How Low Will 'Ready for Love' Go? (Poll)

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April 23rd, 2013


Ready for Love is disappearing from the NBC week. Will anyone show up to see the show's last post-Voice offering? Last week's episode earned an abysmal 1.2 adults 18-49 rating. Will this week see Ready for Love go even lower? Make your predictions below and tell us how you think Grimm will fare next week  in its new spot in the comments!

  • DryedMangoez

    I could see it staying put at 1.2 or dropping as much as 0.2.

    As for Grimm, at the very least, it’ll get the 1.5s it’s been getting on Fridays. Maybe a 2.0. Just below what Revolution is getting now. But I’d love for it go higher.

  • BenA


  • BenA

    I predict something like 2.6 for Grimm but anything above 2.1 is still excellent.

  • samurai99

    It will fall to the bottom of the deepest pit of Tartarus!

  • maplab98

    9.00 1.6
    9.30 1.2
    10.00 1.0
    10.30 0.9

  • maplab98

    La próxima semana, Grimm 2.0

  • rgxx

    it will keep falling into nothing…NBC doesn’t have anything else until June…do they?

  • Californiadgd


  • k:Alex

    It would be funny if it is all night belown 1.#

  • charmedcraft

    did eva really think this show would be a huge hit & why, just cause it had her name behind it?

  • TV Viewer

    Low enough to implode from the pressure.

  • Veritas

    NBC is hopeless.

  • harry

    we ve seen voice boosting comedies for about 1.0 so it could get grimm to low 2s as well probably . ready for love is going to get no love despite being ready. i predict a 1.0

  • Kurt

    Dead Show Airing: .9

  • DanaK

    I think RFL will drop below 1.0 at the hour mark and drag the average lower than last week’s 1.2

    I think Grimm’s first week on Tuesdays behind a 2 hr Voice will get at least a 2.0, probably higher. It may settle into high 1s or low 2s for the rest of the season

  • Anthony

    I think the Grimm episode next week will get in the high ones, simply because of a huge lead in. I don’t know that it will get into the two’s because there hasn’t really been much promotion of the move yet (they are airing promos for this Friday’s episode with no mention of the move!) Either way it should be better than RFL so I guess it will be a net positive.

  • Sunny

    Wait, wasn’t it cancelled?

  • American

    I’m avoiding “Ready for Love” and anything else to do with Eva Longoria, because of her anti-American, racist political demonstrations. Her disgusting support of La Raza and Obama is repulsive.

  • RyanCanada

    ahh, i thought they already pulled it, i thought Grimm was back tonight :-(

  • Fred

    Call me crazy, but I think RFL stay put or rise a dot. Just a hunch.
    I don’t watch this show but crazier things have happened.

    On the other hand moving Grimm could be amazing. It will introduce the show to MILLIONS of potential fans. NBC really needs to maximize the post Voice slot. Grimm should do the trick.

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