'Hart of Dixie' & 'Beauty and the Beast' Renewed by The CW, + 'The Originals' Ordered to Series

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April 26th, 2013

Heart of Darkness

The CW just announced renewals for Beauty and the Beast (second season) and  Hart of Dixie (third season). Vampire Diaries spinoff  The Originals has also been ordered to series.

  • Lakersupby10

    Oddly enough it may be more exciting to see B & B get a 3rd season and have a bigger audience…;)

  • Amanda

    “Rants like that are why people mock the BatB fans.”

    Nah, I’m pretty sure the reason why some here liked mocking BATB fans was because they felt they were always wrong or rather the word used a lot “delusional”, in assuming this series would get a second season…

  • tscchope

    Oh, do get on board. Beuaty and the Beast is part of CW’s new way. Ensure you make your costs plus from international sales before you start the series. Then renew each year. Take the show through to syndication. A network isn’t there to make good TV, it’s there to make money. CWE hasn’t doen either The better the show, the higher the profit and a virtuous cycle is created for the network. Doing that requires a good few years.

  • Claudia


    There is delusional fans and realistic fans, Im a Beastie and Im realistic, if ratings fall that low or I see there is no way we can get new fans in for #BATB I will be the first one to drop the pushing, like I gave up with Nikita on Season 2. Right now the CW is letting the show for a Second Season to give it room to grow, and I think is the smart thing to do since the show is another one from what it was in the pilot, I see new fans everyday I run a fan page and im not talking about one or two, a lot, when there are new fans to a show like this and ratings are very low, THERE IS POSSIBILITY BUT IF THERE IS LOW RATINGS and no more new fans, there is when you become delusional but I think we will see when the show comes back in the fall of 2013, there is a big difference in BATB fans and other new show fans, we are more interested in getting new fans rather than in ratings right now the CW is giving another season and we are working hard to get those new fans, so dont be surprise all you ate your words, as everybody’s predictions all along this season went to the toilet. But hey again haters will hate no matter the circumstances, right?

  • Blondie

    I am really happy heart of dixie got renewed.

  • Tom

    By now I had hoped that some of you Beastlings would have figured out what’s going on at the CBS/WB joint venture that would have caused it to renew a low rated CW show liker B&B. You’ve undoubtedly noticed that the program’s ratings imploded last week and that it has failed to demonstrate any growth potential. So, before you take too much credit, consider that the joint venture that operates the CW is not primarily motivated by ratings. Meaning that they aren’t particularly motivated by what viewers think.

    The CBS/WB joint venture is a special purpose entity designed to achieve the maximum profits with the limited funding it receives. And the principal ways it does that is through its Netflix/Hulu deals and by generating cash through syndication, foreign licensing and other forms of online sales. For example, the availability of future syndication revenue explains why the CW is still burdened by low rated shows like Nikita and Hart of Dixie.

    Except for Arrow, all of the CW’s new shows this season were ratings bombs. Only B&B got even partially off the ground. Cancelling B&B makes ratings sense. However, the CW already has too many failed shows to replace so replacing B&B likely would have exceeded the joint venture’s available funding. CBS and the WB could easily have kicked in more funds, but evidently that would have hurt their profit expectations. So much for the ratings considerations. More importantly, abandoning B&B would have left the joint venture with one less show to send down its highly profitable Netflix/Hulu pipeline. Accordingly, if you’re a B&B fan, you might want to consider if the decision to renew the show more likely indicates that the joint venture makes its programming decisions based on cash flow as opposed to what you think. That may not be a pleasing conclusion but it will be confirmed if B&B gets bumped to Fridays. As demonstrated by Nikita, the CW would only schedule a show on that day to generate more product for syndication or digital sales. So, enjoy next season Beastlings. Considering last week’s ratings, you’re definitely part of a diminishing group.

  • Lisa

    Beauty and the Beast!! Yeah, finally an answer and the one I have been hoping for. Love this show and hope to see many seasons to come!

