MSNBC Falls Behind FOX News and CNN for Total Day Viewing Last Week

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April 22nd, 2013



For the week of April 15-19, fewer viewers tuned in to  MSNBC than any other news network.  The cable news channel averaged only 639,000 total viewers in total day for the week, more than 1 million viewers behind FNC and nearly 1 million viewers behind second place CNN.  See below for more

4/15 to 4/19 Total Day Average


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  • BooBoo

    Monkeys, Symbians, Neanderthals, Baboons and Chimpanzees.

  • Mr Pete

    I think the majority of MSNBC viewers are there for comic relief
    Starting in the afternoon you have first up Toure , who looks like Farina
    from Our Gang all big bug eyed and looking under every stone
    Than Rev AL who always bring a few chuckles with his racial hatred ,mispronounced words, and his total lack of facts
    And than finally the jewel in the afternoon crown, Chris Matthews
    who when sober, makes little sense, but when drunk speaks, and splatters all over his guest

  • Sophia

    I am so ashamed of MSNBC. I used to watch MSNBC and so did my family, but when they starting saying some white militant Christian was responsible, we turned the channel and went to Foxnews and CNN. MSNBC should apologize for once again blaming directly and indirectly Republicans. Even my best friend, a liberal who lives in San Francisco, said she was horrified at MSNBC and their stereotypical reactions.

  • giatny

    I used to enjoy several shows on Msnbc to get a variety of opinions.
    However, during the campaign the dissembling and spin was out of
    control. The “binder of women” propaganda was the beginning of
    the end for me. The fairy tales spun since the election have made
    the station a complete waste of time. Just read the WH talking points
    to know what will be featured for the day.

  • brent

    MSNBC is boring. Whenever i tune in, it is almost always a liberal interviewing another liberal, with the same opinion.

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