Monday Final Ratings: 'The Voice', 'The Following', 'Dancing With The Stars', '2 Broke Girls', 'Rules of Engagement', 'Mike & Molly' & '90210' Adjusted Up; 'Revolution' Adjusted Down

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April 30th, 2013

The Voice New Judges

The Voice was adjusted up two tenths, Dancing With the Stars, Rules of Engagement,The Following, 2 Broke Girls, 90210, and Mike & Molly were each adjusted up a tenth while Revolution was adjusted down two tenths among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, April 29, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-10:01PM) 4.3/12 12.67
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2.7/9 7.06
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-10:01PM) 2.1/6 13.45
FOX Bones  - Season Finale(8-9:01PM) 2.1/6 7.36
CW Oh Sit! 0.3/1 0.73
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement 2.1/6 6.21
9:00 FOX The Following - Season Finale (9:01-10PM) 2.7/6 7.82
CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.6/7 7.85
CW 90210 0.3/1 0.55
9:30 CBS Mike & Molly 2.4/6 8.14
10:00 ABC Castle (10:01-11PM) 2.0/6 10.53
NBC Revolution (10:01-11PM) 1.8/5 5.49
CBS Hawaii Five-0 1.7/5 7.76

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  • Laina


    I tuned into Revolution because I’m a diehard Supernatural (Kripke) fan and a former Lost (Abrams) fan. Even though I’m still watching it I can’t help but find that I’m disappointed in the show. I think the worst part for me is the lack of cast chemistry. Both Supernatural and Lost had plot problems under Kripke and Abrams but both had very strong casts with amazing chemistry and that helped the audience to care about the characters even during weak episodes. The same just isn’t true for Revolution where half of the cast aren’t very good actors and there’s almost no chemistry between the actors onscreen. It makes flaws in the writing more obvious.

  • ateofi

    Tianyi Li
    Castle’s rating is stable, that’s good news for me. I love the show. The Following finale did well too and even beats 2 Broke Girls, I guess the show deserved to be renewed after all, but I wonder how the story for the next season will proceed. The overall trend for Five-0 doesn’t look good, now it constantly ranks the last in its time slot, especially for the past few weeks, and both rating and viewership decline fast, if this trend continues, I doubt Five-0 could survive another season despite been renewed and I know that CBS is not very tolerant for low rating
    CBS and Peter Lenkov are doing everything to kill this show and I’m affraid fourth season will be its last. It’s a shame, as the show should be thriving creatively. It has great cast, wonderful Hawain scenery, humor, great action sequences. Unfortunately it has Peter Leknov as show runner and a temat of horrible writers. I can see fan’s patience is wearing thin – mine is for sure. I will stick with the show for the cast but ….

  • John

    LOL @ ateofi. Her bottom seems to be endless. CBS didn’t give any other show as much promotion as they did to H50 (except Elementary) and it had a high lead-in with Mike and Molly for the majority of the season and the past seasons as well. Its completely lead-in dependent because of the inferior scripts and bad actors. They even had exclusive events with the cast on a large scale in Hawaii. Keep pulling it out, ateofi. You’re highly amusing.

  • Bence004_KalEl

    I hope the NBC will put the Revolution to Friday. It would be the best… It’s the right place for the Revolution. :)

  • John

    @Jon: The main macguffin, the brother, was killed soon after he was rescued. That was an incredibly brave move on the part of the writers, but the audience left. Since the 10th episode, Revolution has become one of the better shows on network tv. But as people have time and again proved, they have no taste for quality television (or the Nielsen ratings are broken beyond repair). Just ask Hannibal, Awake, etc.

  • Joe


    Right. Because you only know what quality television is. If you really think Revolution is quality tv and has great writing, then you don’t have much credibility. Your taste for television is pretty weak. And everyone has different taste. If people have different taste than you do, it doesn’t mean they have poor taste.

  • sarah nz

    Congrats to The Following with that 2.7, .3 above my best top guess of 2.4 – didn’t think they could get that rating live. Still think it will follow the Smash trajectory, but perhaps not quite as badly as Revolution with that 1.8 matched my bottom quess range of 1.8

    Otherwise fairly boring Monday ratings, very sad 10pm across the board.

  • ateofi

    As much as I like to read your trolling “opinions”, this time you have no idea what you are talking about. This season H50 is not given much promotion. There was just one special airing after big game and that’s it. I read complaints from the fans that there are very few previews of the show during the week. Mostly monday comiedies are advertised, but not H50. Also Hawaian premiere is a local event and a is nice advertisement for Hawaian islands.
    Finally, if CBS executives cared enough about the show, they would have fired Peter Lenkov and hired new runner and team of writers. Bad writing is what killing the show.

