'Dallas' Renewed for Season 3 by TNT

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April 30th, 2013

Dallas TNT Cast

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TNT Taps Third Season of Hit Drama Series Dallas


TNT has renewed the hit drama series Dallas for a third season. Produced by Warner Horizon Television, Dallas centers on the Ewing clan, an enormously wealthy Texas family whose sibling rivalries, romantic betrayals, corruption and even murder are truly legendary. TNT has ordered 15 episodes for the third season, which is slated to launch in early 2014.


"Dallas has built a passionately loyal following with its expertly woven storylines, clever twists and turns, and numerous outstanding performances by a cast that spans generations," said Michael Wright, president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). "Although we said goodbye to Larry Hagman and his iconic character J.R. Ewing this year, Dallas has many more stories left to tell, and the Ewing clan will continue to honor J.R.'s memory by keeping its audience surprised and delighted."



TNT's Dallas stars Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing, who is now the senior member of the Ewing family following the death of his older brother, J.R. Ewing. Linda Gray stars as Sue Ellen Ewing, J.R.'s former wife and the mother of his son, John Ross, played by Josh Henderson. Jesse Metcalfe is Christopher, Bobby’s adopted son, and Jordana Brewster is Elena Ramos, who grew up in the Ewing household and is now fighting for her own family's legacy. Julie Gonzalo is Pamela Rebecca Barnes, Christopher's ex-wife and the daughter of Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), a longtime rival of the Ewings. Brenda Strong stars as Bobby’s wife, Ann, while Mitch Pileggi stars as Harris Ryland, Ann’s scheming ex-husband. The ensemble cast also includes Emma Bell as Emma Brown, a sheltered beauty whose father has taught her to distrust the world around her, and Kuno Becker as Drew Ramos, Elena’s troubled brother who has recently returned to Southfork.


Dallas launched on TNT last summer and ranked as basic cable's #1 new drama of 2012 with key adult demos. In its second season, Dallas has averaged 3.8 million viewers in Live + 7 delivery, with 1.6 million adults 25-54 and 1.4 million adults 18-49.


Created by David Jacobs and shot on location in the title city, Dallas is executive-produced by Cynthia Cidre, Michael M. Robin and Robert Rovner.


  • Richard Steven Hack

    Billiam: “While you and I want to see the actors we once saw on the original Dallas, the key to the reboot’s success is newer blood and younger audiences.”

    Which is why I was concerned at some of the casting initially. The younger actors are somewhat “lightweight” compared to the older ones. They need those older actors badly to provide the decent acting any show needs.

    Josh Henderson has grown on me a bit, he plays “bad boy” decently, but I find Metcalfe to be boring and barely adequate. Julie Gonsalvo has the looks and is somewhat adequate. I’ve never been impressed by Jordana Brewster’s acting, even in the Fast and Furious movies, although she looks fine. Brenda Strong as one of the older actors has been fine. Emma Bell is proving to be interesting.

    And I gotta say, given she’s eight years older than me, I’m still surprised at how good Linda Gray looks at 72. :-) She was my favorite on the original show – aside from some of J.R.’s guest star mistresses like Morgan Fairchild. :-)

    Now that’s one character they should bring back from the original show – Morgan. She’d be perfect. I can’t even remember if her character survived the original show, but probably no one else does either, so they should bring her back. They brought back Audrey Landers, who still looks great, but no one can top Morgan. :-)

  • Billiam

    Richard Steven Hack

    I agree with you about the villains, especially, Mitch Peleggi. Who would have thunk he’d come all this way since X-Files??

    Until more recent episodes, John Ross felt more like a ‘thug’ than a good villain up to the standards of his daddy. But, it has been his silent or soft-spoken struggle to be both bad but supporting to his family that has made me realize that the character has ‘potential’… If they keep having the actor employ facial expressions like they recently have to show his internal struggles and not just hatred, I think that given enough time, he may be worthy yet of his daddy’s legend. But, the writers did the right thing by making Bobby cross over to the dark side this season for his family. I didn’t much like Sue Ellen going after the Ewings but I liked it when she fought side by side with them and I loved what she did to the governor. So, the best thing about the Ewings still is when they stick together and we nees more families like that in this country now.

