'Hart of Dixie' & 'Beauty and the Beast' Renewed by The CW, + 'The Originals' Ordered to Series

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April 26th, 2013

Heart of Darkness

The CW just announced renewals for Beauty and the Beast (second season) and  Hart of Dixie (third season). Vampire Diaries spinoff  The Originals has also been ordered to series.

  • Holly

    I still think Nikita is likely to be renewed, but it is interesting that it was not included here.

  • Melissa


    I still think Nikita is likely to be renewed, but it is interesting that it was not included here.


  • Ames

    Whooo-FREAKING-Hoooo on the HOD renewal. Totally made my day!!

  • Mi

    I hope for the CW’s sake that BatB’s renewal is only for 13 episodes..

  • Beauty&theFlop

    Utterly disgraceful and soooooooo undeserved giving those shockingly pitiful ratings.

    CW you just signed your death certificate and showed what a joke you have become.

  • TA$

    So excited for HoD!

  • Nick

    Like Holly said, I’m surprised to not see Nikita since they announced early pick ups. I’m guessing that The Carrie Diaries is now cancelled then? There’s still time but…I don’t know.

  • Dude

    so, can we expect news from ABC today? after NBC and now CW.

  • Mi

    Nikita is probably not included because they haven’t closed the number of episodes yet.

  • rob60990

    lmao at Nikita not being included. :D

  • Esdru

    What about Nikita?

    F.u.c.k.in’ CW…

  • Dillan

    Like I said in the other post,

    As a fan of TSC last year, I find it quite bizarre how B&TB got renewed (especially because it got a 0.5 last night). But, happy for the fans because I know they’re very devoted.

    The Originals was obvious, and glad for Hart of Dixie. If you told me in September 2012 when HoD premiered that it would be getting a 3rd season, I would have not believed you!

    Also shocked that Nikita wasn’t renewed, considering everyone seems to think its a lock for renewal.

    Sad for TCD, it does look like its done, unless the pilots for the new shows don’t come out great.

  • ytr

    HOD <3<3 I'm happy that series low last week didn't change anything <3 yay But people still need to watch it :D same with BATB <3

  • Bizarro


  • hello

    Must be a contract-thing with Nikita

  • John

    Good for both shows! This has been a good day for renewal announcements.

  • John A

    Yeah where is nikita? In no rush to renew that loser.

  • Match

    I’m slightly surprised by the HOD renewal after the past few weeks, because I thought they’d give it a little more time to see what was going on with the ratings first. Overall, though, the biggest surprise is, like the others are saying, that Nikita hasn’t been renewed. I wonder what the hold up is.

  • Beauty and the flop

    Lmao it’s gonna be hysterical to watch batb fall to 9021 levels next fall. The flop will suffer a long demise

  • Andrea


    If CW new they were going to get a 2-season deal for Nikita last year, and didn’t renew it early–why would they break form this year and renew it early?

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