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April 25th, 2013

The silly season of meaningless "Save Our Show" polls from by entertainment sites (E! Online and USA Today among them) has begun!

Of course, those polls have no effect on any network decisions, but certainly give some fans the false hope that they're actually doing something to help their show.

If entertainment sites can spread false hope with their nonsense polls, maintaining the balance of the online TV universe* demands we spread false gloom with nonsense polls of our own!

In the 4th Annual** TV by the Numbers "Don't Save Their Show!" Poll you get to vote on which shows the TV networks should cancel instead of save!

There's only 22 hours in a broadcast primetime schedule (or 15, or 10), so every one of their shows that gets cancelled means more of a chance for your shows to get renewed (or so the logic of the desperate fan may suggest).

Included in the poll is every scripted broadcast primetime show (grouped by network) that either the Renew / Cancel Index or Bubble Watch has pegged as anything but renewed or cancelled already (plus the obviously canceled Smash, just for extra fun!)

Vote for as many shows as you'd like, as many times as you'd like!

I promise that the decisionmakers at the networks will give as much weight to your votes here as they do to the votes in all those silly "Save Our Show" polls: None!


*Not to mention generating traffic for us.

** Our readers picked Gossip Girl as the show they didn't want saved in last year's poll. It was ultimately renewed for a short final season, but, of course, our poll had nothing to do with it!

  • Percysowner

    Here’s the secret to keeping your fav show alive, you may of never thought of it, it’s so fantastical and amazing that you’d never even consider it, never in a million years ;)

    Well here it is.


    I’m 60, the networks would probably pay me to not watch and hope I would catch it On Demand or buy the DVD’s.

  • Iggy

    I voted for the shows I watch.

  • Jonae

    At least, Beauty & the Beast is getting some attention! Can its dedicated fans be so clueless that they have not read that they are voting for shows they want booted? And, can others hate the program so much that they vote over and over that many times? CW really needs to develop some new exciting programs! What they have just is not working?

  • CC

    Surely, BATB fans are not that dumb! For what I have on this site, they truly LOVE their program!

    On the other hand, could others dislike BATB so much to repeatly vote for it to “get the boot?”

  • Jeff

    BATB, a bad show, but the few fans of it I know are NUTS!

  • Jeff

    …..should have read NOT A BAD SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wasabi Steak

    The BATB hate seems a bit too much. its not a gret show but there’s worse out there. Seems to have a real vendetta and that just seems off people hearing about show’s premise rather than wanting to watch it.

  • Wasabi Steak


    Im not even a big BATB fan (I like Kreuk enough and think she’d be better on a show with more fun like she was on Chuck a few years back but this show is more standard CW stuff which I cant get behind too much)…but its kinda counterproductive to wish death on a show you seem to watch every week anyway.

    Then again, that within itself is probably counterproductive to anything going on in life anyway.

    Who invests this much in a show they dont like? Even the “Im doing it to piss off the fans” argument doesnt really work. I can sort of understand why they are defensive since most people were against the concept of the show when it was announced and people thought it replaced The Secret Circle so they rallied against it.
    Seems a bit harsh since it does its thing quietly and doesnt bother anyone. Most fandoms who are rabid and angry at their own show seem worse (have you seen the in fighting with TVD fans for instance?)

  • merrranga

    i like how the 6 shows under #1 have effectively already been canceled.

  • Claudia

    OMFG….freaking haters we got renewed before Nikita did take this Robert we got your a…. all beasties have your a…………….

  • Marius

    I think the only clear loser is “Beauty and The Beast”…

    … with the understanding that this poll is about as scientific as American Idol voting statistics.

  • Rachel Keller

    Beauty and the beast!! :D

  • Jaime04

    Grey’s needs to go – NOW. So over it.

  • RandyL

    Nashville most certainly has not been “effectively already been canceled” and is not even in that much danger of being cancelled.

  • Luli M

    This is the most hateful poll I have ever seen… I don’t watch most of these shows and you have Scandal on here…even if I don’t watch it I know you are not insane enough to think it will get cancelled. Why HATE ON OTHER PEOPLE SHOWS? Give it a chance and don’t like it watch something else.

    Disclaimer – I love Beauty and the beast – YES I AM A #BEASTIE! I believe while the show was slow and some what boring first five episode it’s been a roller coaster of drama, suspense and romance since then. Still while I hope YOU’ll give it a shot if it is still not your cup of tea then thank you for checking it out.

    At least for us #beasties we are happy CW has decided to SAVE BATB BRING IT BACK FOR SEASON 2!!!!

  • merrranga

    @Luli M

    you’ve missdc the point ENTIRELY. this poll is a spoof of the ubiquitous and equally pointless ‘save our show’ polls. many of the shows in this poll were never in danger of being cancelled. some of these shows were already renewed previous to the poll.

  • Randy

    I would only save about 6 of these. Too much junk on tv.

  • hank mony

    people, stoop voting on vegas! its awesome and way better than crappy csi


    No more Grey’s Anatomy please… This show needs to GO!

  • Twitter: @fanboyed

    Modern Family and The New Normal to get cancelled please!

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