'Hart of Dixie' & 'Beauty and the Beast' Renewed by The CW, + 'The Originals' Ordered to Series

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April 26th, 2013

Heart of Darkness

The CW just announced renewals for Beauty and the Beast (second season) and  Hart of Dixie (third season). Vampire Diaries spinoff  The Originals has also been ordered to series.

  • Bern

    I have a feeling that their making some sort of contract for Nikita. Maybe a 2-year contract? (Hopefully)
    I don’t remember maybe someone can find the source but the creator/producer said that they had the show planned for 5 season this was back when season one premiered.

    All NIKITA fans should tweet @CW_Network about Nikita. Last year the head of The CW said they received a lot of letters for Nikita compare to the other shows.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    “the creator/producer said that they had the show planned for 5 season this was back when season one premiered.”

    Producers/creators can have all the plans in the world but if the ratings don’t bear that out it ain’t gonna happen.
    Season 4 yes, season 5 unlikely if not downright impossible.

    “All NIKITA fans should tweet @CW_Network about Nikita. Last year the head of The CW said they received a lot of letters for Nikita compare to the other shows.”

    Viewers count Tweets don’t even despite Nielsen coming up with a measurement yardstick for them. All network execs are complimentary of fan bases because surprisingly they want to keep the fans watching.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Posted April 27, 2013 at 1:10 PM
    “Look for “Nikita” to be moved away from Friday nights this Fall since I expect the CW’s Friday lineup will be a combination of reality and reruns.”

    Your obsession with all networks (except CBS) going to unscripted fare next year is crazy talk. It ain’t going to happen not on The CW (as people have pointed out above) and not on NBC. Even ABC will likely keep comedies there as they worked out better there than on Tuesdays.

    Also with limited scheduling options I would not be surprised to see Fox put Glee there, or even possibly Bones, in the fall of 2014.

  • Charlie

    this is great news :D

  • reallypeople

    First of all… ALL shows have a five year “plan”. That’s fairly standard for the industry.

    Secondly, there’s no way Nikita is moving off of Friday. None. Especially since, more than likely, the upcoming season is the final season.

    The only way I see Nikita having “five” seasons is if due to Craig’s commitment to Turn with AMC… they split the remaining episodes for syndication into two parts.

    Which brings me to the whole 10 episode… 13 episode… 22 episode debate. It’s simple, CW/WB is going to do whatever makes them the most money. Which is why the certain “renewal” is yet to be announced. The math is still being figured out.

  • Dan W

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but Deadline is still reporting Nikita’s renewal for a likely 13 episodes as well as a likely renewal for The Carrie Diaries…I don’t think it’s strange that TCD official fakebook page is still being updated. Not that it means anything, but why keep updating a page for a show that’s canceled and is no longer airing episodes?

  • DW

    @ Anthony Glee will not go to fridays. even with ratings low , it does far better than the tuesday night sitcoms that are not named new girl. and glees target audience isnt watching netwok television on fridays.

  • ryan

    For what it’s worth, the spring average of TSC was .66 while the spring average of BATB is .58. Given year-to-year network-wide declines, BATB is about on par with TSC. And since the premiere, BATB has been very consistent in the .5 to .7 range. If we consider that TSC was likely much more expensive than BATB is, then it really isn’t all that surprising that BATB was renewed. All the soft factors like buzz and how the show is doing creatively likely helped BATB whereas TSC was kind of floundering (in my opinion).

    A lot of you are forgetting to put ANTM on your schedules for the fall. 5 renewed shows + ANTM + Nikita (for a full season, don’t be deluded) + Originals = 8 hours filled, with room for two more pilots in the fall. If the CW puts ANTM on Monday or Tuesday, it gives them an easy spot to put one of their midseason shows. If BATB pairs with a pilot or HOD while ANTM stays on Friday, the CW could end up putting a midseason show on Friday.

    Scenario #1
    Monday: The Tomorrow People / The 100 or 100 / Tomorrow People
    Tuesday: HoD / ANTM
    Wednesay: Arrow / Supernatural
    Thursday: TVD / Originals
    Friday: BATB / Nikita or Nikita / BATB
    Midseason Oxygen goes on Tuesday, Reign or Selection on Monday if necessary.

    Scenario #2
    Monday: Tomorrow People / 100
    Tuesday: HoD / BATB
    Wednesay: Arrow / Supernatural
    Thurdsay: TVD / Originals
    Friday: Nikita / ANTM
    Now the network has to ship somebody to Friday to make room for midseasons unless both the Tomorrow People and the 100 flop. I doubt they’ll launch a new show on Friday.

    This is why I think BATB moves to Friday while ANTM moves to Monday or Tuesday. If BATB fans are as devoted as they say they are, the show should be able to hold up ratings on Friday relatively well compared to another show being moved there. Getting .4 to .6 on Friday instead of .5 to .7 during the week isn’t all that bad and would work well with Nikita.

  • RS

    Well, I give you my congratulations, Beasties. You’ve won. You’ve supported your show to renewal. I won’t fight you or comment again. It appears both the shows I’ve disliked on principle are coming back. Beauty and the Male Model, the worst example of a beautiful, beloved trope and Scandal, a show with the protagonist as a character who is paid to hide things from the free press, and thus from the people. You all are willing to accept Beauty and the Beast without a beast (He has a little scar on his pretty, little face – oh the horror!!!) and a main character who would have hidden Watergate from us if paid to do so. I’m old; I’m dying. I won’t have to see the future populated by the audience of shows such as these. Thank the deity of the day.

  • Matheus

    My dream schedule (I’m pretty sure that it won’t happen ok?)

    Sunday (New York City Theme Night)

    Monday (Small Towns Theme Night)

    Tuesday (Post-Apocalypse Theme Night)
    8pm THE 100

    Wednesday (Action Theme Night)
    8pm ARROW
    9pm NIKITA

    Thursday (Special Powers Theme Night)

    Fridays (Realitys Theme Night)

    Midseason: The Selection, Reign, Oxygen.

    Probably this schedule it would break the CW, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Ryan

    Bummed about Originals. I like the characters very much but don’t want them to leave TVD.

  • elisha

    why TCD is likely to be renewal? it suck because the show was crap :( it is official?

  • Jon

    Why do people get so upset when a tv show they don’t like or predicted to get cancelled gets renewed. Holy hannna batman get a life.

  • thesnowleopard


    Your comment makes no sense whatsoever. No wonder Holly’s comment confused you. But why would you care, since you were just using it as a springboard for your own agenda about the decline of television?

    And you can stop calling me a liar any time.

  • Eddie

    Why Nikita is not include?????? It’s ridiculous!!!

  • Claudia


    you haters get over it, show got renewed, and yes the guy is so damn Hot but he is a BEAST after all, wont spoil it for the other ones, but watch the show and you will find out why he is a beast! :)

  • Holly


    Rants like that are why people mock the BatB fans.

  • Mark3

    Dixie!!!!!! Yaaaaay. Prob means itll get a season 4 too. For syndication. Guess well find out in a year:)

  • omabin


    I think we will actually find out in a month because most likely Nikita is the ultimate syndication test! If it gets it, then Dixie will get it too! (Waits for RSH to tell me that Nikita’s potential comes from Asia!!)

  • Janice

    I’m actually happy that BATB got renewd… it’ll be sooooooo much fun see all the fans cry in despair when it hits 0.3s and 0.2s next year and it gets shut down midseason… or even earlier during upfronts when it gests scheduled on friday death slot… can’t wait to rub all this excitment in their faces it’s going to be real fun

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