The CW Schedules 'Supernatural' Repeats Friday, Replacing 'Oh, Sit' Encores

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April 29th, 2013


The CW is replacing previously scheduled Friday repeats of Oh, Sit with encores of Supernatural beginning this Friday, May 3. So far, Supernatural repeats are airing Friday at 9PM for the first three weeks in May. The  network has decided that the Winchester brothers are so nice they want to show them twice. Supernatural aired original episodes on Friday for several seasons.

  • ZmaX

    @ Dan

    yeah that’s what I was thinking for next season also. (with the switch to Mondays and Tuesdays) Supernatural and Arrow are strong enough to help launch new nights and best case scenario, the CW will have 3 solid hit nights with the SPN/100, Arrow/TTP, TVD/TO combos. ANTM will do fine and HOD will definitely get renewed for a complete 4th season.

    or it could all crumble and burn; with the CW, you never know…

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    “Supernatural was a lead out for Smallville, the two did great together
    Supernatural aired at 9 on Thursdays after The Vampire Diaries 2009-2010 and helped TVD turn into a hit.
    Supernatural aired at 9 on Wednesdays after Arrow this season and helped it turn into a hit
    Supernatural can air Tuesdays or MOndays at 9 after a new drama and help it turn into a hit.”

    Supernatural cured cancer ;-)

  • Texasgirl

    Did you not read the same article as me it says May only not next season. Why would CW move Supernatural when it’s doing great where it is. Again for those of you off in your own little world again Supernatural repeats only for the first three weeks of May only not next season.

  • jude

    This might be a precursor to Supernatural being moved back to Fridays to help Nikita get better ratings before syndication. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Beauty and the Beast moves to Wednesdays after Arrow. Mark P is under the impression that Arrow helped SPN’s ratings, so he maybe thinks Arrow could help his new new baby, BATB.

  • bgeesfan

    Dear CW,

    Please, please don’t dare put us back to Fridays!!! Not when we just managed to get ourselves moved out of the Friday Death Slot!!! Please either leave us on Wednesdays or put us on Tuesdays or Thursdays!!! Anything but Fridays again!!!!!!!!!

    To the person guessing S9 will be the last,

    Jeremy Carver has a plan to get us through S10. I do believe 10 will be it but I firmly believe we will see S10. J2 are already signed through 10.


  • bgeesfan


    They are putting a summer show on Weds at 9 beginning in late July. That’s why the fear of SPN being moved again. I doubt they’d just stop showing repeats for all of August…so we’re being moved.


  • Z

    Although I like both Nikita and Supernatural, I do have a feeling that Supernatural will either tie or beat Nikita.
    And this does not mean they are moving it back to Friday.
    This is a smart move, Supernatural does really well in both oringals and repeats and either it is new or repeat on Friday, it will perform well..

  • Z

    I also want to say that they should move SPN to Monday or Tuesday and lauch a new show. Supernatural is 2-0 with that, It has helped lauch both TVD and SPN.

  • Z

    BTW oh sit was adjsuted down to a .2 so no it do not tie anymore

  • Dan

    @Anthony Parello – Well maybe SPN can ;). My point is that SPN does well no matter where it is on the schedule and maybe if paired with another drama on another night it could be a good combo.

    @ZMAX – Exactly, ANTM shouldnt air Fridays but rather Mondays with HOD in the fall so that a new show (maybe Oxygen) can pair with it in the spring. BATB would work well pairing with Nikita Fridays. The Originals will obviously air behind Vampire Diaries and make a winning combination and as for Tuesdays and Wednesdays whatever dramas air with SPN and Arrow should do decently.

  • Dan

    @bgeesfan – CW wont move Supernatural to fridays, its doing too well during the rest of the week. It will be moved to another night however.

    CW is just repeating Supernatural because Oh Sit repeats like garbage. Why they couldnt have burned Cult off in the slot is beyond me.

  • Freyja

    It says for the first three weeks of May, no where does it say it’s moving there permanently. And it’s just repeats, the original episodes will finish out on Wednesday..

    Read people read!

  • Bizarro

    If B&TB moves to friday, Nikita is being moved to 9 since the CW has better ratings at 8, which Nikita proved this season along with ANTM. Nikita will be moving to 9, since it will be its final season probably.

  • Dan

    @Bizzaro – I could see a scenario where Nikita leads the night or BATB but somehow I feel those two will be paired together, 22 episodes for both.

  • Mae

    @ Bizarro, CW does not have better ratings @ 8. Last season SPN beat Nikita every week in ratings and SPN aired @ 9.

    CW tried Nikita @ 9pm and it did not work so they moved it back to 8pm.

  • david

    Good idea by them because the SPN repeats usually get a .4. Maybe it will do bettter than Nikita that would be funny.

  • cecilia

    Lets hope you guys are right, and supernatural will be placed in another prime time slot. Jensen Ackles said at the Comi Con last july shows go to friday nights to die…………………………

  • Dan

    I think Nikita would be better at 8 with BATB at 9. Nikita has always worked better at 8 and BATB probably can’t lead off a night.
    Viewers are used to Nikita in Friday so hopefully they will watch BATB right after it.

  • thesnowleopard

    This makes excellent sense for the network. SPN is the only show that’s done well in that Friday night slot and it still repeats very well, better than some CW originals. Plus, repeats on Friday boost the last two episodes episodes of the season.

    But anybody who thinks the CW will move one of its top three shows back to Fridays next fall, after its success on Wednesday, is on crack.

  • Lisa

    I think Wednesday should stay where it is. People just assume “oh lets put this stronger show with this one it will help launch it”. Thursday night ring a bell? They been trying to fill that spot since SPN left. So no if it’s not broke don’t screw with it.

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