Will 'The Following' Finale Slay 'Revolution' in the Ratings? - Poll

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April 29th, 2013


Last week, The Following earned a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating, ranking as Monday's number one scripted program ahead of surprise number two Castle (2.3) and a rapidly  declining Revolution (2.0).  The Following jumped three tenths from a series low 2.1 the prior week. Will tonight's much- hyped season finale murder the competition? Make your prediction.


  • Nick

    The Following: 2.5
    Castle: 2.2
    Revolution: 2.0

  • The End

    @Charlie shot a flame arrow from what? – 100 yards away? – and the bulls-eye hit detonated explosives inside a backpack!

    Clearly a sign that Revolution needs a spinoff show, with Charlie as Charlie Hood, moving to Nottingham and living in a forest with her band of Merry women. ;)

  • Melissa

    Dancing With the Stars – 2.1
    Castle – 2.2

    How I Met Your Mother – 2.9
    Rules of Engagement – 2.1
    2 Broke Girls – 2.7
    Mike & Molly – 2.4
    Hawaii Five-0 – 1.9

    The Voice – 5.0
    Revolution – 2.0

    Bones – 2.1
    The Following – 2.7

    Oh Sit! – 0.3
    90210 – 0.3

    Dancing With the Stars will probably post another outing in the low 2’s, and I expect Castle to build off of that number slightly this week.

    I think the CBS lineup will recover to an extent, and I imagine the the best rating to come out How I Met Your Mother. 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, Rules of Engagement, and Hawaii Five-0 should tick up as well.

    During its fall season, The Voice tied its 4.8 season high during part one of the Knockout Rounds. I don’t expect it to do the same tonight (that would mean hitting a 5.2), but it’s within reason to think it’ll crack a 5.0. I don’t see Revolution going sub-2.0 tonight, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it did.

    Bones should do decently in the low 2’s, and I imagine the hyped finale of The Following will rise to the high 2’s, easily topping an underwhelming performance from Revolution.

    The CW will probably have another awful Monday, with cheap filler Oh Sit! making 90210 look even more pathetic.

  • HV

    Bones 1.9
    The Following 2.9

    I may be optimistic about The Following, but it’s a season finale! I don’t think it will go any lower than 2.6.

  • Billiam

    I say:
    Revolution 2.1
    The Following 2.4

  • Nikki

    i dont know who will be higher but im betting a 2.5 2.6.. but it was an awesome finale. i have no idea what they are gunna do next.. but they already got a second season. but yeah it was great.. ill keep watching.

  • Bigbrotherfan

    Bones 2.0
    The following 2.6

    The Voice 4.7
    Revolution 2.0

    Dancing with the stars 1.9
    Castle 2.1

    HIMYM 2.9
    Rules 2.3
    2BG 2.9
    Mike and Molly 2.6
    H50 1.9

    Oh sit .3
    90210 .3

  • sarah nz

    2.3-2.4 steady for The Following.
    Revolution 1.8-1.9
    Next season will be very interesting – I think both will follow ;) the path of Smash in it’s 2nd season.

  • tv_viewer

    The Following 2.6
    Revolution 1.9

    Knowing that there is a season 2, the season finale of The Following was great even though I anticipated it to be a cliff hanger. There was more action than in the season 1 finale of Revenge. Revenge ended the 2011-2012 season with a 2.4 rating. I predict it will jump 0.2 from last week’s episode.

    This week’s episode of Revolution doesn’t appear to be as exciting as the one with the atomic bomb so I expect the ratings to dip 0.1 from last week.

  • John

    Will ‘The Following’ Finale Slay ‘Revolution’ in the Ratings?

    Stupidity since they’re not on at the same time. Quality-wise, Following is still awful and I watch it to get a good laugh while Revolution has been steadily getting awesome.

  • Anthony M

    Have to agree with John, as bad as Revolution it is Casablanca compared to The Following. The writers of that show need to be drummed out of the writers union. How they can take 2 hugely talented actors as good as Purefoy and Bacon and make them seem so small defies logic.

  • John A

    The Following got a 2.6. Decent for it.

  • John

    Sad thing is Following is stupid.

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