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April 25th, 2013

The silly season of meaningless "Save Our Show" polls from by entertainment sites (E! Online and USA Today among them) has begun!

Of course, those polls have no effect on any network decisions, but certainly give some fans the false hope that they're actually doing something to help their show.

If entertainment sites can spread false hope with their nonsense polls, maintaining the balance of the online TV universe* demands we spread false gloom with nonsense polls of our own!

In the 4th Annual** TV by the Numbers "Don't Save Their Show!" Poll you get to vote on which shows the TV networks should cancel instead of save!

There's only 22 hours in a broadcast primetime schedule (or 15, or 10), so every one of their shows that gets cancelled means more of a chance for your shows to get renewed (or so the logic of the desperate fan may suggest).

Included in the poll is every scripted broadcast primetime show (grouped by network) that either the Renew / Cancel Index or Bubble Watch has pegged as anything but renewed or cancelled already (plus the obviously canceled Smash, just for extra fun!)

Vote for as many shows as you'd like, as many times as you'd like!

I promise that the decisionmakers at the networks will give as much weight to your votes here as they do to the votes in all those silly "Save Our Show" polls: None!


*Not to mention generating traffic for us.

** Our readers picked Gossip Girl as the show they didn't want saved in last year's poll. It was ultimately renewed for a short final season, but, of course, our poll had nothing to do with it!

  • MichaelChickless

    Happy Endings (ABC)
    Red Widow (ABC)
    Nashville (ABC)
    Vegas (CBS)
    Golden Boy (CBS)
    Rules Of Engagement (CBS)
    Beauty And The Beast (CW)
    The Cleveland Show (Fox)
    1600 Penn (NBC)
    The New Normal (NBC)
    Go On (NBC)
    Deception (NBC)
    Up All Night (NBC)
    Smash (NBC)

  • JulieDawn

    RSH must be so happy, instead of just copying/pasting the same boring crap into his never-ending posts in the other threads, he can now do something new and exciting with his day – endlessly voting over and over for BATB in this poll in the same manner he accuses BATB fans of doing in other polls. :)

  • merrranga

    my 2 choices: suburgatory as every single one of its characters are terrible, completely unlikeable pieces of trash. second, the carrie diaries, i dont get this show… we get to watch carrie meet and interact with people we know, in 30 years, she’ll never talk to or even mention again?

  • Hi

    The BEST and most funny poll EVER!

  • Claudia

    @Julie Dawn Ditto!

  • Paleonut

    I really wish I could vote for Dance Mom’s on here…

  • pedz

    why does batb leading this poll?, it’s a good show

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Actually tonight’s episode of BATB was probably the best they’ve run so far. It was ALL Muirfield conspiracy all the time (except for the usual romantic interludes to keep the girls happy…) If they’d started with this approach the show might be doing better.

    Of course, the premise and the treatment is still wrong. And computer servers don’t go up in flames like gas stations (not to mention the fact that server rooms have fire suppression systems), but, hey, who notices plot holes when you’re fixated on romance, right?

    And yes, I did vote in the poll a couple more times, but let’s face it, that’s boring. And juvenile. :-)

    But so is this show.

    Death to BATB!

  • lmfao

    LOL. the BATB fans are probably thinking that the poll is going to save. Well if your dumb enough to watch the show then you dumb enough to make that mistake. ahahah

  • Melody

    There was a bunch I voted for. I simply voted for everything I think sucks. It is cathartic.

  • sofia

    Delete immediately B & B (CW) because it is a bad show and the actors, (honestly), are mediocre in acting are two “pieces of wood”!!

  • Theoacme

    Cancellation Bear
    Feasting on so much this year
    This poll does not help.

    He wants Lily lunch
    But he’s afraid of Gabby
    And her rat shovel.

    He misses Stabler
    But his bearly beautiful bride loves
    That Olivia.

    He will leave the show alone –
    Name checks, he does love.

    Ever notice that
    ROE spelled out is food
    All bears really crave?

    Peacock comedies
    The Bear will leave them alone
    Just for Hannibal.

    Reba and Luka
    The Bear will eat both shows now
    But he is crying.

  • Theoacme

    Yes, I know, third verse was 5/9/5, not 5/7/5 standard haiku…but I do NOT want Mrs. Cancellation Bear to gnaw on me – if you want her to gnaw on you, write her in care of Mutual of Omaha, 1 Perkins Place, Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Wes

    Gee! So many bad shows! I have to admit that I voted more than once. I kept on finding more shows on the list that I had overlooked. NBC may need to switch to all dramas like the CW. Well, maybe not! I do not know what is going on with Beauty and the Beast, as I have never seen it. Either, a lot of people dislike it, or a couple of guys hate it so much that they spend hours voting for it. I hope network crank out something better come the Fall!

  • Claudia


    Sometimes I read you and I think why this guy acts like this? But then I see where you coming from your favorite TV show in the CW has been struggling since the beginning and you always thinking is the best show out there but unfortunately due to the ratings and the actually poor writing, acting and quality of the show it hasnt been able to really take off as you wish and if it wasnt bec the CW likes to pet some of their shows around, the show is being having pitty renewals year after year but never been a HIT show no fanbase ie SPN or TVD and never solid ratings ie Arrow or TVD but hey YOU DO LOVE THE SHOW AND will defend it against the haters huuuh???!!!! The scenario seems familiar to your attacks toward us Beasties. You think Nikita is the bomb some people doesnt, we Beasties think BATB is the bomb some people doesnt. I DONT SEE TVD, SPN or Arrow fans bashing on BATB but only Nikita’s and HOD…..its just pathetic!

  • NJ Viewer

    I voted for all of them, except Vegas, because almost all of them are garbage.

  • NJ Viewer

    Actually, there’s a lot of shows that have already been renewed that should be canceled.

  • Nikki

    Everything on the CW should be cancelled

  • CC

    CW: It is a network. Isn’t it?

  • Ava Jay

    “Are the BATB fans not reading the question right again and voting for their own show?”

    I think it’s a mix of a lot of people who hate that crappy show plus its stupid fans who are retard enough to not read the poll question before voting. “OMGG SAVE B&B BEST SHOW EVAR I VOTE EVERYTHING BATB” -> there you go, haters + dumb fans = BATB leading the poll. It also means it should get canned, it sucks that much indeed.

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