'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' Premieres Top Hulu and iTunes Charts

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April 29th, 2013

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Since they are only available on-line, there will not be Nielsen ratings for the return of All My Children and One Life to Live. However, Deadline reports that approximately twelve hours after their release, the two soaps have today's two most watched episodes on Hulu. On iTunes, All My Children and One Life to Live rank number five and number 6 in the individual episodes category and number 1 and number three among season passes. (The soaps are actually for sale by the month rather than by the season, since they air so many more episodes.)

  • Karen C

    Congrats! I hope these shows are a success!

  • peter

    I’m curious to see if this is just curiosity or something much more solid.

  • Percysowner

    I’m so glad. I got up this morning and watched because I had time. The views may well go up tonight as people settle in for work. I really hope this holds. I support new ways to watch shows. It may even get me to pay for Hulu Plus, so I can watch on my TV using my Roku.

  • Charmed

    They shouldn’t have been canceled in the first place!

  • James

    Great news.

  • Mike

    I disagree with you Charmed. They would have never come back so much better and better quality if they hadn’t been cancelled. ABC would have just continued to ruin both shows and they never would have been better. Probably all 3 shows would have been gone by now if they hadn’t been cancelled.

  • JR35

    I’ll be watching later tonight. :)”

  • Bo

    Great to hear. Even though I never watched the originals (GH/Days fan here), I am looking forward to seeing what they do to change it. Supposedly the feedback’s been pretty positive.

  • moshane58

    So glad to see my fav back.Glad when they will hit cable in September so more viewers without internet can see.Do to a contract with ABC they cannot televised them before September.Yes GH is in danger to.PP said they already have the rights to GH if ABC cancels.hope for those who do not have internet it doesn’t happen.So many have lost to much.Rumored PP would like to bring back more cancelled soaps off other networks if these are a success.Hope it happen and other beloved soaps return.Long fight to get here and hope we get more back..

  • Nick

    I Am A Long Time Fan And I Am Really Happy TOLN And The New Head Writers They Did A Great Job On Both And I Hope This Will Show ABC What They Lossed. I Am Happy To See Trevor St John Is Back As Victor Jr, And I hope He Goes On
    Contract To. I Also Hope ABC See What Prospect Parks Accomplish By Making Both Shows In To Half Hour And Four Days And Moving to Stamford To One Big Studio They Were Able To Save Alot Of Money.

  • PatF

    I think AMC was the better show.

    I was a first time viewer of both. Never watched them on ABC, but had to tune in out of curiousity.

    OLTL tried a bit too hard to be edgy IMO, and that godawful opening sequence is the worst of any Daytime soap to date.

    BUT the quality of both shows is good. Good reboots and I’ll keep tuning in on Hulu.

  • Chrisann D

    Ahhhhh yes..Thanks Prospect Park!! Watched both and enjoyed them! Hope to see Roxy Balsam. Does anyone know if she is returning to OLTL? Anyway hope the ratings increase!

  • Doug

    @Chris: No word yet on Roxie, but she was name checked today, so perhaps coming up?

    OLTL for my money was significantly better than AMC, which looks like it’s going to take a bit to find its legs. Good to have them back though!

  • James Michael

    Just watched OLTL and am completely and totally satisfied. I won’t ruin it for anyone but I will say it was awesome!! Watching AMC now and will agree so far, OLTL is by far more exciting. Dorian and Viki together again!!!! YAAAYYYYY!!!!! The first day’s cliffhanger! WOW!!!! Welcome back!! I am thrilled and ready for tomorrow.

  • Billiam

    My wife and daughter are thrilled. I had to set it up on both of their phones on hulu. I was into AMC in 2003 when I was sick but don’t have time for it anymore. Maybe if Kendall comes back…

  • Chay Graham

    I enjoyed both! However I thought that OLTL feels like the old set more and was a little better! I got Hulu just for AMC and OLTL. I can’t wait to stay tuned.

  • JoAnn

    I started my subscription to Hulu last year when they were supposed to go online the first time. I, along with many other fans, have been looking forward to today for a long time and I’m here to tell you it was well worth the wait! I watched it as soon as I got up this morning and later in the day I got the multi pack from iTunes (it’s a bargain at $9.99/20 episodes) for my iPad–now I can truly watch anytime–anywhere! Then my husband, who has stood by this fanatical fan for the last 2 years while I helped fight the fight to save these shows, decided he wanted to watch too. So I watched again this evening for the 3rd time. All three times were thoroughly enjoyable!

  • Reza

    Have too watch again…I cried…these shows have been my support my life line when I was suck or sad…omg thank u hulu

  • MBmomof3

    Loved every minute. Well worth the wait. Thanks to all involved in the reboot. I’ll keep watching. It’s only been one epi, but I think these shows may be better than ever. Very cool.

  • Skater Boy

    I am glad both made a comeback. The actors have aged it seems in respect to the older ones ie. Erika Slezak, jerry Van dorn, Robin Strasser looked like she was wearing a bad wig and Brooke on Amc while great actors have aged for some reason. OLTL looked like OLTL; AMC looked like a sledge hammer was taken to it. Yes, Brooke and Adam were back but they were no longer part of the show really when it ended. And sadly Jessie and Angie can only do so much. What was missing was what made AMC AMC – Erica Kane. Sure Tad would be great too as well as Kendall but Erica Kane love or hate her is pivotal to AMC. There has been some hints Erica Kane may be dead – though I am sure she could be revived. PP get Susan Lucci back surely she can find some time between Devious Maids and Deadly affairs.

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