'The Vampire Diaries' Holds Steady in Total Viewers

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April 26th, 2013

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via press notes:

On the first night of sweeps, with original competition on all the broadcast nets, "The Originals" episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES outrated both NBC and ABC in the show's target demo of W18-34 (1.4/5), and outrated ABC in A18-34 (0.9/3). The episode held steady week to week in total viewers (2.15M).


In addition to being The CW's most streamed show, this season, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES has been averaging a 43% gain in total viewers with Live + 7 Day DVR viewing versus Live + Same Day only, a 52% gain in A18-34 and a 56% gain in W18-34.



  • Revenger

    Did it do well enough to get its own series though?

  • rehabber

    Did not care for the baby thing, but I love Elijah and would watch just for him. He is much scarier, to me, than Klaus. Elijah is so calm, cool and just BAD.

  • david

    No mention of Beauty and the Beast. That is a bit concerning.

  • Shaniqua

    I’m hoping TVD will still adjust up and that The Originals will be picked up.

  • Wright

    I loved the episode. I’ll watch anything that has Klaus and especially Elijah on it.

  • Jason

    TVD was absolutely horrendous!!!! I can’t even deal anymore! UGH! The ratings continue to prove it.

  • POI

    Julie Pec took TVD to the ground she is such a bad writer and showrunner CW please hire anyone else as a replacement, she is doing what Sara did to Supernatural after Eric left and as soon as they got Jeremy and they show got alot better.

  • Wright

    What’s with all the over exaggeration with TVD. Julie Plec is not that bad of a showrunner. Last nights episode was really good. There are always story lines that are better than others.No show is perfect. You haters need to learn to deal. It’s not like you could do any better.

  • Kat

    julie plec isn’t that bad. i can’t see a difference in quality from early TVD. it’s still just as ridiculous and soapy. kol should come back, but i think most people are pissed off at the way she’s handling delena/stelena/klaroline. i’m really excited for the originals, especially for elijah.

  • Bobby

    people need to stop bringing down Julie Plec. She’s a great showrunner and TVD is still one of the best dramas currently on air. Even though the ratings are dropping, the quality of the show is still good.

  • Funeral Dinner

    The CW beat ABC and NBC during sweeps….that’s gotta leave a sting!

  • John A

    People acting like TVD was ever that good. Ive watched all 4 seasons. Its totally guilty pleasure rubbish thats all its ever and still is. Thats why i like it.

  • TvDxitachi

    @John A, early TVD was just consistently better than mostly anything on TV. TVD stop becoming a guilty pleasure post 1, didn’t you get the memo?

  • John A

    I didnt find season 1 that great. All seasons were the same to me. I just dont judge TVD that harshly is all. For crying out loud its about vampires witches warewolves just silly nonsense.

  • RyanCanada

    i hope it gets picked up, that episode was amazing.

  • Glue

    There are reasons that The Originals won’t do well…

    The Vampire Diaries started at the perfect time. When Twilight started all the hype on Vampires and that’s what made TVD so successful. The reason it’s still successful is because people have stuck with the show. Maybe ‘TO’ would work because people crave more TVD (IDK why, It’s an OK show) and would want to watch it.

    The Original Family was the best thing to happen to TVD so that’s why it might be successful. If it weren’t for the original family I would have stopped ages ago. I hope this show will be successful (and picked up) and I will definitely be watching.

  • LeAnn

    The episode was the best of the season. Joseph Morgan needs his own show. I think the writers on the show are great. They keep the audience guessing and wanting more.

  • Rio

    TVD has been steadily going down hill! Elena is a vampire and finally hooked up with Damon. Very little is left for any further character development. The brothers have both had Elena and any more swapping partners would be wrong as well as cheap storyline. TO seems to have come at a opportune time; new characters, action, love interests, power struggles etc
    Personally, most tv series should stop and regroup after season 3 as it is usually about season 4 / 5 when they literally start losing the plot!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    “show’s target demo of W18-34 (1.4/5)”

    Proving that Pedowitz is just as stupid as Dawn Ostroff. Given the orientation of The Originals to Klaus, Elijah, Rebecca and Hailey, I don’t see a lot of “romance” in the concept to appeal to women. And Joseph Morgan isn’t that hot a guy a la Ian Sommerhalder.

    I see The Originals as being a more violent and adult version of TVD. The butting of heads between Klaus and Marcel is going to be a major component of the show. That’s likely to skew more male.

    The Originals pilot was pretty good. The pace was good, the acting was excellent, and the initial pregnancy story line seems promising although I’m sure that’s only part of what the writers have in mind since you can’t do a whole season on that alone. The conflict between Klaus and Marcel is far more important, with Elijah being a balancing card.

    I think the problems TVD fans have with Elena being a vampire will be resolved at some point. They clearly don’t need TWO Katherines! I do hope that given Katherine’s relationship with Elijah that we see her recurring on The Originals – unless they intend to kill her off. Or kill off Elena and then redeem Katherine – which is unlikely to work for most fans.

  • Restless

    Women don’t just like romance and hot guys, Richard. You seriously don’t think women will like watching two guys going at it, ‘butting heads’? :P

    In case you didn’t realize, women are the largest audiences for basically every show on TV. The most watched show on TV by women is… The Walking Dead. With Daryl Dixon as the ‘hot eye candy for girls’. It’s mid-season premiere in February had a 5.0 women 18-49 demo, at least double pretty much everything else. The Following, Law and Order, CSI, all shows with big chick demos that don’t focus on romance and hot guys. Women are different than men, but they’re not THAT different. They’re still human! :) Romance and hot guys isn’t a requirement to get them to watch, and fighting isn’t an immediate turn off.

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