'Hart of Dixie' & 'Beauty and the Beast' Renewed by The CW, + 'The Originals' Ordered to Series

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April 26th, 2013

Heart of Darkness

The CW just announced renewals for Beauty and the Beast (second season) and  Hart of Dixie (third season). Vampire Diaries spinoff  The Originals has also been ordered to series.

  • Jt


    You don’t end your best rated series.

  • Bobby

    This is like the best news ever! *fangirling*
    Thank you CW! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!
    I was so scared The Originals wouldn’t get picked up to series after seeing it’s backdoor pilot episode ratings.
    And BatB didn’t meet the same fate as TSC, yes!
    *happy dancing*

  • MichaelChickless

    I guess the powers-that-be at The CW aren’t Retentionistas.

  • BeautyRenewedTSCcanceled

    i’m laughing so hard on the haters hahaha bet they’re biting theyrself with beauty’s renewal

  • oliver

    wow. i saw HoD coming but the renewal on BATB especially after a low rating yesterday really surprised me. It’s so predictable that The Originals will be paired with TVD this fall so its inevitable that BATB will move and therefore lose ratings. Now i feel so sore that The Secret Circle wasn’t renewed and this was. Anyway, i really hope a Nikita renewal be announced soon and maybe boost its ratings a bit.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    BATB WILL go lower – at least fifty percent lower by end of its run next season. First, we’ll have the season to season drops almost every show endures, and then we’ll have the real collapse as the show goes nowhere. That’s easy to predict because the show clearly had to be retooled mid-season to drop the procedural element which Kreuk admitted was not working. So that means they really had no clue what to do with the show most of the season.

    If they can do all next season what they did with this week’s episode, they may have a shot at stabilizing at perhaps .5. But that’s the best they’re likely to do next season. More likely, they’re looking at .5 for debut, dropping to .4 almost immediately and .3 by end of season two.


  • lakersupbyten

    Congrats to B&B. 2nd season…maybe 3rd..here we come!!!!

  • Mae

    Where are they going to put BatB next year? I don’t think it deserves to take up a M-Thurs spot. My vote is to ship it off to Fridays.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “I guess the powers-that-be at The CW aren’t Retentionistas.”

    Neither is anyone who can rub two brain cells together.

  • Charmed

    I’m sooooo sad TCD hasn’t been renewed :(

  • kara

    Haters gonna hate. BATB is coming back!! Ahhhhhhhh YES! And funny how when TVD dropped to series lows last week, BaTB was stable proving it has a fanbase of its own!

  • SoUnfairtoSecretCirclefans

    Fridays is where it is destined to go along with the 0.3 and 0.2 ratings.

    It will certainly not make it to a Season 3. Infact if they end up airing all 22 episode of Season 2 (if it actually gets 22) it will be a small miracle.

    What an embarrassing show, I can just see it being named one of the most disasterous embarrassments to ever come out of the CW in the future (however given that the CW itself is an embarrassing network its very apt)

  • Charmed

    I think BATB will be on Tuesday. It’s been repeating there a lot.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I can’t wait for the Nikita-season-three-like drops for BATB next season. The beastie moaning will be hilarious! And I can use all the same stupid arguments the Nikita haters use against the beasties. :-)


  • Adrian

    I’m honestly more surprised about HOD getting an early renewal than BATB. It doesn’t fit with the new direction of the network plus. Maybe they’ll dump it on Friday and be done with it in 2 years.

    As for BATB it was pretty obvious it was getting renewed, as network politics were in play. Also, there had to be a bit of truth on that intel that said that it was making money, since it’s ratings are bad.

    The Originals “pilot” has awful. Turned it off after the reveal of the “big twist”. Still, I hope it fares well, I don’t want the CW to shut down and take my favorite shows down with it.

  • JJA

    Hold on!! Did the CW actually make an announcement? Or is this news based on TV Guide’s tweet?

    Do we know if they gets 22 episodes or 13?

    Also, any news on Nikita?

  • tobes

    One thing I think that is guranteed for next season is that with mediocre ratings on both either HOD or BATB will be joining Nikita on Friday and I think it would be hilarious if BATB was a lead in for Nikita considering the fights about the two shows on here

  • Cass

    @Richard Steven Hack
    Well, this just means I get to finish all my CW posts from now on for the entire next season with: DEATH TO BATB!

    Please stop trolling. You have interesting and factual things to say. But if you keep baiting people on purpose you’re no better than Max. You’re better than this.

    Then The CW can pair Top Model/Carrie on Fridays in the fall.

    Sorry, no way TCD gets renewed. It’ll be Nikita again on Fridays and probably whatever new show or BatB that doesn’t hit the ground running a la Cult this year.

  • Mae

    @ DW

    Why in the world would the CW ship SPN back to Fridays?

    While it was on Fridays before, it was pulling 0.7-0.8’s. Now on Wednesday, it is regularly pulling 0.9-1.0’s (with the occasional 0.8). If it is moved back it Fridays, it will drop again…so why would the CW move a solid performer when it has no guarantee that its new shows will be able to hit a 1.0 regularly?

    Your logic makes no sense. CW is not going to mess with the few things actually working for them.

  • Samuel

    Nikita likely isn’t listed because they haven’t figured out the episode order.

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