'Zero Hour' & 'Do No Harm' Get Summer Saturday Burnoff Dates

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April 27th, 2013

Do No Harm

Both ABC 's Zero Hour, and NBC's Do No Harm were cancelled after only a few episodes, but if you were wondering if you'd ever get the opportunity to see the entirety of their first (and last) seasons, here's your chance. According to Deadline, Zero Hour will return to ABC on June 15 at 8PM with two back-to-back episodes. It will then air in the 8 PM hour until it completes its run on August 3. Do No Harm will be back on NBC June 29 and will air in the 10 PM slot.

  • David

    God no…

  • cimmer

    I like the idea of burning off cancelled shows during the summer or on Saturdays. I mean why not? They’ve already forked over the cash, might as well get some mileage out of the shows and cancelled or not, there were people who liked them, just not enough (or in some cases just the ‘wrong’ age) so yay, for the concept of burn offs.

  • Jo

    Thought Zero Hour looked promising actually, I will watch for sure.

  • Ben

    Agreed. I have to day I kinda want to find out at least some more things about Zero Hour!

  • Gio

    Yeah, it’s not like it will make them spend more money on the episodes, so why keep it out when you can fill the summer schedules blanks? I’ll watch Do No Harm and maybe Zero Hour.

  • PMR

    What about the final episodes of 666 Park Avenue?

  • thesnowleopard

    Oh, good! Well…for Zero Hour. Couldn’t care less about Do No Harm.

    The other good thing about it besides getting a chance to see it is that the rest of the episodes will then be available on Amazon.

    August 3 only makes it 12, though. Is that all the show got or will they have another double-hander the last week?

  • John A

    666 Park Avenue has been online for months.

  • Marius

    DNH really deserves the burnoff. Zero Hour was crap (zero).

  • Jordan


    Zero Hour is going to air episodes 12 and 13 on August 3.

  • Liam

    What about 666 fOr ABC???

  • Jane

    That’s good.

  • Dan

    @PMR – I was wondering about that too, I’m surprised ABC didn’t burn them off on Saturdays this winter/spring. I assume ABC will announce the burnoff of 666 Park Avenue this summer Saturdays at 10 in June or July.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Yes, I’ll probably watch the Zero Hour episodes. Might as well see where it was going.

  • Jon

    666 Park Avenue has been mentioned on other sites as airing this summer as well on Saturdays after Zero Hour.

  • Connman

    I’d rather see the rest of Saving Hope…

  • Steve

    At least the networks are doing the right thing here. They should just make all Saturdays in summer as burn-off night. Got to get better ratings than whatever else they might have, and could win back some good will from viewers.

    ABC should definitely finish off 666 Park.

  • Twinn

    Cimmer, you make sound like burnoffs haven’t been happening already for 40 years.

    Neither show will get to its final. They will lose too much money as the ratings will be miniscule.

  • Percy

    Tvline said 666 will be on Saturdays in the summer too.

  • Cory

    Zero Hour was the most ridiculously awesome show this year. The acting was wooden, the dialogue cheesy, the music obnoxiously over-dramatic, the story ridiculous, and yet the show was amazing. Albert Einstein as a secret member of 12 new apostles who are protecting a weapon that can destroy not only man….but GOD! Can’t wait til it comes back!

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