'Dallas' Renewed for Season 3 by TNT

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April 30th, 2013

Dallas TNT Cast

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TNT Taps Third Season of Hit Drama Series Dallas


TNT has renewed the hit drama series Dallas for a third season. Produced by Warner Horizon Television, Dallas centers on the Ewing clan, an enormously wealthy Texas family whose sibling rivalries, romantic betrayals, corruption and even murder are truly legendary. TNT has ordered 15 episodes for the third season, which is slated to launch in early 2014.


"Dallas has built a passionately loyal following with its expertly woven storylines, clever twists and turns, and numerous outstanding performances by a cast that spans generations," said Michael Wright, president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). "Although we said goodbye to Larry Hagman and his iconic character J.R. Ewing this year, Dallas has many more stories left to tell, and the Ewing clan will continue to honor J.R.'s memory by keeping its audience surprised and delighted."



TNT's Dallas stars Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing, who is now the senior member of the Ewing family following the death of his older brother, J.R. Ewing. Linda Gray stars as Sue Ellen Ewing, J.R.'s former wife and the mother of his son, John Ross, played by Josh Henderson. Jesse Metcalfe is Christopher, Bobby’s adopted son, and Jordana Brewster is Elena Ramos, who grew up in the Ewing household and is now fighting for her own family's legacy. Julie Gonzalo is Pamela Rebecca Barnes, Christopher's ex-wife and the daughter of Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), a longtime rival of the Ewings. Brenda Strong stars as Bobby’s wife, Ann, while Mitch Pileggi stars as Harris Ryland, Ann’s scheming ex-husband. The ensemble cast also includes Emma Bell as Emma Brown, a sheltered beauty whose father has taught her to distrust the world around her, and Kuno Becker as Drew Ramos, Elena’s troubled brother who has recently returned to Southfork.


Dallas launched on TNT last summer and ranked as basic cable's #1 new drama of 2012 with key adult demos. In its second season, Dallas has averaged 3.8 million viewers in Live + 7 delivery, with 1.6 million adults 25-54 and 1.4 million adults 18-49.


Created by David Jacobs and shot on location in the title city, Dallas is executive-produced by Cynthia Cidre, Michael M. Robin and Robert Rovner.


  • Jason

    so happy!

  • MichaelChickless

    YEE HAW! It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

  • Billiam


    I agree that TnT would not do a 10-ep order but most of it’s series only get 13 eps if not broken up into summer and winter, so 15 eps was a surprise to me but a pleasant one.

    Their ratings weren’t nearly as good for the first 5 episodes this winter as they end on last summer but the steady improvement in numbers starting from about ep 6 and the satisfying numbers for the season finale is what got them the renewal. I was expecting the renewal announcement to come the week of the season finale.

    This Dallas may be a success for TNT but if they moved it back at least partially to summer, I think they would do better because of having to compete with the broadcast networks during the winter.

    The original Dallas did so much better in the ratings because Nielson was more accurate back then because while VCRs had just emerged in the market after the first 4 or so seasons, they were so expensive ($1500), that most people couldn’t afford them and there was no online viewing. Broadcast stations owned the ratings. Not so anymore.

    Let me ask you all a serious question and be honest here… how many of you actually watch a TV show while it’s airing from start to finish? It doesn’t count if you start your DVR 20 minutes after the show began recording and fast forward through the commercials like I do most of the time…

    Yes, Yes, I know broadcast stations make their money from us watching the commercials but just how many of us actually do watch them? And, of those of you who said yes and are honest about it, do you buy the sponsor’s products?

  • Bob

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news!

  • diane

    Thank you TNT!! I just wish we didn’t have to wait sooo long for the new season.

  • Port Noise Complaint

    There are only 2 things wrong with “Dallas,” the style and the content.

  • MichaelChickless

    @Billiam “Let me ask you all a serious question and be honest here… how many of you actually watch a TV show while it’s airing from start to finish?”

    I have 4 or 5 shows that I always watch ‘live’ start-to-finish every week, but then I have a whole bunch of recorded shows that I watch when my schedule allows.

  • BG

    @billiam I’ve watched 3 shows from start to finish this season:The Vampire Diaries,Grey’s Anatomy, and Revenge. I watch tons of shows, but those are the only ones that I haven’t watched on DVR or streaming.

  • glover

    I love this show

  • Melanie P.

    Wonderful news!! So happy. :)

  • Ram510

    They should give Dallas a summer 2014 run. I don’t know why teu would potentially put it up against the Olympics. Unless they plan on waiting until March but at that point they might as well wait until May.

