second hand sources)

  • steve

    Essentially, Fox still gets as much as MSNBC and CNN get, combined. Love the geadline…MSNBC ‘falls behind’ Fox…as is it was ever ahead, or even close to Fox

  • Ralph Hahn

    MSNBC is doing so poorly that a special news release was required. Required to remind the viewers that MSNBC is stinkin’ up the joint. All of the Fox haters have quickly switched their allegiences to CNN because MSNBC would get more of an audience shouting the news with a bullhorn from the 3rd floor of 30 Rock. LOL!!!

  • AppleStinx

    Special day on TVbtN. Each of the big three cable news networks got its individual headline. :cool:

  • DenverDean

    “Falls Behind” – Really? Since when has MSNBC ever been ahead or even close to FNC or CNN?

  • 728huey


    MSNBC has been ahead of CNN overall for the past three years, though CNN usually jumps ahead of MSNBC when there is actual breaking news like this bombing, hurricanes, Chilean miners being rescued, a huge pop celebrity dies, a cruise ship turns into a floatilla from hell, etc. But on regular programming, MSNBC has been kicking CNN’s rear for some time. They still trail Fox News but have been gaining significantly in the 25-54 demo, though it may be less because they are grabbing more viewers and more because Fox News is losing viewers, especially after the presidential election.

    MSNBC’s motto is “The Place for Politics,” so they do well with political commentary. They’re not so good at actual news reporting, but they defer much of that task to their parent network NBC. While they trailed Fox News and CNN with their coverage, they were astute enough not to jump to conclusions with the Boston Marathon bombing.

  • MM

    People only remember CNN when an event takes place!
    After the dust settles people will return to forgetting CNN exists!

  • Tyson

    People who don’t watch cable news watch CNN during special events. That’s great for a weekly ratings report but those people will flee now that the suspects are either dead or captured.

  • DW

    who knew that bitter old people would be into fox news?. :)

  • AppleStinx

    CNN mauled MSNBC so badly all week that some people had to resort to calling “papa” NBC for help. :lol:

  • Jimbo

    I think most people who watch MSNBC watch it for the political talk & debate, and last week was dominated by the Boston Marathon bombings coverage, so there was virtually none of that. Meanwhile, Fox News and CNN do more general reporting and so I’m guessing people are more likely to tune in to either of them when something big happens.

  • StewartIII

    J$P: “Lean Backward!”

  • Phil Thomas

    How many people dips the heritage foundation paying on this board. I got news for you CNN has 100 times more eye balls world wide, all this proves is Nielson hands out boxes to right wingers. Jeez I really hope you guys get paid for each post if not look into it. These are news networks all flawed especially FOX but hey if you get a pay check for trolling then why not

  • Andy

    People are getting wise to MSNBC’s radical left ideology.

  • Eggmanbill

    Another great show for Billy O, he really is a great entertainer, he really believes that he is part of the investigation of the Boston bombing. I love how Fox No-News and the right wing Congressman and Senators are criticizing every decision the Administration makes when they have no knowledge of the what is going on with the investigation. Fox is a Anti-American propaganda machine for the far, far right wing of the GOP party of Crazy Stupid. Their is only one legitimate news person on Fox and that is Shepard Smith, two news shows a day does not make a cable news channel. LOL!!!!!

  • 1nancy2

    It is not radical left…I agree left leaning, but not radical. So, you think Fox is not a right wing ideology? Suuuuuree.

  • Raz

    Bitter old people? What is it with the bashing of people who are not in their 20’s and 30’s? What is wrong with being in your 50’s, 60’s on up. My mom is in her 90’s sharp as a tack and could debate you til the cows come home (mommy is a rabid liberal-go figure her children are conservative)so leave off the mature ladies and gents. Don’t write what you wouldn’t say to your grandma/grandpa’s face.

  • a p garcia

    What else is new? MSNBC would rather be a liberal and have few views than copnservative and have a ton of viewers!

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