FOX Leads Among Adults 18-49 and with Total Viewers in Week 30 Ending April 21, 2013

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April 23rd, 2013

For the week's top 25 broadcast TV show ratings click here.


In week 30 of the broadcast television season ending Sunday, April 21, 2013, FOX came in first place among adults 18-49 with a 1.9  rating average.  NBC and CBS tied for  second with each earning a 1.8 among adults 18-49. ABC took for fourth with a 1.4.  The CW finished fifth with a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating average.

CBS won the week with total viewers, with 8.260 million viewers, ahead of second place ABC with 6.618 million viewers. FOX was third with 5.607 million. NBC was fourth with 5.557  million followed by  the CW with 1.180 million.

Each adults 18-49 rating point is a percentage of the adults 18-49 US TV population and equals 1.265 million adults 18-49.

You can see last week's broadcast network primetime weekly TV ratings results here.

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  • POI


  • American

    So FOX beat CBS, which tied NBC…huh!

  • Fred

    I guess no chance NBC will overtake FOX for the season at this point.
    Many of us , including me, thought that The Voice would be strong enough to uplift NBC’s paltry ratings.
    And that FOX’s Idol would be weak enough to bring down FOX.
    Problem for NBC is that nearly every thing else in the week is performing horribly.
    Helping FOX is that former ratings monster, Idol is still performing OK enough to keep FOX healthy. Plus FOX has other good performers.

  • rgxx

    NBC has THE VOICE and CBS has The Big Bang Theory – how did Fox beat them?
    Oh well the rest of NBC besides Revolution pretty much is no good…but surely CBS has more viewers!?

  • Fred


    NBC has many hours of horrible ratings throughout the week. They just can’t depend on The Voice and NFL . Their scripted average is awful especially sitcoms.
    NBC will probably renew many of the solid (NBC scripted standards) dramas:
    Revolution, Parenthood, L&O, Chicago Fire, Hannibal and Grimm. The only sitcom that even remotely deserves another season is Parks and Recreation. It at least seems like it has a chance to become a hit. Community (shortened final season) fro syndication purposes. Everything else should go, but NBC may renew Go On and Whitney anyway.

    FOX is in better shape. Despite declining ratings X Factor and especially American Idol are still beating most of what is on NBC. And FOX has more decently rated scripted shows over NBC.

    CBS has more than just sitcom monster Big Bang Theory. Hence the #1 position. Even w/o the Super bowl CBS would still most likely be #1.

  • Fred

    CBS is #1 for the season, not for this week, among the 18-49 demo.

  • Ultima

    NBC has THE VOICE and CBS has The Big Bang Theory – how did Fox beat them?

    Because this is measuring the ratings average for the entire week, not just the networks’ top shows.

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