    Oh well I’m happy it’s coming back

  • Dafla bear

    Happy to see them return for another season.
    But yes, it would provide for higher ratings in the summer.

  • jr YOU WING

    Excellent and expected news! We have NOT seen the last of JR’s influence on Dallas. How many of his underhanded past deals will brother Bobby have to clean up now that they will be exposed? They need a NEW, well known actor, play a relative of either Miss Ellie or Jock and come to Dallas to claim their birthright. Cliff should stay in jail, but he won’t, after his lawyers prove he did not kill JR, and there is no proof that he ordered the rig explosion nor the death of the inmate, and he will come back with a vengeance even worse than before. There should be more to the Catherine supposed death as well for she hated Cliff and would never give him anything. More of Ray Krebs and the Southfork ranch claims too. There is a treasure trove of pot twists from Jock and Miss Ellie’s past that should be written into the new scripts. Great move TNT, but start it Wednesday nights, March 2014, when The Voice is not on. American Idol is so done that it won’t affect Dallas’s ratings much in 2014, on Wednesday nights at 9:00pm. Go Dallas!

  • rob60990

    About time they renewed this show.

  • Billiam

    @BG, @MichaelChickless, thanks for answering my questions and your answers prove my point to some extent. Yes, you do watch a few shows from start to finish but they are obviously the ones you value the most and can’t wait to see the next eps of… I was like that with Fringe and Fridays have been empty since it ended in January. I also used to watch ‘Chuck’ from start to finish but didn’t discover it until the summer before season 4 started. And, I just discovered Big Bang Theory in January so I now watch that from start to finish but switch to a recorded show after it is over.

    I tend to be in bed by 9 pm now so that I can work the next day so recorded shows are a necessity for me now.

    My family was once a Nielson home in the late 1970’s and we rigged it by saying we were watching our favorite shows on TVs we didn’t have. Back then, each family only got to record the ‘diary’ for two weeks, which was much fairer than the current ‘up to 3 years’. And, I understand that each Nielson household now has a meter that hooks up to record their viewing choices, which is better but I still don’t like the idea of a ‘sample’ population. That was fine for the 70’s and 80’s but there are too many ways to be more accurate now, though it’d cost Nielson more to do so.

    What will we have in 25-30 years to replace broadcast TV? I won’t be alive to see it but in 1977 when Dallas came onto broadcast TV, I never imagined Netflix… The personal computer wasn’t even in my future for another 9 years when a friend of mine who was in the radio business with me introduced me to the IBM PCjr and I started my new career in computers.

    Will our brains be able to pick up wireless signals and will we just load the shows into our memories? I hope not. While we’d save on time, I enjoy watching the shows too much for them just to be memories…

  • The End


    Very well said.

    Like with Falling Skies and other shows on the network, are only airing the show early 2014 because they will want the entire season pretty much filmed prior to airing. That or they’re happy to retain it in the January slot.

    By this point, the Dallas production machine will start up, the writers will pen their episodes, months later they’l go to Camera and will have most, if not all of Season 3 filmed by January :)

  • merrranga

    yaay! my grandma will be soo happy!

  • Billiam

    @jr YOU WING

    I like your ideas but I think the the show is heading in the direction that will, eventually, make the older actors step back, including Bobby and Sue Ellen. As other networks have proven, viewers want prettier faces than us od geezers. While you and I want to see the actors we once saw on the original Dallas, the key to the reboot’s success is newer blood and younger audiences.

    They key demographic is 25 to 54. I’m almost at 50 now and the sponsors would rather see younger people who haven’t learned not to be wasteful with their spending yet.

    I used to love going out shopping with my family when I was in my 20’s. Now, I let my wife and daughter do the shopping. Women never stop shopping, at any age! LOL.

    So, they key to keeping Dallas on top is to encourage the young people you know to sit down and watch the pilot episode with you and get them HOOKED. More than a few families I know, young and old gather around the TV now to watch Dallas.

    I like how the suspense didn’t end but just kept getting bigger as the season rolled on…. I couldn’t wait to see what was next… more so than in the 70’s and 80’s…

  • MBmomof3

    I totally love this show. Great news.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    It will be interesting to see how the next season fares without Hagman around. He and Duffy are the “soul” of the show, along with Linda Gray. I find the show more compelling now than when it started, although it’s still not a “must watch.” I guess the other characters are growing on me somewhat, although I still find Christopher boring and Elena not much better. Perhaps Elena will step up now that she has a quest Barnes put her on. The villains made this show in the past and they will in this version. Mitch Peleggi has been excellent in that regard.

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