Late Night TV Ratings For April 15-19, 2013

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April 25th, 2013

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Via NBC's Press Release

With ‘Kimmel’ Airing First-Run Telecasts on Four of Five Nights, Jay Leno Rebroadcasts Deliver Bigger Audiences in 18-49, 25-54, 18-34 and Total Viewers

Fallon Encores Best ‘Late Late Show’ Originals in All Key Categories and Top ‘Nightline’ Originals Head to Head in All Key Demos

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — April 25, 2013 — Encore telecasts of NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" have delivered bigger audiences than ABC's mostly original "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and all-original newsmagazine "Nightline," respectively, in adults 18-49 and other key measures during the late-night ratings week of April 15-19. Note that “Kimmel” aired a rebroadcast on Friday, but was otherwise in originals last week.

The "Tonight Show" encores also beat CBS's "Late Show with David Letterman" rebroadcasts in every key ratings category — adults, men and women 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54, plus total viewers — and Fallon encores topped CBS's "Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" originals in every one of those key measures.

“Tonight Show” rebroadcasts generated bigger audiences than ABC's mostly original "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in adults 18-49 (1.001 million vs. 962,000), adults 25-54 (1.269 million vs. 1.250 million), total viewers (3.010 million vs. 2.802 million) and even adults 18-34 (332,000 vs. 297,000).

While Leno and Kimmel rounded to a tie in 18-49 rating for the week (0.8 each), 'Tonight' prevailed over ' Kimmel' by a 4 percent margin in 18-49 viewers.

For their head-to-head half-hour, Fallon rebroadcasts out-delivered ABC's original "Nightline" in every key demo — adults, men and women 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54. Fallon’s margin in 18-49 viewers for that half-hour was 18 percent (704,000 vs. 599,000).

Leno has now delivered bigger 18-49 audiences than "Late Show" for the last 22 weeks in a row and topped "Kimmel" for 13 of their 15 head-to-head weeks. In total viewers, Leno has out-delivered "Late Show" for 26 weeks in a row and "Kimmel" for 15 of 15 weeks.

Jimmy Fallon has now generated bigger 18-49 audiences than "Late Late Show" for 27 of the last 28 weeks and prevailed in total viewers for 24 of the last 26 weeks. Versus "Nightline" in their head-to-head half-hour, Fallon has out-delivered the ABC newsmagazine for 15 weeks in a row in viewers 18-49 and 10 of the last 12 weeks in total viewers.

Versus the same week last year, Leno was up 16 percent in 18-49 viewers (1.001 million vs. 866,000) and up 18 percent in 18-34 viewers (332,000 vs. 282,000). Fallon was up 25 percent in 18-49 viewers (651,000 vs. 519,000), up 34 percent in 18-34 viewers (265,000 vs. 198,000) and up 15 percent in total viewers (1.525 million vs. 1.330 million).

At 1:35 a.m. ET, encore telecasts of "Last Call with Carson Daly" were up versus the same week last year by 8 percent in viewers 18-49 (370,000 vs. 344,000) and up 43 percent in viewers 18-34 (164,000 vs. 115,000).


(According to in-home viewing figures from Nielsen Media Research for the week of April 15-19. Ratings reflect “live plus same day” data from Nielsen Media Research unless otherwise noted. Season-to-date figures are averages of “live plus seven day” data except for the two most recent weeks, which are “live plus same day.”)

