No Sophmore Slump for 'Person of Interest'

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April 24th, 2013

Person of Interest Season 2 The High road

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"Person of Interest" Now a Top Five Series

Remains Network Television's Fastest-Growing Drama


CBS's PERSON OF INTEREST, last season's #1 new program, is concluding its sophomore season with year-to-year growth in viewers and demos and ranks as primetime's fifth-most-watched program, according to Nielsen most current ratings.


This season, PERSON OF INTEREST is television's fastest-growing drama, gaining +1.88 million viewers from last season.  Among adults 18-49, PERSON OF INTEREST is averaging 3.5/10, up +3% from last year.


With an average audience of 16.15 million viewers, PERSON OF INTEREST places ahead of both editions of "American Idol" and "The Voice," "Dancing with the Stars" and "Modern Family," among others.  The only non-CBS program with more viewers is "Sunday Night Football."

  • Big D

    POI is awesome. I have to agree with Dan S, Intelligence would make the perfect companion to POI.

  • Tony JJ

    yes! INTELLIGENCE! I hope that gets picked up. along with Hostages!!

  • Scott

    @AaronExplicable the fly episode of Breaking Bad was awful filler? That episode was not only brilliant, but totally crucial to the arc of season 3. Fantastic foreshawdowing to what was coming, it may not have been the most exciting episode of the season, but IMO it was the best.

  • Matt H.

    No slump because they added depth in a convincing way.

    0. Really touching on moral implications of the machine, what it does and what evil-doers could do with it.

    1. With the Machine seeming waking up and becoming conscious, with the possibility of free will.

    2. With root as a formidable foe with the intellect to challenge Harold and the desire to free the Machine.

    3. With the kick-ass Sam (Sarah Shahi) as forceful and compelling a character as is on any network show.

    They have also done this with real issues of privacy and surveillance. They pay attention to real science, real technology and do it with s depth one never sees on television.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    At the end of season two, it will have 45 episodes in the can and has been renewed for season three. You can count on season four due to syndication. The ratings are unlikely to fall below 2.0 throughout season three.

    I initially was not crazy about the show at the start of season one due to the highly procedural nature at that time. But the introduction of Reese’s back story as well as some very cool characters such as Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) and “root” (Amy Acker) and some well-crafted story arcs concerning government interest in the Machine have elevated this show to one of the better written, acted and directed shows on the air. Some of the episodes are still not that interesting, but I can count on frequent excellent episodes and even filler episodes usually have some scenes relevant to the ongoing story arcs.

  • Martha

    Thank you CBS/WB for giving us the amazing POI. It is by far the best show ever, imo.

    So happy for the new episode tomorrow night and the kick-off of 3 consecutive season finale episodes. It’ll be awesome!

  • Ultima

    Fake numbers ,ridiculous and even insulting…

    If you find Nielsen ratings ridiculous and insulting, why are you on a ratings site?

  • Petar Ivanov


    In what world CBS will move their best drama next season? ANd #2 this season. Not to mention that PoI is only one new fresh and young show. All other CBS dramas are aging and droping. CBS is only one show growing this season with TBBT on CBS. If they move it althou i think is too big to move now will be on wednesday or tuesday at 8. But i doubt that.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Person of interest must be example how a drama should be written and acted. Best scripted show on TV – broadcast and cable. John Reese is bigger and better than James Bond. He is Reese, Mr. Reese.

    The whole HR part of the show is utter brilliance from Nolan/Abrams. It is very dark and gloomy. It is a nice contrast to some of the lighter situations with Fince & Fusco. The Elias character is OUTSTANDING & Root is creepy. There really is just so much to like about POI. Hope news about spinoff are near us.

    Finally, all 4 POI main leads are growing this season.

  • Ultima

    They should specify which metric they’re referring to

    To expand upon what Holly said, the reason they don’t specify is because, for season averages, “most current” is the standard for Nielsen and the networks.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @Dan S
    I thhink next season PoI will be lead in for Intelligence or beverly hills cop. Deadline reported that both with hostages will be pick. In any case PoI will be #1 broadcast and CBS drama for the season.

  • Matt

    SOPHOMORE. SophOmore. What a sophomoric mistake ;)

  • Doug

    @omabin – because viewers speaks to the broad popularity of a given show. 18-49 is network and advertiser specific.

    If CBS were going to expand their comedy block, their last opportunity was this season. Monday is weakening, and they have to focus on finding a replacement for HIMYM and one for 2BG, which viewers FINALLY appear to be getting sick of. I think that CBS could have and should have expanded, but they didn’t, so there you go.

  • Ralph Hahn

    P.O.I. is the ONLY prime-time broadcast network show that I watch.

  • huldu

    PoI is great, sure it has a couple of “bad” episodes but they can easily be overlooked in the big picture. As for the lead in? We’re long past the show having a good lead in. It stands on its own feet and has done that for quite a while.

  • DW

    well if it can stand on its own feet then people wont mind CBS moving it to sundays since everyone thinks TGW will go to fridays. :)

  • merrranga


    ‘Fly’ is one of, The in my opinion, best episodes of the entire series. if you can’t see that, i don’t know what to do with you. you probably like the ones with explosions best, i guess.

  • Northern Star

    As a viewer of POI in the United Kingdom, we’ve just wrapped Season 1 this past Sunday night… WHAT an episode and WHAT a show! So glad it’s been renewed for a third – and likely fourth – season, this is the best show, network or cable, on telly right now, no-one even comes close… can’t wait for Season 2 to start later this year.

  • Justin121

    Kinda pathetic, the titel and timing of this press release.

  • merrranga

    @Matt H.
    Jonathan has proven he isn’t just a brother along for the ride; he’s a formidable challenge to the throne!

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