MSNBC's 'Now With Alex Wagner' Hits Series Low

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May 3rd, 2013

Now With Alex Wagner

Thursday, MSNBC's Now With Alex Wagner hit a series low in the Adults 25-54 demo, with just 26,000 A25-54 viewers.  The program trailed CNBC (31,000 A25-54)in the 12PM hour.

5/2/2013 12PM/ET

FNC’s Happening Now: 1,224,000 (255,000 in 25-54)

MSNBC NOW with Alex Wagner: 218,000 (26,000 in 25-54)

CNN’s Around the World: 538,000 (197,000 in 25-54)

MSNBC currently ranks fourth among cable news channels in the May sweeps in Total Day among both Total Viewers and Adults 25-54 and fourth in primetime among Adults 25-54.

May 2013 to date (04/29/13-05/02/13)
ranked on P2+

P 2+

P 25-54

Network Time Days



FOXN 06:00A -06:00A MTWT___



HLN 06:00A -06:00A MTWT___



CNN 06:00A -06:00A MTWT___



MSNB 06:00A -06:00A MTWT___



P 2+

P 25-54

Network Time Days



FOXN 08:00P -11:00P MTWT___



HLN 08:00P -11:00P MTWT___



MSNB 08:00P -11:00P MTWT___



CNN 08:00P -11:00P MTWT___





  • Cheryl Lynn

    Bohratom: Not even if they do it in the nude eh?

  • Wallaby2012


    On What channel?????

  • RealityChick

    MSNBC is terrible from dawn to dusk:

    Morning Joke starts off the day and you finish with Larry O-MG is this guy an idiot. In between you have the “I don’t care if I lie Andrea Mitchell” Foaming at the mouth he/she Hayes and Maddow and please don’t even get me started on the not so reverend Al and his racist weekend sidekick Mellisa Hates Whites Perry. Mix it up with the British speaking foreigner telling America how to run their own country go back to where you came from Bashir and wonder why the ratings tank? The station is an epic lesson on how to not run a tv network. It’s so bad they run promos for their shows during their shows..flush!!

  • DonMedia

    Getting beaten by CNBC is the real kick in the crotch.

  • Chuck from Tacoma

    It is lucky for MSNBC that they have the prison shows on week ends. I’m sure that hundreds and hundreds of people watch those.

  • tooth fairy

    She has that annoying toothy smile no matter what she is talking about.

  • Soul Reaver

    Hmm. I never knew that the comments section of TVbytheNumbers was a subsidiary of Fox News and the RNC. Go ahead, laugh it up…you deserve it. Fox news has superior numbers, this is undisputed. By the way, how’d those last two presidential elections turn out for you guys–with all of that support from Fox news? LOL!!

    Just so you know, MSNBC will likely always have meager numbers…because liberals don’t feel the need to hunker down in the family bunker eating pork rinds, taking turns reciting the Second Amendment, and cleaning our guns while some talking head on a “fair and balanced” network tells us what we want to hear so we feel validated.

    So, enjoy watching Fox news–and keep giving them those stellar numbers. We’ll just have to make due with other things, like keeping the White House…AGAIN…despite MSNBC’s abysmal ratings. :D

  • Joe Smith

    so much hate. she may not deserve a show, but there’s no reason to be so nasty against someone you don’t even know. it’s par for the course over these last few years, though. since obama took office they have went off the rails with hatred.

    also, why would a liberal even care about msnbc ratings? according to conservatives all media except fox is liberal media. that would mean there’s a much bigger liberal audience and a tiny conservative one. you might want to think it through.

  • AppleStinx

    TVbtN just can’t win… When an article is about Fox News, people complain of too much coverage for FNC; and when the article is about MSNBC or CNN, people drag FNC into it and complain. :lol:

  • Borris O’Tool

    “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time”. Her past shows are finally catching up with her and no one believes anything that she says. I for one say leave her alone. The “enemy you know is far better than the one you do not know”. Her dwindling numbers show that her message is falling flat, her real influence is rapidly vanishing, and all that is protecting her is her “minority status” in a politically correct environment. She is an “Amadain” as they say in the Old Country.

  • WD

    Is it ” Lean Forward ” or ” Bend Over ” ….?

  • devilman

    The liberal establishment doen’t get it, it’s not only the misguided message, but also the messenger. She is only there because of her ethnicity, and yes, the progressives prophet “Obama” is president (second time) for the same reason. The American Voter; by in large, no longer cast votes because they know & understand the issues, they vote using political correction as thier guide. Countries laugh at us, more Americans out of work, on government assistance…Yup, we’re in serious trouble..

  • ali baba

    Alex Wagner is a joke.The food chopper commercials do better.MSNBC a catastrophe.

  • BruceMcDougall

    MSNBC is the nasty channel.
    They present such ridiculously biased programs where they do little more than promote the Democratic Party and they are so unbelievably BORING!

    Fox News is by far the better news network and the only network that presents a different viewpoint from the monolithically liberal American media.
    Fox News has opinion shows but it also has actual news shows like Special Report every night which is the best national news program on television whether terrestial or cable.
    In additon, Fox News is always there. It doesn’t show non-news programs on the weekend. It actually is what its slogan says: America’s Newsroom.

    CNN seems to be making some improvements. They need to get rid of all those Democratic Party operatives who only want to be on there to promote a political party or a politician.
    Hiring Jake Tapper was a great move.
    Jake Tapper, formerly on ABC, has been one voice in the biased media who hasn’t been afraid to ask the White House difficult questions.

  • old Mike

    The afternoon after the Boston terrorist was captured and hospitalized I turned on the TV which was set on MSNBC. The first topic I heard was the program hostess asking their reporter standing in front of the hospital when will he be released? (I didn’t use quotes because it was too long ago to be accurate.) The reporter understandably couldn’t give a direct response and had to do a side step. Having heard enough I switched channels and didn’t get the host’s name. Since then I wondered what she wanted the public to know. To inform them how many days to buy vest jackets and other protective clothing or to stack up food and supplies for a long stay indoors. Could the host have been Alex Wagner?

  • Tammy

    Morning Joe is indeed great. This morning I got to hear about Mika’s bingeing and purging diet and how she got her friend to lose 75 lbs by telling her she was fat in the faux compassionate way that limousine liberals have down pat.

    You can’t get that kind of hard hitting news on any other news show.

  • Borris O’Tool

    “Morning Joe Diet” just listening to that Mika woman whining turns me off my “Wheaty Bangs”

  • doomsayer2013

    when is comcast going to clean house on msnbc & nbc. Rock center is a real rock & they haven’t got a top 25 program on the air. They dump poor old Ed & keep the slug Chrissie & the mad cow seems have hit her peak.

  • Mollyjb

    Alex Wagner is a terrible anchor/reporter which is one reason why her ratings are so low. She constantly trips over her tongue and stutters. Don’t know how she even got to have a show of her own but I am assuming that MSNBC will be looking for a new anchor to replace her.

  • Mollyjb

    The fact that FAUX news has more viewers than reliable fact checking news channels just shows that the dumbing down of America is taking place. FAUX kept saying Romney would win in a landslide and we all know how that turned out.

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