Cable News Ratings for Thursday, April 25, 2013

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April 26th, 2013

Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for Thursday, April 25, 2013

P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
Total Day
FNC        1,178        238         455
CNN           315         93         132
MSNBC           393        119         190
CNBC           140         31           68
FBN             45         10           23
HLN           364        141         226
Primetime P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC        2,115        263         654
CNN           452        130         200
MSNBC           789        226         374
CNBC           126         50           69
FBN             61         15           30
HLN           565        178         324
Net Morning programs (6-9 AM) P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC FOX & Friends        1,266        315         494
CNN Early Start/Starting Point           455        143         217
MSNBC Morning Joe           371        110         186
CNBC Squawk Box           152         38           87
HLN Morning Express w/ Meade           256        150         179
Net 5PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC FIVE, THE        1,992        325         770
FNC SR/OBAMA PLANT EXPLSN MEM        1,374        250         576
CNN SITUATION ROOM           669        157         221
MSNBC HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS           689        115         202
MSNBC MARTIN BASHIR           572         89         186
CNBC FAST MONEY             92         15           50
HLN EVENING EXPRESS           511        154         283
Net 6PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC SPECIAL RPT W/BRET BAIER        2,186        385         807
CNN SITUATION ROOM           674        187         257
MSNBC POLITICS NATION           487        121         206
CNBC MAD MONEY           101         16           25
HLN EVENING EXPRESS           487        157         234
Net 7PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE FOX REPORT W/S.SMITH        1,742        252         711
CNN ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT           712        215         329
MSNBC HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS           505        142         186
CNBC KUDLOW REPORT             91         20           32
HLN JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL           528        167         291
Net 8PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR        2,811        333         940
CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360           820        231         361
MSNBC ALL IN W/ CHRIS HAYES           527        148         222
CNBC MARIJUANA INC           117         62           42
HLN NANCY GRACE           660        182         358
Net 9PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC HANNITY        1,861        291         692
CNN PIERS MORGAN LIVE           786        153         304
MSNBC RACHEL MADDOW SHOW           785        237         328
CNBC MEXICOS DRUG WAR           142         63           73
HLN DR. DREW ON CALL           619        207         343
Net 10PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360 705 175 362
CNBC AMERICAS GUN: AR-15 244 122 141
HLN HLN AFTER DARK 469 182 284
Net 11PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR        1,546        444         812
CNN ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT           545        179         301
MSNBC ALL IN W/ CHRIS HAYES           347        130         147
CNBC MAD MONEY             49         15           18
HLN SHOWBIZ TONIGHT           278         77         147

For other days cable news ratings click here.

P2+ = viewers over the age of 2

(25-54) = Adults 25-54 viewing

(35-64) = Adults 35-64 viewing

Prime Time = 8-11pm

LIVE+SD: The number that watched a program either while it was broadcast OR watched via DVR on the same day [through 3AM the next day] the program was broadcast. For more information see Numbers 101.

Scratch = when a show's audience fails to meet minimum Nielsen reporting levels. For more information go here.

Nielsen Cable Network Coverage Estimates (as of July, 2012)

CNN/HLN: 99.727 million HHs

CNBC: 97.497 million HHs

FNC: 97.981 million HHs

MSNBC: 95.526 million HHs

Fox Business: 68.407 million HHs

  • Sicilian Papa


    Coffee Steve

    But we still have USA say the same thing everyday!

  • Coffee Steve


    Dont know, I took the complant box out just in case LOL

    @S Papa

    At least he’s consistent :-)

  • HRJ

    Can’t we all just get along?

    I am very tired of the breaking news stories about the Boston bombings. I feel for those who were hurt and killed. Enough is enough. Let us go back to talking about how President BO kicked Romneys butt this past November. Let us talk about Karl Rove and how he was pissed at the Fox news numbers people who called Ohio for BO. Let us talk about anything except the Boston bombings. No more breaking news, please.

  • AppleStinx

    @Sicilian Papa

    The primetime averages do seem to be off. Even as primetime are the hours of 8, 9 and 10pm in the table above, the A25-54 demo should have looked something like:
    FNC – 281K
    MSNBC – 190K
    HLN – 190K
    CNN – 186K
    CNBC – 82K

  • AppleStinx

    (FNC – 287K)

  • Sicilian Papa



    Ah, the good old days, before everyone knew the Dems were weak on terror. Or how about Dem lawmakers wanting to opt out of Obamacare.

  • Sicilian Papa

    It is a new day but you still own the corrupt, secular, left wing, so-called objective media. So sleep well, O. does, knowing they have his back.

  • Coffee Steve

    Movie time

    Later gators


  • AppleStinx

    Primetime P2+:
    FNC – 2081K
    CNN – 770K
    MSNBC – 662K
    HLN – 583K
    CNBC – 168K

  • AppleStinx

    lbles wrote: “…It’s [‘Hillbilly Blood’] a good show about folks that live way out in the woods… The show I saw last night showed the two fellow making a crossbow ”

    Thanks. I didn’t watch it, but thought it would be a show about hillbilly lineage, dynasties, royalties, etc.