  • Tim

    OMG. Are u kidding?
    CBS even gave Hawaii 50 the big post game spot again this season when all media said it was going to be a wasted spot . And you r accusing CBS and Peter L of killing the show? LMAO.
    This show even had a Band Music Contest, Free Hawaiian Trips, Big weekly guest stars, Free Signed Surfboards., Radio promotion, Comic Con with free TShirts….You cannot seriously say CBS and PLenkov didn’t do enough.
    Of course if what u want is CBS to ONLY promote Hawaii 50 these days and forget about the rest of their shows , then I can understand your complain.
    P.Lenkov is a good writer /producer. He is no to blame.
    As all critics said after watching the pilot, the cast is terrible and the only thing watchable was Scott Caan , reason why he was nominated for a Golden Globe, Why do you think they have all those guest stars each week? Because they try to compensate the lack of talent in the show. Guest stars steal the show each week from Alex.O that should be the one carrying the show.
    And of course you will call me a troll, because unless I say how great Hawaii 50 and Alex O. are, I am trolling. Grow up !
    The show is just sinking and all is well deserved. Just put the blame where it is,

  • POI

    i used to watch Hawaii Five 0 but not its boring they are dragging the story for way much longer than it should have been and its just unwatchable anymore.

  • rob60990

    Yawn at using the same bad examples for hiatuses killing shows. Flash forward and The Event were dead shows airing before their hiatus and V returned fine from its hiatus and kept dropping.

  • Psac

    @Laina perfect description of Revolution’s problems. Unlikeable cast plus so-so script doesn’t make for a long-lived show. Killing off the annoying son (even though he was annoying) seemed to p- off the viewers they did have. Definitely a negative turning point in the show.

  • Michelle

    I think Revolution is horrible and far too violent. I watched an episode a few weeks ago, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Also cannot figure out the appeal of Dancing with Losers, Has Beens & Wannabes.

  • Barbie

    @POI you do realize H50 is based on a 12-year long show, it’s not like they would wrap up the story that lasted 12 years in the original series in three. They’re following the original. They’re also adapting, because they know there are elements of the original that would never work in 2013 (like all men in their cast — original Kono was a guy — and now they even casted Michelle Borth to have another woman), but they try to have the same general idea. The whole Wo Fat story is going to end in the last episode, whichever it may be. That’s the end of the series as it was.

  • Barbie

    ps: I don’t like Steve McGarrett’s mother NOR Wo Fat’s storyline, either. I wish they’d end it now and carry on. But I know they won’t. i won’t stop watching the show because of that, though. it’s become of of my favorites — the standalone episodes and the characters more than make up for it :)

  • JP

    *** SPOILER ALERT ****

    @ Richard Steven Hack

    I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you. I hope Joe’s “death” is all part of a master plan. That would open up sooooo many other possibilities. If Joe is truly dead, why would Ryan even care about hunting down the other followers… makes no sense as Joe is the one person that drives Ryan to his limits.

    No Joe – no show IMO and I for one will no longer watch if he is truly dead. Who else would replace him and please do not say EMMA or Ryan’s ex-girlfriend that stabbed him and Claire. They are both terrible. Joe is the ringleader and why would any of the followers follow anyone else besides him???

    Mark my words – if Joe is truly dead then you can expect the viewers to drop like flies and next season will be it’s last. You cannot kill off a character like that and still think the show can survive. That would be like killing off Benjamin Linus or John Locke from LOST… completely stupid IMO.

  • vincentdante

    As someone who watched all 12 seasons of the original Five O when they originally aired, I can safely say the problem is mainly with the title of the series at this point. Alex makes Jack Lord look like Laurence Olivier in comparison. I never could buy Scott Caan as Danny– but he could have been this character that he plays with any other name. I was okay with the casting decision that gave us a female Kono since the original(an actor who went by Zulu) was basically the comedy relief.

    The main problem aside from the casting– and frankly, a good script often can hide a few bad performances– is that most of the writers from the original show are no longer living. The original scripts had tight, concise storytelling and sometimes you might not even see the heroes until very late in act one. This was back at a time when very few shows had continuing storylines. The Wo Fat stories were a high-tech spygame that had echoes of Moriarty and Holmes. (The late Khigh Dheigh was a very charismatic fellow.)

    Sometimes you can’t go home again.

  • Grey

    Very eloquently put vincentdante.

  • Alex

    But it’s no secret that a 4 month hiatus… FlashForward, V, & The Event come to mind.

    All of which were dead and/or dying before the hiatus kicked in.

    FlashForward debuted with a 4.0 the final episode before the hiatus had a 2.1 the first episode back after the hiatus had a 1.9. The Event started with a 3.6 its final episode before hiatus had a 1.9 (up from the previous weeks 1.7) and when it returned from hiatus it had a 1.4. V began with a 5.2 and dropped to a 3.1 in the space of four episodes before returning to a 2.8. Just for the sake of comparison Revolution started with a 4.1 and dropped to a 2.9 for the final episode before the hiatus (up from the previous weeks 2.6) and then returned with a 2.6.

    None of these shows have been killed by an extended hiatus. I’d also point out that The Walking Dead goes on an extended hiatus and has absolutely no problem retaining its audience. Most of the USA dramas have the same kind of airing pattern and again manage to retain a decent amount of their audience. How long is there between each season of Game of Thrones? This idea that the audience is so amazingly stupid they can’t possibly be expected to know that a show they like is back on the air when its on exactly the same day and in the same timeslot as it previously was is nonsense. Revolution has died because its not very good and people have stopped watching it as a result.

  • stanakaddict

    Another victory for Stana!

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