  • Angel

    I think the CW will probably renew Nikita through December 2014, which will be the planned end date for Nikita. Remember, guys, Nikita is the CW’s version of Hannah Montana from Disney Channel. Sure, HM was growing stale in its 3rd season, and Miley Cyrus was moving on to older things, but her dad was proud of her for taking it to another year, as I will be when Nikita goes for another year and a half. That’s not very much longer, is it? Anyway, I’m proud of how far Nikita has gotten, even with low ratings, especially being in its 3rd season. Plus, I don’t think Maggie Q and the others want to move on quite yet, right?

  • Angel

    Also, with Hart of Dixie’s renewal, I am very happy to see that Hart of Dixie got renewed, especially with Wizards of Waverly Place being over. Ever since Wizards ended its run on Disney Channel, HOD has been my go-to drama, along with The Vampire Diaries and Nikita. I also want to see Hart of Dixie, like Nikita, run for a year and a half more after the third season next year. So yeah, Dixie will end in December 2015, like WOWP did, and TVD will end its run on the CW in May 2015. Out of my 3 favorite CW dramas, the first to end will be Nikita in fall 2014, then The Vampire Diaries in spring 2015, and Hart of Dixie in fall 2015.

  • Mike

    Yeah for batB. Im addicted to this show. So glad its been renewed.

  • Melanie

    @ryan I think your ‘Scenario 2′ is spot on, except, assuming both Monday shows do well, (admitedly a big ‘if’) I think they will move HOD to Fridays at midseason and premiere Oxygen on Tuesdays to pair with BATB. I’m sure that the CW is hoping for growth from BATB in its 2nd season, whereas they know that HOD, although steady, won’t gain viewers. So I think HOD will be replacing Nikita as the CW’s Friday-getting-episodes-for-syndication show.
    If only one of the Monday shows hits, then HOD & BATB stay put and the new show goes on Monday.

  • Jt

    The only way i can see it getting 2 season more is if each are half seasons.

  • Pierrette Garant

    you have given me the best birthday gift (tomorrow)by annoncing the 2 season batb – the writers are the best –

  • Timmy G

    I actually think BATB will end up in the Tuesday at 9 death slot to be HOD’s lead out. Why? I don’t see the network picking up 4 drama pilots for the fall. It’s not impossible, but very unlikely. The final hour (Fridays at 9) will go to ANTM/Other Reality programming. It doesn’t make sense for the network to have reality any other time of the week. So 3 new pilots for the fall again with 2 held for midseason.

    8 PM New Pilot (Oxygen?)
    9 PM Supernatural

    8 PM HOD
    9 PM BATB

    8 PM Arrow
    9 PM New Pilot (The Tomorrow People)

    8 PM TVD
    9 PM The Originals

    8 PM Nikita
    9 PM ANTM/Other Reality

    Midseason: The 100 and Reign or the Selection

  • gerry

    awesome for HOD, i thought that was certainly expected.

    not as surprised as i thought i’d be about batb. i think its going to nosedive in s2 but i don’t think cw can properly promo too many new shows.

    where is nikita? i feel like that’s most surprising here…

  • Blondie

    Maybe the netwok will air something new in fall and summer this time around like some of the cable nets.

  • DonnaT

    @ Rachel
    Arrow should be used to launch The Tommorow People. They are from the same executive producers. Like TVD and T.O. it’s a package deal.
    I’m not dismissing your pairing outright but Then CW already tried that a few years back when they had “Williamson/Plec LL Smith night” in TVD and TSC and “McG night” with Nikita/SPN and Josh Schwartz night (I think) and it led to at least 2 lowered rating nights by the end of the regular season because it was an interesting idea on paper but it directly work out as planned.

    Oops -I agree with thesnowleopard’s reply to your post.

  • DonnaT

    *The CW” not Then

  • Ginger

    Carrie Diaries
    The Selection (NEW)

    Heart of Dixie
    Beauty & the Beast (NEW NIGHT)


    Vampire Diaries
    The Originals (NEW)

    Top Model / The Tomorrow People (NEW)

    2 new shows and 1 time change to promote in the fall and 1 new show to promote in winter either after Nikita or in the spot of a failed show.

  • Maria

    Hart of Dixie was never a ratings hit, but CW gave the show a chance to grow it’s audience, it’s not a courtesy they extend to every show. While I’m a fan of Rachel Bilson, HOD never piqued my interest.

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