'Hart of Dixie' & 'Beauty and the Beast' Renewed by The CW, + 'The Originals' Ordered to Series

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April 26th, 2013

Heart of Darkness

The CW just announced renewals for Beauty and the Beast (second season) and  Hart of Dixie (third season). Vampire Diaries spinoff  The Originals has also been ordered to series.

  • thesnowleopard

    These shows exist to sell advertising. If the networks could get the same results with crash test dummy videos, they would put those on, instead.

    So, complaining that they are renewing for objective reasons that totally have to do with money, while expecting them to renew based on subjective criteria like quality, is completely missing the point of network television.

  • Carl

    Congratulations to BATB and HoD fans. I wonder what night BATB will be on next season.

  • halloween

    i can’t believe its a full 22 episode order for BatB too

  • JJA

    Regarding Nikita and TCD, Deadline is saying

    “Missing from the list are Nikita, which still appears likely for a final 13-episode cycle, and The Carrie Diaries, also still in contention despite tame ratings.”

  • JulieDawn


    Hello! BATB fans are so happy right now that we’re feeling extremely charitable. So, throw off that cynical, miserable exterior and embrace your inner beast! You know you’re dying to do just that! We’ll be happy to welcome you into the fold!

    What’s that you say? Oh, I see, if you did that you’d never be able to live down the snark from other haters here? You’d never fit into the BATB Twitter lifestyle due to the 140 character limit?
    Well then, enjoy another year of misery. I know I shall enjoy seeing all the additional ways you try to convince yourself you’re right over the next 12 months…as BATB gradually picks up even more steam and rolls over all your arguments.

    You know where to find us if you change your mind!

  • Adrian

    tvwise (an UK site unrelated to deadline) is reporting a short season for Nikita, so I guess that settles it.

    They are also reporting BATB’s international sales factored into its renewal.

    BTW Originals will be filmed primarly in Atlanta, so I don’t think it will be as expensive as TSC. Allegedly, that show was expensive because of the locations and effects used for the “magic”.

  • badboy

    F*** yeah! I guess the BATB haters can jump from a cliff now! I always said that retention is not everything especially with BATB. TSC was just crap with no perspective whatsoever that’s why it got purged. It will be interesting to see which spot the PCA winner will get next season.

  • KT


  • lakersupbyten

    This is personal victory for B&b fans…the odds seemed almost impossible to fight
    against.Yet the victory of having a season 2 is sweet.

  • David Howell

    The advantage of the TVD lead-in is overrated – normally I have at least a little time for retention arguments because a show with lead-in dependence could freefall without it (Touch, Smash, and Happy Endings, anyone?), but not here. Much of the TVD crowd disperses to social media to discuss the episode. I’m sure another huge bundle switches network – the two biggest shows on television in W18-34 air head-to-head right after TVD, for crying out loud! How are the CDub meant to actually utilise a lead-in with that competition? Even skewing male isn’t an easy solution until midseason because of NFL. The only option is to effectively create a double Diaries dose with The Originals.

    BaTB was next on the totem pole after HoD and the big three if you discount Nikita (which is getting renewed for reasons unrelated to its Friday night numbers). That made it the #6 scripted show on the network, and the question from there was whether they’d go into a season on only five. Assuming Nikita serves out its de facto 44-episode order from last May, apparently not.

  • Jack

    @thesnowleopard I think you’re confused. Because I didn’t say that the show should have been cancelled for subjective reasons or that networks care about such criteria. If I was a fan of a show, I’d want people to like it and think it was of such good quality that they watched it, and that enthusiasm and positive buzz alone was the obvious reason why the show got a second chance.

    Shows can be discussed in terms of money and quality. When I support a show, I prefer that it be respected for its content. Networks, I’m sure care about respect and money, but obviously money always wins. So, sure, the show was renewed for its cheapness to produce and its CBS connections given the weight money is understandably given.

    The fact that the show is terrible doesn’t seem to matter much at all, and what’s funny is that its low production costs allows its terribleness to thrive. Meanwhile, the small, vocal fanbase of the show doesn’t care as long as they get their next fix. It’s just a shame to see them and the CW reinforce mediocrity, but it’s a business so that’s the way it goes.

  • KevinSW

    For those TSC fans who don’t get why BATB and TSC not, BATB just got lucky for CW being at a worse state, if CW was in this situation last season, TSC would have gotten renewed, but because CW had so many fails and ending shows, BATB benefit of a bad situation.

  • Ray

    Why does BATB get an early pickup for another season when TSC outperformed it (a year ago) and gets axed?

  • David Howell

    I don’t get why Nikita would get a final 13 when it’s on 66 episodes. Guessing that even on 88 no US channel would touch it with a bargepole (right decision given the ratings) and it’s international sales that subsidised the show all along instead?

  • Mi

    @thesnowleopard ordering a full season and then cutting an order = paying a penalty. Ordering a short season and not taking the risk of keeping it if it falls to 0.3 without TVD = being smart.

  • Janus

    Deadline says Nikita will likely get a 13 episode final season–I believe this despite all Richard’s yelling to the contrary.

    With BATB it was looking more and more like a renewal–so this isn’t a suprise. I expect it on Fridays.

    Very suprising they say TCD is still up in the air. This is the one I can’t see being renewed.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Adrian: “tvwise (an UK site unrelated to deadline) is reporting a short season for Nikita, so I guess that settles it.”

    Hardly. They probably are just repeating the same rumors.

    “They are also reporting BATB’s international sales factored into its renewal.”

    Quite possible. The question is whether BATB got the same international license fee for next season as it did this season.

    “BTW Originals will be filmed primarly in Atlanta, so I don’t think it will be as expensive as TSC. Allegedly, that show was expensive because of the locations and effects used for the “magic”.”

    It makes no sense to film in Atlanta when the show is set in New Orleans and screams on location shoots. I suppose Atlanta can fill in for New Orleans in some cases and perhaps Georgia has offered a better deal to the production company. Still, the show is going to HAVE to do on location shots regardless of the city they’re actually shooting in and that is going to be expensive. TSC had a LOT of outdoor and location shots, and The Originals is likely to as well. For that matter, TVD does also. So I still don’t see how TSC was THAT more expensive than TVD. I CAN see it being more expensive than BATB given the number of indoor shots BATB has. But TSC was still doing much better ratings wise than BATB except for the last four episodes.

  • Renee

    OMG. Hehehehehe. This news has to be killing some people. Too funny.

  • were123

    Good for B&TB, HoD was a sure deal. My guess is B&TB moves to Fridays. If lucky, it might get the Nikita treatment ;)
    I don’t watch B&TB, but I’m happy for the fans :D

  • Richard Steven Hack

    JulieDawn: “You know where to find us if you change your mind!”

    I know where to find you when you’re moaning over BATB’s .3 rating and definite cancellation this time next year. :-)

    You’ve just postponed your disappointment, not evaded it. :-)

    I will show no mercy! :-)


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