    About Christopher. I always and still do like him but he was way too hard on Elena. He would have done the same thing if it were a Ewing on the run. So, he needs to come down off his high horse. However, I never really liked him and Elena as a couple. I liked Rebecca (Pamela) in seson 1, even after I found out who she was.

    However, I will admit that I now like John Ross and Pamela together, if he is genuine bout her. It’s like they are the new Bobby and Pam. And, you thought JR hated Pam and his brother together… how would old Jr. react once he’d heard his son married Barnes?? That was so cool when they got married and she dmitted that she loved him. It almost made up for Victoria Principal not showing back up…

  • KansasGuest

    @Richard Steven Hack – I think you mean Morgan Brittany. She played Katharine Wentworth, half-sister to Pam & Cliff, who was never J.R.’s mistress. She just slept with him thinking he’d give her what she wanted. Then he blackmailed her. Morgan Fairchild was on DALLAS as the first Jenna Wade. Then Priscilla Presley played her for the remainder of the series.

    As far as the comments I’ve seen on DALLAS’ FB page, the younger actors do bring in the younger viewers. Henderson & Gonzalo are very popular with them, as is Jesse Metcalf (without Elena). Actually, no one of any age seems to like Elena. Between Elena & Emma, Emma is preferred if only because fans want to see Pamela kick her to the curb.

  • Billiam

    Richard Steven Hack

    There is nothing like the wisdom that age gives us… I’m sure that you’ll admit that you thought you could do better than the “old guys” when you were in your twenties. I sure thought I could but I now know I couldn’t…

    Yes, the old guys need to be there to help the young find their way. At least for now.

    Last summer, I re-watched the original Dallas. A young Patrick Duffy was just as bad of an actor as the younger Dallas actors are now… I remembered first seeing Duffy in “Man From Atlantis” and he was even worse in that series than he was in Dallas.

    So, give the kids a chance!

    And, yes, Linda Gray has never been more beautiful to me. Don’t tell my wife I said that. LOL.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @billiam: Responding to your post on Page 1, I think they should just add the number of CBS episodes with the current TNT program. They are essentially the same. Back during the original Dallas’s later years, they added younger characters like Sacha Mitchell and JR’s young hillbilly wife played by Cathy Podwell(?). She showed up at JR’s funeral and was sharing laughs with Sue Ellen and Mandy, but JR’s supposed first son was never heard from again. I know that all of the TV-movies that aired after the series finale don’t count.

    But, I can’t see why they won’t combine the CBS & TNT series episodes. Before Larry’s death, each week during the first week had Patrick, Linda and Larry. Not to mention the brief cameos by Kanaly, Tilton and black-sheep brother Gary. Same format, ssme open with new faces, same music and MORE real because most of the programs are filmed in Dallas.

  • Dan

    Not surprised, TNT wouldn’t cancel this one but freshman Monday Mornings seems dead as well as Southland but Southland had a really good run.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    KansasGuest: “@Richard Steven Hack – I think you mean Morgan Brittany. ”

    Actually, no, I meant Morgan Fairchild (although I do remember Morgan Brittany, too.) She had an appearance on Dallas as Jenna Wade in 1978, although she was mostly known for appearing on Falcon Crest and Flamingo Road, less successful Dallas-type shows.

    She was once called the “Trash Queen” of TV as a result of her always being the femme fatale on these sorts of shows. She’d be perfect on Dallas today.

    It’s too bad they killed off Mary Crosby’s Kristin Shepard character in the original, as she would be perfect to bring back, too. Bringing back the person who shot J.R. in the original would be awesome. She’s only 53, too. But her character’s dead, unfortunately, found floating in the Ewing swimming pool. :-)

    Billiam: ” A young Patrick Duffy was just as bad of an actor as the younger Dallas actors are now…”

    True, he never impressed me back then, although I don’t remember him being awful. Hard to remember some people that far back. Hagman always stood out, though.