  • Chriscee

    LEFT wing priorities:

    1) Support Ab.ortionists like Kermit Gosnell and say Planned Parenthood makes you blush.

    2) Make it so that NO ONE in the USA can own a gun.

    3) PROTECT private jet owners from beings TAXED.

    4) Make sure that no one can believe in God and the Bible.

    5) RAID Social Security, Medicare and medicaid to make it look like they have a surplus. When in fact there was NO SURPLUS.

    6)Taking 716 BILLION dollars from MEDICARE and then lying about it.

    7) promote racism TO THE MAX, along with bigotry and general backward thinking

    8) worship lunatics like Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow and then send them all money as well.

    9) Attend the DNC Comedy Convention where GOD IS TAKEN OUT THEIR PLATFORM.

    10) watch msnBS–the propaganda arm of the left wing (bias 24/7)

    11) ruin the economy by spending big, implementing massive taxes and regulations some that should NEVER BE DONE IN OBAMA INDUCED recession or depression.


    13) Pretending that HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT is good for the economy.

    14) Ignoring the fact that 1 in 5 households is now on FOOD STAMPS.

    15) Tax Hard Working Americans out the wazoo

    16) Spend like drunken sailors

    17) Obstruction, obstruction, obstruction

  • Stan T.

    Posted April 26, 2013 at 5:34 PM
    Chriscee- Beck has never been right in his life……

    Shows how little you know…Glenn Beck predicted the Muslim Brotherhood would take over Egypt…the left-wing moron news agencies ALL said he was a crazy loon…fast forward and the president of Egypt is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood…

  • Stan T.

    Posted April 26, 2013 at 5:37 PM
    @The rat should be embarrassed because of his lack of brain power to state any right wing accomplishments….

    Is that all he should be embarrassed about?

    @Our favorite mexican restaurant has made the switch to FOX News from cnn…..

    After how many complaint letters or suggestion box notes??

    it’s nothing new…my local hospital chanced to Fox NEws for their waiting rooms. And years ago the McDonalds…I forget the name of the city…but it’s in california…the tv by the kids toys has cartoons, the one in the more adult area has Fox News…and EVERYONE was watching intently.

  • usa8888

    Chriscee is CAUSING high unemployment by OBSTRUCTION on fiscal and monetary policy due to her ignorance…..

  • Stan T.


    Fox News has gone to other things. They do a short report if anything new happens, but otherwise there is other things in the world…as for the liberal media, what do you expect? If they don’t cover the Boston Bombing 24/7, they’d have to cover things like the economy, or Obama purposely causing hurt because he doesn’t want sequestration, even though everyone knows everything he’s doing is political…

  • usa8888

    Chriscee–thought you might want to go to sleep tonight reflecting on the many Obama accomplishments so you can rest easy….
    1. Passed Health Care Reform
    2. Passed the Stimulus, saving the country’s economic system
    3. Passed Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act over the objections of right wing kooks
    4. Ended the War in Iraq
    5. Began Draw-down of Afghanistan Troops
    6. Got rid of Osama bin Laden and other top terrorists
    7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry and saved millions of jobs
    8. Passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009 for Women
    9. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
    10. Passed Credit Card Reforms
    11. Expanded Health Coverage for Children by signing the 2009 Children’s Health Insurance Authorization Act.
    12. Expanded Hate Crimes Protections by signing The Matthew Shepard/Hate Crimes Prevention Act in 2009.
    13. Expanded Stem Cell Research in 2009 by eliminating the Bush-era restrictions.
    14. Passed Fair Sentencing Act in 2010.
    15. Nominated and obtained confirmation for 2 more Women to the U.S. Supreme Court.
    16. Achieved New START Treaty
    17. Reversed Bush Torture Policies
    18. Increased Support for Veterans
    19. Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program.
    20. Recapitalized Banks
    21. 30 consecutive months of employment growth after huge employment downturns at end of Bush’s term
    22. US Stock Market at all time highs
    23. Minimal inflation rates
    24. Corporate profits at all time highs
    25. Blunted right wing GOP kooks’ obstruction strategies
    26. Stopped right wing GOP’s effort to end Medicare and Social Security
    27. Helped reverse the backward thinking of the right wing GOP

  • usa8888

    Chriscee support Lian Ryan’s plan to eliminate Medicare and go to Vouchercare, costing seniors billions…he also wants to eliminate Socail Security…….

  • usa8888

    Chriscee, due to her lack of education, doesn’t understand you don’t cut spending in a recession or fragile economy…but she doesn’t care because she thinks the government has no role in the economy or jobs…

  • usa8888

    Chriscee is a religious right wing kook who supports Insanitorum and Lian Ryan, both of whom want to eliminate birth control and both support the failed Personhood Amendment…

  • usa8888

    Chriscee wants to own tanks and bazookas to protect her 2nd Amendment rights.

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