The CW Schedules 'Supernatural' Repeats Friday, Replacing 'Oh, Sit' Encores

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April 29th, 2013


The CW is replacing previously scheduled Friday repeats of Oh, Sit with encores of Supernatural beginning this Friday, May 3. So far, Supernatural repeats are airing Friday at 9PM for the first three weeks in May. The  network has decided that the Winchester brothers are so nice they want to show them twice. Supernatural aired original episodes on Friday for several seasons.

  • Simon

    Hope this doesn’t indict that they’ll split it up from Arrow next season, those two are doing WONDERS for the CW.

  • Wright

    Of course they will put the best CW show on repeats for Friday. It just makes sense. I doubt they will move it back to Fridays.

  • DenverDean

    Hate to see them break-up Wednesdays in the fall, since Wed is solid, but Arrow is strong enough to help launch another drama. (While SPN is strong enough to move – especially if it’s the last season.)

  • Holly


    They are airing REPEATS to fill the slot, not moving Supernatural. New episodes will continue to air as usual on Wednesdays.

  • davie

    this makes sense. Supernatural is TheCW’s strongest franchise right now. Airing repeats will do nothing but help the show and the network. I wonder if a repeat of SPN will beat a Nikita original, seeing as how Oh Sit tied it.

  • Freyja

    I wish people would read the article before commenting ;) Says the first three weeks of May. Like Holly said it’s to fill a spot nothing more nothing less.

    DenverDean- Why do people think season 9 is the last, both boys are contracted through season 10, and no one on staff has said anything about season 9 being it’s last. Also they aren’t moving the show there in the fall, read the article it’s just for the first 3 weeks in May. LMAO

  • SJ

    Shouldn’t that say Fridays at 9pm?

  • John A

    Oh sit got a 0.3 last week. If it holds for the finals that seems decent. Be hilarious if Spn repeats did better than Nikita.

  • Ravenrei

    I figure this is just them trying to prop up Nikita through the end of the year. Plus it’s almost bound to give them better ratings during sweeps than Oh Sit! would’ve.

  • DougF

    Pretty sure this is just a May Sweeps move. Supernatural is the best repeated show on the network. So why not put that there to help the Sweeps numbers.

    Remember those Oh Sit episodes were just repeats anyways. So all they are doing is removing repeats for more repeats.

  • Amy

    I understand that SPN is popular but wouldn’t it make more sense to schedule BATB repeats there to see how it does paired with Nikita?

  • Dan

    @Simon – Obviously Arrow and Supernatural will split up next season, Arrow has to lead in to hopefully another new hit, maybe The Tomorrow People.

    Supernatural will likely move to Monday or Tuesday at 9 where it can be the lead out to a new series.

  • AAA

    How did Arrow repeats do on Friday? I remeber they were airing it during winter hiatus, right?
    I think CW try to help Nikita to get renewed.It needs a rating bump to justify nezt season (even considering sindication). SPN repeats are their best shot.

  • chris23

    The article title says Supernatural will be airing at 8 PM which is misleading.. I mean, reading the article I realized it was a typo, which isn’t quite uncommon on this site, no one is perfect.

    I figured if Supernatural repeats were at 8 then the headline would also say New originals of Nikita moved to 9. I also know a lot of fans might be worried this is a sign CW might want to move Supernatural back to Fridays at 9.

    This will not happen as Supernatural has seen increases above expectations since moving to Wednesday nights, not to mention it would be idiotic to move a show that tied for #1 with VD and Arrow in the coveted A18-49, and even beat Vampire Diaries in total viewers.

    For the first time, in a long time I should say, I’m very interested in a few shows that could potentially end up on the CW next fall. Hopefully CW can pull in new fans for these shows and help rebuild this struggling network!!!

  • Robert Seidman

    Yep, the 8pm in the headline was a typo and the 9pm in the article is correct. I’ve removed the time from the headline.

  • John

    I have a theory that the CW will be using all the returning shows as lead-ins to new ones: HoD leads into new teen soap on Mondays, Supernatural leads into new genre show Tuesday, Arrow leads into second new genre series Wednesdays, and Vampire Diaries leads into The Originals Thursdays. Nikita (shortened final season) and Beauty and the Beast take Fridays

  • GARebelman

    Will be hilarious if Supernatural encores do just as well as Nikita or even top it LOL

    I wish they’d put hte rest of the Cult episodes online or at least burn the series of off over the summer like Do No Harm and Zero Hour are getting.

  • Dan

    My guess is that BATB will air Fridays at 9 and CW will likely do this

    8:00 Hart of Dixie
    9:00 ANTM / Oxygen

    8:00 The Hundred
    9:00 Supernatural

    8:00 Arrow
    9:00 The Tomorrow People

    8:00 The Vampire Diaries
    9:00 The Originals

    8:00 Nikita
    9:00 Beauty and the Beast

    Mondays and Tuesdays could be switched but my guess is ANTM wont air in the summer or on Fridays.

  • Dan

    @John – I agree with your assumptions but my guess is that Supernatural will air at 9 after a new drama as a lead out rather than a lead in.

    Supernatural was a lead out for Smallville, the two did great together

    Supernatural aired at 9 on Thursdays after The Vampire Diaries 2009-2010 and helped TVD turn into a hit.

    Supernatural aired at 9 on Wednesdays after Arrow this season and helped it turn into a hit

    Supernatural can air Tuesdays or MOndays at 9 after a new drama and help it turn into a hit.

    However they need to use Vampire Diaries, Arrow and SPN each on Different nights paired with new dramas to help them.

  • Samunto

    With Grimm out of the way, the CW figures repeats of the show will do well there. Not a bad thought. And should Grimm permanently move away from Fridays, expect SPN to be back there next fall.

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