  • Kelby

    Very excited! I think the show is doing really good as far as telling realistic, believable, character driven stories. As long as that continues, I will be watching. Great job to all involved! I will be watching!

  • Claire

    So what about Southland? They can’t cancel it.

  • Billiam

    @Ralph Hahn

    Ah, I loved (Callie) Cathy Podwell!! I didn’t realize that was her at JR’s funeral. Jr did have the habit of making his women hate him.

    They lost so many of the actors at the end of the original run due to change in leadership, declining ratings and loss of budget. They tried to bring in younger audience but not enough of them watched and CBS was still getting better ratings on other shows then. By 1991, Dallas had lost it’s core audience. Even I had grown up, gotten married, and had better things to do and watch on TV.

  • Billiam

    @Richard Steven Hack
    Yes, Morgan Freeman is still beautiful too. I remember seeing her about 10 years ago doing info commercials and was disappointed. The last I had seen her in a TV role was in Roswell in it’s 3rd and last season and she was awesome as a “bad girl”.

    Yes, I think most of us first saw Hagman as Captain Nelson on my Drem of Jeannie, even as re-runs.

    When they killed off Kristin (Mary Crosby), it didn’t feel right that she was a cocaine addict to me. Money-grubbing tramp, yes, but not drug addict. But, Victoria Proncipal refused to come back because in her mind, Pam is dead… however, maybe Kristin had a look-alike?? Back then, they didn’t have gene tests… the soaps do it all of the time. Why not Dallas? Wouldn’t that throw Christopher for a loop that his birth mother was still alive….?

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Billiam: Yeah, bring back Kristin Shepherd’s twin sister! :-) I’d go for that. Crosby was awesomely hot back in the day and she’s only 53 now. Dug up a recent pic – she still looks pretty good.

    Morgan is 63, just a year younger than me and there’s not a wrinkle on her. OTOH, I don’t have too many, either – the advantage of staying out of the sun most of my life. :-) She either has lots of surgery (she claims it’s the skin care products she makes) – or she drinks blood at night. :-) She probably should guest star on The Vampire Diaries. :-)

    I think She did an episode of “Two and a Half Men” in 2007 I’ve seen a clip from, and she’s popped up on various shows in recent years, including three appearances on Chuck. She seems to be working every year, just not on high profile stuff.

  • Jamie

    So excited to see Dallas get renewed for a 3rd season! I watch each show live from start to finish. It’s the most exciting, fast paced, intense show on TV. It makes Revenge (which I love) seem as if it moves at a snail’s pace. Now that they have a solid foundation in place, invested in character development, Season 3 will be absolutely amazing and better than anyone could imagine.

  • The End

    @Richard Steven Hack
    @Morgan is 63, just a year younger than me

    Slightly offtopic, but having discussed a few things with you in my time here, I’m amazed you’re 62. Thought you sounded younger personally lol

  • The End

    Opps. Typo, meant to say 64.

    As I’ve already covered my thoughts on the 15 episode thing. I do believe at some point if things pick up for Dallas, that the show will eventually go above 15 episodes.

    They’ve already shown a lot of faith in Dallas and I do think the show does have a future on TNT.

  • bob

    why are so many shows that only has 12 episodes instead of 24?

  • DSC

    it’d be interesting to know what the delay was. there was no reduction of episodes, the cast seems to be staying put, this seems like something that should have been announced weeks ago…

  • impactwrestling

    If the third season does well it will probably go til 8-10 and be the most successful revival ever.

  • Al N

    Somewhere J.R is smiling with his trademark grin! Great news for fans of the best drama on tv!

  • Thommy the Evil

    Great news, now we’re going to get more weekly doses of J.B. and J.G.

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