ADULTS 18-49

11:35 p.m.-12:35 a.m. ET

NBC “Tonight,” 0.8 rating, 3 share, all encore telecasts

CBS “Late Show,” 0.6/3, all encore telecasts

ABC “Kimmel,” 0.8/3*

12:35-1:05 a.m. ET

ABC “Nightline,” 0.5/2

12:35-1:35 a.m. ET

NBC “Late Night,” 0.5/3, all encore telecasts*

CBS “Late Late Show,” 0.4/2

1:35-2:05 a.m. ET

NBC “Last Call,” 0.3/2, all encore telecasts


11:35 p.m.-12:35 a.m. ET

NBC “Tonight,” 3.0 million viewers, all encore telecasts

CBS “Late Show,” 2.5 million viewers, all encore telecasts

ABC “Kimmel,” 2.8 million viewers*

12:35-1:05 a.m. ET

ABC “Nightline,” 1.8 million viewers

12:35-1:35 a.m. ET

NBC “Late Night,” 1.5 million viewers, all encore telecasts *

CBS “Late Late Show,” 1.4 million viewers

1:35-2:05 a.m. ET

NBC “Last Call,” 0.8 million viewers, all encore telecasts

* Friday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was an encore. The first 24 minutes of Thursday’s “Late Night” are excluded due to preemptions for news coverage from Boston.


ADULTS 18-49

11:35 p.m.-12:35 a.m. ET

NBC “Tonight,” 0.8 rating, 3 share

CBS “Late Show,” 0.7/3

ABC “Kimmel,” 0.7/3**

12:35-1:05 a.m. ET

ABC “Nightline,” 0.4/2**

12:35-1:35 a.m. ET

NBC “Late Night,” 0.5/3

CBS “Late Late Show,” 0.4/2

1:35-2:05 a.m. ET

NBC “Last Call,” 0.3/2


11:35 p.m.-12:35 a.m. ET

NBC “Tonight,” 3.5 million viewers

CBS “Late Show,” 3.1 million viewers

ABC “Kimmel,” 2.6 million viewers**

12:35-1:05 a.m. ET

ABC “Nightline,” 1.6 million viewers**

12:35-1:35 a.m. ET

NBC “Late Night,” 1.7 million viewers

CBS “Late Late Show,” 1.5 million viewers

1:35-2:05 a.m. ET

NBC “Last Call,” 0.9 million viewers

** Since January 8.



Comedy Central, 11-11:30 p.m. ET, “The Daily Show,” 0.7***

Comedy Central, 11:30 p.m.-midnight ET, “The Colbert Report,” 0.6***

TBS, 11 p.m.-midnight, “Conan,” 0.5

Adult Swim, 11:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. ET, 1.0

Adult Swim, 12:30-1:30 a.m. ET, 0.6

Each adult 18-49 rating point equals 1.27 million viewers


Comedy Central, 11-11:30 p.m. “The Daily Show,” 1.6 million***

Comedy Central, 11:30 p.m.-midnight ET, “The Colbert Report,” 1.3 million***

TBS, 11 p.m.-midnight, “Conan,” 0.9 million

Adult Swim, 11:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. ET, 2.0 million

Adult Swim, 12:30-1:30 a.m. ET, 1.3 million

*** Comedy Central’s Monday telecasts were encores.





  • Gary Middleton

    “All one has to do for that evening is be unlike how Jay Leno did it.”

    So wrong, it’s a much tougher gig than that.

    Yes, Jay did the absolute worst thing you can do, which is not even try. But many others with far more noble efforts have struggled up there, it’s a very tough 20. Celebrity crowds are tough to begin with. You’re following the President, which is insane. And you’re doing a fair amount of inside-the-beltway material for an audience that 50% has no idea what you’re talking about.

    Very strong, unflinching comedians can get wobbly up there.

  • Gary Middleton

    Leno should have shut his show down for the week to prepare like Conan did, like anybody sensible would. But he didn’t have the luxury because the gig was 2 days into sweeps, and a network show can’t go into reruns for that.

    So Jay should’ve turned it down. But easy to see why he didn’t, because it was early 2010 and he was radioactive. Invitations were fleeting.

    In classic Leno fashion, not only did he do his 5 Tonight Shows, and then the White House dinner in Washington on Saturday, he flew back to LA in time for his weekly Sunday Hermosa Beach club show for 250 nobodies including me. Then five more Tonight Shows.

    That Sunday night in Hermosa Beach, Jay looked shaken. The night before he died in front of everybody who was anybody, and now Conan’s story was airing on 60 Minutes. But mass psychology cycles around and by that point the anti-Leno angle was played out. All the “LENO BOMBS WHCA DINNER” headlines on the internet were pretty much ignored, and reaction to Conan’s 60 Minutes piece was of the “get over it, already” variety.

