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April 29th, 2013


Last week, The Following earned a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating, ranking as Monday's number one scripted program ahead of surprise number two Castle (2.3) and a rapidly  declining Revolution (2.0).  The Following jumped three tenths from a series low 2.1 the prior week. Will tonight's much- hyped season finale murder the competition? Make your prediction.


  • Mary

    I thought The Following was on at 9pm. Why would that effect Revolution?

  • BaziCat

    doesn’t seem like a major issue since they aren’t on at the same time.

  • Johnny

    The Boston-area ABC affiliate “WCVB” has announced they will NOT be showing tonight’s episode of Castle, out of sensitivity to the viewers. They’re flat out telling us that we’ll have to watch the episode online tomorrow.

    I find the decision to be completely outrageous. ABC already rescheduled this episode (they flip-flopped last week’s episode ahead of this one). It’s been two weeks since the bombings. I think the people of Boston can tell that Castle is a work of fiction, and completely unrelated to the tragic bombings. Let US decide whether or not to watch it… don’t make the decision for us.

    Question — How does this impact the ratings? With a major affiliate pulling the original episode, and replacing it with a repeat (the Tom Bergeron episode from a few years ago)?

  • MichaelChickless

    A 2.6 for The Following, and a 2.3 for Revolution.

  • Mary


    I don’t think one city would have much of an impact. It’ll still be shown everywhere else.

    It does stink though since ABC doesn’t usually air reruns in the summer.

  • SJ

    2.5-2.6 for The Following,

    1.8-1.9 for Revolution

  • Mari


    I can’t believe they’re preempting Castle in Boston. Between this and the leak of the episode I don’t expect really big ratings for Castle tonight :(

  • Johnny

    @Mary — Well I don’t think it’s “just one city”, though. The Boston affiliate feeds pretty much all of Massachusetts, if I’m not mistaken. But yeah, I’m pissed off because they’re essentially taking the chance to watch the episode on TV. They’re making the decision for everyone. A lot of viewers, especially the older ones, don’t have the means or the knowledge to watch the episode online tomorrow.

  • Gustav

    2.6 The Following (season finale will up the Ratings)
    1.9 Revolution

  • eridapo

    @ Johnny and @ Mary

    Boston is the 7th largest TV market in the country, so it could cause a drop. If we go by when Castle is pre-empted for Football, it usually loses a tenth and 200K viewers.


    The Following will CRUSH revolution…

  • NBC Fan

    Dancing with the Stars-2.2

    How I Met Your Mother-2.8
    Rules of Engagement-2.2
    2 Broke Girls-2.6
    Mike and Molly-2.3
    Hawaii 5-0-1.9

    The Following-2.7

    The Voice-5.0

  • Pepper

    The Following – 2.6
    Revolution – 1.9

  • Mark

    Bones – 2.3
    The Following – 2.7

    The Voice – 4.6
    Revolution – 2.1

    Oh Sit – .5
    90210 – .3

    HIMYM – 3.1
    Rules of Engagement – 2.3
    2 Broke Girls – 3.0
    Mike and Molly – 2.7
    Hawaii Five 0 – 2.0

    Dancing with the Stars – 2.1
    Castle – 2.2

  • karin

    The following @ 9, Revolution @ 10? so no comparison possible,period.

  • maplab98

    How I Met Your Mother: 2.7
    Rules of Engagement: 2.0
    2 Broke Girls: 2.5
    Mike & Molly: 2.3
    Hawaii Five-0: 1.8

    Dancing with the Stars: 2.0
    Castle: 2.1

    Bones: 2.2
    The Following: 2.6

    The Voice: 4.7
    Revolution: 2.2

    Oh Sit!: 0.4
    90210: 0.2

  • zth

    The Following should crash everything not called The Voice tonight, including all the CBS comedies. I predict a 2.9-3.0 for its season finale – that’s a 5-6 tenths increase, but the DVR numbers are HUGE for Following and the finale brings a lot of anticipation. The options presented in the poll are way too low. There is no way it won’t increase at least 2-3 tenths to a 2.6-2.7 in the worst case scenario.

  • Deo

    Honestly, I think ABC is insulting people´s intelligence! Come on, it´s been 2 weeks and they shouldn´t take of the decision from the viewers to watch it or not! It´s a pity because “Still” is an amazing episode (yes, I´ve already seen it) and its ratings surely will suffer:(

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I think it will go up a bit for The Following, assuming the audience knows it’s the finale.

    With luck, Revolution will fall to a 1.0. :-) I know, it won’t – but it should.

    Death to Revolution! :-)

  • AppleStinx

    Based on ratings, ‘Revolution’ should be downgraded to ‘Revolt’. Last time I watched it, as far as I remember, Charlie shot a flame arrow from what? – 100 yards away? – and the bulls-eye hit detonated explosives inside a backpack! Was that their idea of science fiction? Syfy’s double-headed sharks are more reasonable.

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