How Low Will 'Ready for Love' Go? (Poll)

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April 23rd, 2013


Ready for Love is disappearing from the NBC week. Will anyone show up to see the show's last post-Voice offering? Last week's episode earned an abysmal 1.2 adults 18-49 rating. Will this week see Ready for Love go even lower? Make your predictions below and tell us how you think Grimm will fare next week  in its new spot in the comments!

  • BigBrotherFan

    Okay I think under a 1 is kinda insane! I would say a 1.1

    Grimm will do from a 1.9-2.3

  • BigBrotherFan

    The see Grimm in a similar ratings post VOICE to that of recent “THE FOLLOWING”

  • GARebelman

    A better question is, why is NBC airing a canceled show after the Voice at all? What is wrong with these people??? A Hannibal special would have been better.

    I think Grimm will settle around a 2 demo give or take.

  • MichaelChickless

    It will be lucky to average 1.0.

  • gerry

    i’m surprised this didn’t take, not because i care but because with the voice to back it and what i would think to be a similar audience… but no one seems to care about it…


  • brutony

    Im not “Ready for Love, or anything else thats got Eva’s name behind it! She thinks shes all that, because she got lucky enough to be a cast member on a once promising show that by its second season started tanking in the ratings! She was a role player at best, and when she started opening her big fat trap about all these liberal issues like illegal aliens rights and La Rotsa and crap, and being butt buddies with Obama, just turned me, and apparently alot more people off!

    BTW, Mrs Parker-oops, even Tony got tired of her-hows that other show youre working on, Mistresses? Two networks have already dumped it-try for a third? Yeah, they must have that anti-Bossy Latina thing going on, si? Also, youre from San Antonio, not Guadalahara!

  • BigBrotherFan


    I could care less about the CHICKS politics her show is a DUD!

  • Jared

    Considering how huge The Voice lead in is, I can’t see Ready for Love dropping below a 1.0 tonight.

  • Fred


    The show your referring to is Desperate Housewives. It didn’t exactly tank in the ratings during season 2. It was a powerhouse during season 2 as well.
    The show was huge in later seasons too. Yes it peaked early, but it was a very high peak.

  • CrimTV


    The season average of season 1 was 23.69 million and a 10.66 18-49 rating, the season 2 average was 21.70 million and a 10.09 18-49 rating average. Hardly tanking in the third season.

    Every season of Desperate Housewives did well ratings wise compared to other shows on ABC each year, for example the final season averaged 10.60 million and a 2.74 18-49 average, despite dropping a lot from it’s first few seasons, it was still strong for ABC in the 2011-12 season, and if it was still on now it would be the highest rated on Sundays still

  • CrimTV

    *hardly tanking in the second season

  • Jonay

    Why didn’t NBC move Grimm to 9:00 are they just stupid or what????

  • Ultima

    Why didn’t NBC move Grimm to 9:00 are they just stupid or what?

    Because the next two weeks The Voice will be two hours long and after that they’re moving the results show to 9pm.

  • Ultima

    She thinks shes all that, because she got lucky enough to be a cast member on a once promising show that by its second season started tanking in the ratings!

    Desperate Housewives was the #1 drama on TV during its second season and remained in the top three for its first five seasons.

    Tip: It’s counter-productive to say something this stupid because people will just stop reading your comment… although they may take the time to mock you!

  • rob60990

    NBC seriously had nothing else to air tonight?

  • forg

    I’m surprised they did not the expand the voice or have some recap or rerun at 8 then the voice at 9 and a repeat of a drama or dateline at 10pm

    Anyway I predict a 1.0

  • NBC Fan

    Body of Proof-1.3

    Golden Boy-1.5

    Hell’s Kitchen-2.0

    The Voice-4.4
    Ready for Love-1.0

    Hart of Dixie-0.5

  • andri

    L-O-W-E-R. I also expend rating lower than 1.2. Bill & Guiliana Rancic I nevermore never liked. Only belong. on silly
    E! network./

  • HV

    The Voice 4.4
    Ready for Love 1.0

  • Jon

    I wonder if moving Grimm to Tuesday is such a great idea. I almost think that if someone tunes in, and has never seen the show, they will be lost, and more likely to turn it off. Grimm is that type of show, where if you are with it from the beginning you stay with it, its not something that is going to grow that signficantly

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