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April 28th, 2013


Tonight, Revenge returns after a three week hiatus. The primetime soap has had a rocky sophomore season. Its most recent episode, which aired on Easter Sunday, scored a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating, The prior week it earned a 1.8 adults 18-49 rating. ABC just unofficially confirmed the show will be back for a third season with the announcement that series creator Mike Kelly will be stepping down as showrunner at the end of the season. So will Revenge get its mojo back tonight? Make your prediction, then quip about it Nolan-style in the comments.




  • Cyrax86

    @Bright, I’m pretty sure Pan Am kept freefalling after a strong premiere and it was widely established that viewers rejected the show. Not everything has to be about ABC’s scheduling. Even with Revenge it’s debatable because there have been numerous negative comments on the direction the show has taken in its second season.

  • Amy

    1.3 It’s on a downward slide.

  • Bright

    @Cyrax86, ok, that’s reasonable. But you have to admitt that ABC’s scheduling is soooo bad year after year that that person might be hired secretly by FOX or CBS executives LOL

  • Patrick Gillease

    Furthermore regarding V, the series had a built-in audience dating back to its original incarnation on NBC in the 1980’s. The series returned to ABC in March 2011 with virtually NO advertising, yet stayed in the high 1’s for its entire season. While not great in the ratings, the series was at least stable and consistent enough to continue. ABC still had to pay producer Warner Brothers the money they were owed when ABC cut the second season order of V from 13 episodes to 10, when they could have left it alone at 13, told the crew they were being canceled, and ended the show with a fitting finale instead of a disgraceful cliffhanger again (NBC did this in the 80’s with their weekly V series, too). Paul Lee obviously planned to cancel V the moment he took over from McPherson, but he didn’t have the balls to inform the V staff. I hope ABC does the same thing to Lee when they ultimately replace HIM !

  • heba

    get a life the scandal verses revenge thing is over and way past dure

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Revenge at 1.7-1.8 at best.It will hit a 1.9-2.0 in the 2-hours season finale.

  • JR35

    V’s spring 2011 ratings were a little lower than its spring 2010 ratings (1.9 average vs., I think, 2.2). Nonetheless, it did perform decently with the male demo. :) (yes, sci-fi shows tend to, but nonetheless).

    The scheduling for ABC Sunday has been rather dire. I can see the idea behind it- schedule new programming as a strategic move, in the hopes of strong ratings- but seeing how the ratings have suffered on more than one occasion, you’d think the lesson would have been learned. Maybe next year?

  • harry

    no , next year they will air modern family new episodes against superbowl final , greys anatomy against grammys and they ll become NBC .they deserve it.

  • heba

    im so glad that the showrunner mike kelley has been fired because now we could get a better writer who could possibly bring in ratings for the show next season (if it gets renewed). mike kelley just wouldnt lay off of all of these side stories he even admitted that hes been making up things as he goes along. so hopefully someone could get this show back on track and bring it back to its season 1 glory

  • TV Addict

    What!?! A poll about Revenge?!?
    The inhabitants of Storybrooke will hear about this…

  • Noel

    Too optimistic people, 1.6 or less. Once returned weak, so Revenge probably will too.

  • CrimTV

    Revenge is probably the best show on television and I adore it, but it’s a shame that it’s ratings are low :( Stupid ABC, it would be amazing if it was a 2.0+ but i doubt it

  • NBC Fan

    American’s Funniest Home Videos-1.3
    Once Upon a Time-2.2
    Red Widow-1.1

    60 Minutes-1.6
    The Amazing Race-2.4
    The Good Wife-1.6
    The Mentalist-1.7

    The Cleveland Show-1.0
    The Simpsons-1.9
    Bob’s Burgers-1.6
    Family Guy-2.5
    American Dad!-2.0

    The Celebrity Apprentice-1.6

  • Dude

    1.7-1.8. it wont crack the 2.0 until the final.

  • Hillbilly

    Well Ems i hacked into Nielsen’s People Meters like you asked. Nothing on Conrad or the Initiative, but we will get a 2.0 this week. :grin:


  • Mark

    Once Upon A Time – 2.2
    Revenge – 1.8

  • danny94

    Bout time we got a Revenge Poll!!!

    I think tonight it will get about a 1.7 but hopefully higher

  • Alan


  • aciel

    anything better than a 1.7 is fine

  • Mike


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