  • Him

    C-Span isn’t doing Conan any favours by putting his 1995 speech right before the new one.

  • Him

    I mean, by re-broadcasting his old speech right before the event starts.

  • Gary Middleton

    Him, why do you think that? Just curious.

  • Him

    Well Gary, I thought they would broadcast the 1995 one right before the new one started, I didn’t know they would show arrivals for so long. The way it is, the damage is not as big, but if they showed them so close to one another viewers would have the 1995 speech – which was great, in my opinion – in mind and that would be a tough act to follow. It’s hard enough to follow Obama, who’s always very funny at those events, so if on top of that he had to follow great speechs by comedians – they also showed Meyers’ 2011 one – it would make things even tougher.

  • Gary Middleton

    Thanks, Him. Also the people in the room won’t have likely been watching the broadcast, so it’s probably OK.

  • Gary Middleton

    What I mean is, this is one of those gigs where the performer is likely 100% concerned with killing in the room.

  • Ann

    “I have no concern about that. I believe Fallon is the anti-Conan. He will try different things, look at the minute-by-minute ratings, and if something is causing a mass exodus you won’t see it again.”

    That’s a lot of assuming. I’ve watched Fallon from the beginning. He’s already becoming predictable with variations on the same premises. It’s the same thing I saw happen to Conan on his last days of LN when Ferguson started beating him. Success can be their enemy when they start believing their own PR hype.

  • Gary Middleton

    “That’s a lot of assuming.”

    I don’t think the idea of Jimmy Fallon as agreeable and inclusive is an assumption. His conduct has been pretty consistent.

    “He’s already becoming predictable with variations on the same premises.”

    Everybody who’s on every night is predictable. We knew what Carson’s Art Fern was going to say. Jay has 3 different desk bits that are basically Headlines. The secret to ratings success in late night is to have people feel comfortable ending their night with your predictable thing.

  • Gary Middleton

    There were 2 jokes about Conan losing Tonight before he or Obama even took the stage. Conan seemed as bored by it as some of us are.

  • Ann

    What Fallon has going for him is his freshness. Freshness and predictability are incompatible. I do agree with Gar that even though I like Fallon, there are times when his bits are so childish and unfunny I want, and sometimes do, change the channel. That was not true a couple years ago.

    Again, I compare it to Conan. I was a fan when he was on LN, but towards the end, he started boring me, i.e. I knew what he was going to say before he said it. It was the same time when he starting losing to Ferguson, so it wasn’t just me having that reaction.

  • Gary Middleton

    In a job where success is measured in decades, freshness isn’t the most viable strategy.

  • Gary Middleton

    Holy cow is Obama burning the village tonight.

  • Gary Middleton

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Conan a 12.

  • Hector

    Obama was on a hot streak at the beginning of his speech.

    I loved the Conan jokes that tanked. Especially the O’Reilly-Taft one.

  • Diana Santiago

    The President is a tough act to follow. Conan was nervous at the start, but his presentation overall was very good.

    It was a nice gesture of Conan of donating his hosting fee to the scholarship fund.

  • Ann

    “In a job where success is measured in decades, freshness isn’t the most viable strategy.”

    Freshness and edginess are both killed by predictability. Fallon and O’Brien are vulnerable in the same way.

  • Douglas in TN

    Conan was absolutely remarkable. Obama is so interesting at these. He has proven at times to be among the most unlikeable of our presidents, but at things like these he can take writers things and be wonderfully funny.

  • Gary Middleton

    “The President is a tough act to follow.”

    Always, but I’ve never seen it tougher than this. Obama wasn’t just funny “for a President”, he scorched the earth. When Conan started, you could feel that the audience wasn’t ready to laugh at a mortal. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he just went home.

    But he put his head down and rammed something like 75 great jokes right down their throats and they loved it. Awesome in the old sense of that word.

    Extra points for not using Smigel. Extra points for not closing on his serious remarks. Killer.

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