No Sophmore Slump for 'Person of Interest'

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April 24th, 2013

Person of Interest Season 2 The High road

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"Person of Interest" Now a Top Five Series

Remains Network Television's Fastest-Growing Drama


CBS's PERSON OF INTEREST, last season's #1 new program, is concluding its sophomore season with year-to-year growth in viewers and demos and ranks as primetime's fifth-most-watched program, according to Nielsen most current ratings.


This season, PERSON OF INTEREST is television's fastest-growing drama, gaining +1.88 million viewers from last season.  Among adults 18-49, PERSON OF INTEREST is averaging 3.5/10, up +3% from last year.


With an average audience of 16.15 million viewers, PERSON OF INTEREST places ahead of both editions of "American Idol" and "The Voice," "Dancing with the Stars" and "Modern Family," among others.  The only non-CBS program with more viewers is "Sunday Night Football."

  • Wallaby2012

    No slump because it is a GREAT show!

  • rob60990

    No slump because its propped up by a big lead in.


    No slump because it is AWESOME!

  • Dan S

    There’s no slump with or without a big lead in. POI is a terrific show that’ll be around for some time. I doubt CBS will want to expand their Thur comedies forcing a move. It should stay on at 9pm & Elementary can thank POI for the good numbers it’s received for a mediocre show. Hopefully if the new show Intelligence gets picked up its put on Thur at 10pm.

  • Melissa

    Among adults 18-49, Person Of Interest is averaging 3.5/10, up +3% from last year.

    Wow, a 3% demo grain in L+7! Too bad in L+SD it’s only up 1%. Amazing that the show basically stabilized in its sophomore year despite gaining a much stronger lead-in! :roll:

  • omabin

    I love POI but the numbers they spin are ridiculous. I think these are SD+7 or something ratings, not sure, but POI is averaging a 3.0 this season in the relevant measure, not a 3.5. Also, Once Upon a Time was by far last year’s biggest new drama in the measure that actually matters, averaging a 3.27 while POI averaged a 2.87. If we also count comedies, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls and Rob all beat it last year too. I am not bashing the show, I am a fan, I just think this is very misleading. The other day I also saw an article saying that The Bibble was now beating The Walking Dead, as if it was anywhere near close… I don’t understand why people still look at the number of viewers (or whatever measure it is being considered here)

  • halaci


    Channel press releases are like victory reports in wartime: you need to learn to read them. (I like ABC PRs the most, those can be hilarious.) Or like my statistics teacher always said: statistics is like a bikini – show everything except the important things.

    Nevertheless I hope the final episodes of this season will bring good numbers to PoI, because it is really the best written and most carefully built up show yet. I wish more people from the key demo would realize that it is very far from the standard run-of-the-mill CBS procedural style.

  • glover

    This show have some amazing episodes but also have some awful filler episodes.

  • MichaelChickless

    Yeah baby! Best show on broadcast TV!

  • CrimTV

    @Dan S

    If CBS expand their comedy block, which they REALLY need to do, POI will move to 10pm Thursday probably

  • AaronExplicable

    @glover all great shows have horrible filler episodes, even Breaking Bad.(that fly episode comes to mind)

  • DenverDean

    CBS is in no position to expand their comedy block. They will lose to shows TAHM and HIMYM after next season. The entire Monday line-up has been crushed by TV. They couldn’t even find ONE comedy that worked this season (Partners). What makes anyone believe they could find three next season and then two more after that (assuming all three new comedies hold, which they won’t)?

  • karin

    Fake numbers ,ridiculous and even insulting…

  • lll


  • CBS makes me happy

    Rob6990 do you ever take a break form ignorant comments

  • Melissa

    Person of Interest has never hit a 3.5 in L+SD, yet CBS claims the show is “averaging” that number. They should specify which metric they’re referring to (I assume either L+3 or L+7).

  • Holly


    Actually, I’d guess they’re using “Most Current” numbers, which include L+7 numbers for the weeks they have them and Live+SD for the more recent weeks. That seems to be standard for press releases (from all nets)

  • Tony JJ


    because they have a lot of solid comedy pilots. There’s one that is guaranteed to be on the fall schedule (MOM), and multiple other multi-camera standouts(FRIENDS WITH BETTER LIVES, UNTITLED GREG GARCIA w/Will Arnett, and UNTITLED TAD QUILL w/Matthew Broderick & Kristen Chenoweth), as well as multiple single-camera stand-outs (CRAZY ONES w/Robin Williams & Sarah Michelle Gellar, THE MCCARTHY’S, CUPER CLYDE, AND BAD TEACHER). So if there’s any season for comedy expansion this could be it with HIMYM ending next season. If it’s not a two hour block on thursdays then my guess would be a new comedy (MOM) after HIMYM (after a special premiere after TBBT) and a new single camera block somewhere else on the schedule.

    It will be very interesting to see what CBS does.

  • CBS makes me happy

    Melissa get over yourself

  • Simon

    Good for POI! Season 3 grants that there will be a 4th for syndication. It has had near 40 episodes if I am not mistaken.

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