No Sophmore Slump for 'Person of Interest'

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April 24th, 2013

Person of Interest Season 2 The High road

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"Person of Interest" Now a Top Five Series

Remains Network Television's Fastest-Growing Drama


CBS's PERSON OF INTEREST, last season's #1 new program, is concluding its sophomore season with year-to-year growth in viewers and demos and ranks as primetime's fifth-most-watched program, according to Nielsen most current ratings.


This season, PERSON OF INTEREST is television's fastest-growing drama, gaining +1.88 million viewers from last season.  Among adults 18-49, PERSON OF INTEREST is averaging 3.5/10, up +3% from last year.


With an average audience of 16.15 million viewers, PERSON OF INTEREST places ahead of both editions of "American Idol" and "The Voice," "Dancing with the Stars" and "Modern Family," among others.  The only non-CBS program with more viewers is "Sunday Night Football."

  • a p garcia

    My wish was granted when they put another “24” type of show on TV. It is called POI and it is on a rival network! It is one of the best acted, written drama on TV.

  • Jojo


  • pete5125

    True this season would of been the season to do it, easily Rules would of beat anything on Thur night should of launched a new comedy on Mon and Thur that way… but I assume their crop of shows was bad otherwise why would Partners of made it, also nothing has worked behind Big Bang Theory to retain their audience, and CBS had to try to launch 2 broke girls on Mon at 9PM, their has to be anchor, Mike and Molly wont work, I understand their delima

  • Michael1

    I predict that Partners will end the season ad TV’s #1 new comedy for 2012-2013.

  • Rick B

    POI Rocks! Haters suck it! I bet Melissa is mad bc grey’s anatomy and American idol suck and are going down the drain.

  • Mardigus

    I do not completely understand the ratings formulas but what I do know is that POI kicks f***ing ass!

  • Bren

    CBS pisses me off. They get a great show, put it in a TERRIBLE timeslot and then cancel it. CSI Miami was great. They put against Sunday night football. The ratings dropped and they cancelled it. They need to make more episodes. The onething I wish POI would do is close some storylines. Elias is behind bars, thats good. But Root is still free, HR doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon and Julian Sands’ character is still out there. If nothing else, finish the HR storyline.

  • merrranga

    you do realize HR is the main villain of the series, yes? meaning if they ever ‘close the HR storyline’ it will be either at a season finale or the series finale. and as there’s only 2 eps left this season and they dont even know the face of their enemy, i seriously doubt it will be this one.

  • Bret Undersood

    You people can say what you want, but this show’s good, but whoever said that all the veteran shows are declining are wrong, Criminal Minds and NCIS are just as good as they have ever been. NCIS is the highest rated show and Criminal Minds still gets steady ratings.

  • MJ

    Best show on TV.

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