'Hart of Dixie' & 'Beauty and the Beast' Renewed by The CW, + 'The Originals' Ordered to Series

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April 26th, 2013

Heart of Darkness

The CW just announced renewals for Beauty and the Beast (second season) and  Hart of Dixie (third season). Vampire Diaries spinoff  The Originals has also been ordered to series.

  • Flame

    Ah, I was slightly worried by the recent slump of a 0.5 and 0.4, but am one happy Flame now that Bluebell will really stick around. :D

  • Holly

    @hubert r,

    There was an article on a few websites speculating that Nikita might get a shortened season. Others took that and spread it as confirmed truth.

  • Jonathan

    Sad for Carrie Diaries. The only ‘OK’ CW Show besides Supernatural.

  • CH2164

    HAHA knew BATB was going to get renewed

    now we just have to see how season 2 will do

  • glover

    They should renew Flopita and pair it with Hart of Dixie next season. They can call it a “Trash Night” because these two shows are just horrible and should never get renewed for season two. I’m really surprised these crap are still on air.

  • Justin

    TVLine is reporting that more decisions should be coming in the next few weeks from The CW. Still being realistic about the outcome but there’s still more to come.

  • SoUnfairtoSecretCirclefans

    So why exactly was The Secret Circle not renewed this time last year when it was also pulling in a 0.5 same as B&TB?

    Seems the stories of Pedowitz having a personal vendetta against that show weren’t far from the truth after all.

  • Mary

    The 0riginals? always the same old thing nothing new! The producers and the network CW think that viewers are stupid? It’s time to put an end to the vampires and beasts and the mediocre actors!

  • Ellan

    Yay yay yay!! For BATB!!! :) I was so worried. Happy that HOD got renewed too considering there was a lot of fans that wanted it renewed.

  • Match


    “As a fan of TSC last year, I find it quite bizarre how B&TB got renewed (especially because it got a 0.5 last night). But, happy for the fans because I know they’re very devoted.”

    Everything except Scandal dropped last night, so you can’t really compare that drop to a normal week’s drop. However, with BATB being Canadian content and getting those tax breaks, plus having strong global sales, the show is bringing in a lot of money for the network. There have been articles detailing this for months now. TSC was hemorrhaging money by the end of the season, because the production costs were so high. Even with lower ratings, BATB brings in a LOT more money than TSC did.

    There have also been rumors that BATB’s online sales/streams have been quite high, though those numbers aren’t released to the public. But with the CTWV/Hulu/iTunes/Amazon sales and views, the show (and this goes for HOD as well) is on par with the highest rated shows on the network. Even though they get middle of the road live ratings, the online views make up the difference. TSC had such little online interest last year that they cancelled the planned dvd release.

    Obviously, the two shows were in VERY different circumstances, and one’s performance had no bearing whatsoever on the other’s. The CW can’t be treated like a normal network on a ratings site like this, because for several years now, they’ve considered outside factors in addition to ratings. They also look at production costs, online sales/streams, overseas sales and ratings, and even, supposedly, social media interest/loyalty of the fanbases, though that’s probably just wishful thinking on the part of the fans. Decent ratings for the first half of the season are the only thing TSC had in its favor, really, while lack of lead retention was the only negative thing BATB seems to have this season. The two situations aren’t comparable.

  • CH2164

    also happy about the vampire diaries spinoff!!!

  • Holly


    Seems the stories of Pedowitz having a personal vendetta against that show weren’t far from the truth after all.

    Only in crazy fan theories. Much, much, much more likely: BatB is cheaper to produce than TSC and as the lone CBS production on the CW, CBS may have pushed harder for its renewal.

  • Ram510


    Well I guess they need to save at least one renewal for Upfronts

  • DW

    according to THR , BATB was renewed because a whopping 46 % of its female viewers DVR it and watch it in those 7 days.

  • EatMorePez

    I love how people who predicted cancellation of a show they hate with a passion, are now insisting their prediction is still correct (despite a renewal), because the show will go even lower next season.

  • Dochas

    @Richard Steven Hack
    Thanks…I’m not up on all of the possible new pilots for the CW and frankly, I’m surprised BaTB and HoD were renewed. HoD doesn’t seem to fit with the genre network the CW appears to be leaning towards and BaTB is not that well written or acted.

  • Beauty and the flop

    Batb will get pulled from the schedule next fall after 7 episodes lmao, I bet the episode order is 13 instead of full season.

  • InYourFaceTSCfans

    I Really don’t care if BATB fall to a 0.1 ratings

    the point is


    SUCK IT!

  • DW

    i see a BATB Nikita friday next season. that or BATB with SPN on friday with arrow helping out amazon if its still in the works. now before you people jump on me for moving SPN to fridays , it was there before.

  • Sel

    Oh Yesssss , yesss aaaaaaaaa yesss, yoooo yesss ohhhh my goood yeeesss !!! O jeeezs I just had an Org…zm!

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