'Zero Hour' & 'Do No Harm' Get Summer Saturday Burnoff Dates

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April 27th, 2013

Do No Harm

Both ABC 's Zero Hour, and NBC's Do No Harm were cancelled after only a few episodes, but if you were wondering if you'd ever get the opportunity to see the entirety of their first (and last) seasons, here's your chance. According to Deadline, Zero Hour will return to ABC on June 15 at 8PM with two back-to-back episodes. It will then air in the 8 PM hour until it completes its run on August 3. Do No Harm will be back on NBC June 29 and will air in the 10 PM slot.

  • david

    I will watch Do No Harm then. I enjoyed te show when it was on. and i will check our zero Hour too.

  • rich


  • USAmerica1st

    Anything being “burned off” is not worth the time to watch it. It’s all eaten up by the cancellation bear and left for roadkill..

  • Joseph

    Most Saturday nights this Summer, Fox will be running Major League Baseball, so (especially in the cities whose local teams are involved) that will likely win the ratings race.

    It might have been another issue entirely had these two shows been “burned off” during the week.

  • rainbowtwizzler

    I read a few weeks ago that Deception has two missing unaired episodes. Bet those will be burned off too.

  • Jt

    Why not burn them off they have paid for them and it lets them fill there schedules a bit more.

  • Dan W

    I love how ABC is burning off Zero Hour but hasn’t made an official announcement about 666 Park Avenue airing the four remaining episodes. Also, I can’t believe they are only going to put the seven remaining episodes of Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 online instead of airing them but they are going to air Zero Hour…nice move ABC! Such an awful network.

  • Fred

    I’m also very interested in catching the final 4 eps of 666. Rather not watch it online.

  • pinkie

    apartment 23 remaining episodes .air them pls.

  • cindy

    that leaves only Partners that has no scheduled date

  • cindy

    apt 23 will have web release in May

  • Mark

    I liked Zero hour and cant wait to see what happens.. The story was well written. Hopefully it does not end in a cliff hanger..

  • Cerebro

    I’ll finish watching “Zero Hour”. The show wasn’t perfect, but I’d still be interested in seeing where they were going with it. I hope the series will have some sort of satisfying conclusion at the end of episode 13.

    I haven’t decided if I’ll bother with “Do No Harm”. I watched the two episodes that aired and it didn’t really wow me. I’ll, probably, check out episode 3 and see if it can change my opinion.

  • rgxx

    If these shows truly have no ending at the end of it’s one season run – then why bother watching them at all ?????

  • Thammy

    I’m so glad for ‘Do No Harm’. Can’t wait for it!!

  • Billiam

    Well, when they yanked both, I was pissed because I got hooked on both. I’m glad I will get a chance to watch at least the initial order but wish that they would have told us this when they yanked it.

  • MichaelChickless

    Cool, I sorta liked Zero Hour, and Do No Harm wasn’t completely awful.

  • LovingLostGirl

    @ Connman,

    I agree. Saving Hope was awesome. I wish the network would pick up season 2…even if they’d show it on Saturday.

  • Dan

    I’m sure some network will pick up Saving Hope and air season 2

    666 Park Avenue is reported to air 9pm Saturdays from June 22 to July 13.

    Deception only had 11 episodes, there are no unaired eps

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