Adult Swim Acquires Syndication Rights to 'Bob's Burgers'

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May 1st, 2013

Bob's Burgers

Deadline reports that Adult Swim has acquired rights to the first three seasons of FOX's animated comedy Bob's Burgers. The series will start airing on the cable channel this summer. Adult Swim is the syndication home of several other FOX animated programs including Family Guy and American Dad.

  • Shepherd

    BBurgers has been getting funnier, but I’m not yet convinced that it’s a perfect fit for Adult Swim.

    I’m still surprised that they haven’t picked up syndication for Archer yet.

  • charmedcraft

    has any1 piked up the rights for simpsons; i don’t remember seeing it aired anywhere but fox?

  • richard

    never saw this. fox hasnt had anything good since malcolm in the middle ended. because it was around that time that kinf of the hill jumped the shark.

    but this show has one of the longtime King of the hill writers, so maybe its worth a shot.


    Bob’s Burgers is the best show on Fox’s Animation list but I don’t know if it fits the Adult Swim brand maybe in that 9pm spot that is currently held by King of The Hill it would work, hell maybe even a weekend spot. If you think about it, Adult Swim is currently running because of Fox shows

  • Nate

    The Simpsons can only air on local broadcast stations as long as the show is still airing new episodes due to a deal Fox made roughly 19 years ago. When they made the deal cable was not a big revenue producer and they had no idea how the model would change and that The Simpsons would stay on the air so long. This is a big reason why there’s a decent chance that next season is the final season of the Simpsons. Due to that deal Fox is losing out at a huge amount of syndication revenue from cable stations and the show will become more valuable once it’s off the air.

  • davie

    no surprise here

  • Brody


    Archer is FAR from having enough episodes to go into syndication. Archer is already on cable, FX, so they already have shorter seasons. I think Archer would be perfect for Adult Swim, but I doubt they will be played anywhere but FX. FX might re-run it more when they get more episodes produced??

  • Mr.Ballzack

    Another show AS will try to pretend that they created and then pat themselves on the back for creating! They love doing that! I wonder of any of those punk kids actually think THEY created Family Guy and American Dad!

  • Hugh

    Pretty early in it’s run, given S1 and S2 were only 13 eps I think.

  • Animation Buff

    Great to hear, I’d really rather see them replace American Dadwith it rather than any of their own shows, I still can’t believe they actually air that show, I’ve never seen a shows that shout ‘someone look at my edgy’ more than it, not South Park (though it’s pretty terrible)

    Come on [as] don’t disappoint the fans that have watched for years.

  • Joltman

    After the current (third) season of Bob’s Burgers, it will have 45 episodes. Archer has 49 through it’s most recent (fourth) season.
    And It’s Always Sunny was on FX and now is syndicated on Comedy Central, so I don’t think it’s out of the question for Archer to get syndicated to Adult Swim.

  • charmedcraft


    Thanks for the info.

  • Jay

    I didn’t think 45 episodes was enough to syndicate. It used to be 100, then they started doing it at 85. What is the standard now anyway?

  • ToXiX

    Bobs Burgers will probably be renewed for a 5th season to reach 88 episodes.
    After that , it’s anybody’s guess.

    This is great news.

  • Connor

    This show sucks. Cancel it already, or at the very least play it last in the lineup. It’s least in priority.

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