'Psych' Gets Order for Five More Scripts

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April 22nd, 2013


USA has ordered five more scripts for veteran procedural Psych as a step toward a potential back episodic order for season 8, according to Deadline. Of course, its important to remember scripts do not automatically equal episodes, but this is still a good sign for fans of fake psychics.


  • Spike

    for season 8 i assume?

  • Janus

    Great news–the more Psych the better!

  • Dodge Hickey

    I am very happy to hear that they want more Psych! I love this show….

  • Janus

    @Spike–yes they are talking about season 8.

  • DenverDean

    I don’t recall any other long-time series – getting this type of script call. USA must really be wondering if the “magic” is gone here. I hope it works out. Still a fun show.

  • Ram510

    Yes USA just go a head and give Psych more episodes especially if this is truly going to be the final season. No need to only have a small amout (I think S8 has 8 episodes currently) for a final season of a show that is still getting solid ratings.

  • John

    The short initial order for season 8 was USA being cautious since they had to make a choice on it before an episode of the current season aired. So not too surprised that they are considering more episodes

  • MichaelChickless

    More Psych, please.

  • merrranga

    Crazy Fan Idea for after the finale. Psych-Monk crossover movie!

  • Esaul

    Even though it’s only a script order, we’ve come a lot further from them saying it’s hard to order more episodes.

  • James

    Its a great show, and my netflix instant queue is enriched because of it.

  • AniMatsuri

    That’s a good way for USA to see where the show is going before actually ordering the next season.

  • Daw Johnson


    To my understanding, they’ve already ordered an abbreviated eighth season that most assumed was going to end the show’s run. This script order would be for episodes on top of the existing order to extend the eighth season even farther.

  • brandojames

    I guess I got confused on the seasons. When they announced the 8th season for 8 episodes, I thought it was this one because they renewed it so early. Then when I went to IMDB and it only has the 7th season but it has 16 episodes. I guess I was getting ahead of myself.

    Needless to say I can use more Psych. I’m always happy about that. I’ve been watching it since the pilot and have loved it for 7 years. One of my favorite shows on the air/ever.

  • Cody R

    GREAT news! Love the show and so glad they’re considering a more complete final season as opposed to the shorter-by-half episode count originally announced.

  • ChuckMe Forever

    I am Psyched about maybe more S8 Psych. I really wish it would never go away…

  • Wally

    Yea!!!!! Love mt Psych!!!! The more the better

  • Rebecca

    “…it’s important to remember scripts do not automatically equal episodes”

    I’ve heard it both ways, hehe. Yay, Psych! I kind of wish it was on NBC though, or any other regular broadcast network, so I wouldn’t have to stream it.

  • KT

    YAY!!!! Any chance at more episodes is okay by me!

  • Croq

    @merrranga: “Crazy Fan Idea for after the finale. Psych-Monk crossover movie!”

    Even better would be an episode with The Mentalist given the running joke references Shawn makes… :-)

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