TOLN's Statistics for Premiere Week of 'All My Children' & 'One Life to Live'

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May 3rd, 2013

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via press release:



The OnLine Network’s (TOLN) “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” topped all charts in its debut week and earned rave reviews across the board. The shows maintained an average of #2 across both iTunes and Hulu, along with 4.5/5 star audience review on all platforms!


Below is a summary of key statistics:


Day One (Launch Day):

  • · “AMC” #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons (dethroned “Mad Men” from #1 position) and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
  • · “OLTL” #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu


Day Two:

  • · “AMC” #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
  • · “OLTL” #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu


Day Three:

  • · “AMC” #2 and “OLTL” #4 on iTunes (dethroned only by “Dexter”)
  • · “AMC” #3 and “OLTL” #5 on Hulu


Day Four:

  • · “AMC” #2 and “OLTL” #4 on iTunes
  • · “AMC” #5 and “OLTL” #6 on Hulu


Recap shows air today and numbers are strong heading into the weekend as viewers are likely to binge view.


  • joe

    I am wondering how many viewers the shows got.

  • Doug

    Not a bad start. If the absolute numbers had been really good, PP surely would have released them. I’m betting they wait to see how many viewers binge view over the weekend because they release any definitive viewer numbers.

    Soap fans always complain that they’re not being counted. Well, now you are. Support OLTL and AMC.

  • David C

    And the reason ABC Daytime cancelled these shows was because viewers didn’t have any interest in the soap opera genre anymore but instead wanted more relavant programs like Aunt Blabby’s Potpourri Kitchen. Once again the idiots in network television prove that any more they were paid should have been instead thrown into the toilet because that would have been a better use for it!

  • rob60990

    They’ll probably release final numbers when the episodes get taken down. I wonder how long they will stay up?

  • Mike

    I love that AMC is ahead. Sorry but after all the outcry that AMC deserved to be cancelled and OLTL didn’t it warms my heart to see that AMC is still so loved.

    I am glad both shows are back, but really glad to see AMC do so good. It has always been a show close to my heart and my family’s heart. I watched it from the day it came on til the day it went off. I never quit once.

  • Ryan

    No, David, the reason ABC Daytime cancelled these shows was that they believed that the add revenue generated versus cost of production difference would be greater for alternatives to the soaps. As with any show on the air, it boils down to the economics of keeping it on versus replacing it with something else.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge OLTL fan, but ABC did not cancel either show because they hate soap operas.

  • James

    @rob Episodes on Hulu stay up for 10 days *I think*. Prospect Park said something like the entire series via TOLN will be up on Hulu Plus. So they film 210 episode a season…210 episodes of both shows should be up on Hulu Plus.

  • David

    The Problem with these numbers are that a lot of people have talked about accessing the show more than once from different computers to get more views counted. That basically flaws the numbers if you ask me. Glad to see them do well though, I think it is far better than most expected. Lets see if those numbers continue.

    I think AMC is going much slower than OLTL but still enjoying it.

  • Skyla

    Though Ryan you have a point, many of the statements released by ABC/Disney during the cancellations was that viewers weren’t interested in soaps anymore & wanted more cooking & self help shows. While I’m sure cost was considered as the drivel they put on now is considerably cheaper, OLTL was a show that was always under budget & actually had a surplus of money which was actually then used by the network to develop “the Chew” and “The Revolution” which goes to show there was alot of negative bias against the soap genre.

  • James

    @Ryan, OLTL’s last set of producers before the show went off the air were spending well below the show’s production budget to keep it afloat and economically viable for ABC, which is a difficult feat to achieve, given that being underbudget tends to reflect on the production value of a program.

    Fortunately, it wasn’t the case for OLTL as they were able to pull it off well, being able to shoot on-location as well as produce some great material for show that is supposedly underbudget.

    AMC, wasn’t however at the time. The decision to move the show’s production from New York to Los Angeles was made to take advantage of tax incentives and keep production costs low but according to a scoop I read online, the show was still working overbudget even after they moved.

  • JR35

    Viewership numbers for online shows really aren’t released, are they?

    In any event, I’ve watched all week and am glad they’re back. I won’t take either for granted again- i.e. over the years, I’ve had on-again-off-again relationships with both. :)

  • Cass

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge OLTL fan, but ABC did not cancel either show because they hate soap operas.

    Certainly no network cancels successful shows (regardless of love/hate) if it can help it but Brian Frons who used to run ABC Daytime was no particular fan of soaps. Sometimes it takes an advocate in the executive chair to press on for another season if the show can cut costs and improve ratings. They gave that chance to GH, for which I’m grateful, but I can’t help but think that if the new management in place now had been last year, maybe OLTL might’ve skirted for another year and it’d now be enjoying the same resurgence that all the soaps (except maybe Days) has enjoyed.

  • Mike

    Have any of you ever stopped to think that by cancelling two more soaps it woke fans up. More came back to watch soaps to keep them from going.

    How many people returned when the threats continued to whirl around that the soaps were in trouble. Absolutely none. Ratings kept falling. People only came back in big numbers for the final weeks of both AMC and OLTL. If they had been watching all along the shows would not have been in danger.

    But then again you can’t blame people for not watching when the shows continue to not be entertaining to fans.

    AMC and OLTL are both much better off now than they ever were on ABC. I am happy they were cancelled so they get these chance to have dignity again. the last few years of both shows on ABC were an embarrassment.

    Both shows look a lot better than they did when they were on ABC. And I love OLTL better than I have liked it in years.

  • CraveRecords


    Do you really think ABC would release a statement stating while people still tuned in and the show was profitable, the network would rather make MORE money? Of course not. That’s why you get a PR-approved spin on any situation. Look no further than ABC’s daily press releases.

  • Jeff

    Good for both shows. They are well done, well costumed, well decorated, well lighted, well written, and well acted. I am hoping PP is doing some big cost savings measures that will help them make the shows very profitable, and the shows continue on for many, many years.

    I think OLTL is the better of the two at the moment, but I love that the writers and producers seem to really get what made the shows and characters special. I just wish AMC would get back any of the following: Jackson, Erica, Tad, Kendall (permanently), Greenlee, or even Ryan (who I was never much of a fan of).

  • tj

    All those AMC stars thought they were too good for their show only to return to the internet, except Tad. So you’ll probably never see them. Ryan and Tad are the only 2 possibilities. I really enjoy kids growing up on soaps and the original Matthew on OLTL did a great job but I’m really liking the new Matthew right now. Kids got charisma. Still can’t get that picture of Natalie freak dancing out my head.

  • Mike

    TJ — not all of those stars thought they were too good. It just happened that many of them happened to be busy with other projects they couldn’t get out of.

    Maybe if Prospect Park had let them know they were still working on the projects they could have left options open.

    But obviously PP didn’t let anyone know. They could have lessened some of the misunderstandings with GH and ABC if they had only kept them more informed.

    Of course that has been the biggest problem with PP all along is that they have failed to even keep the public who was crying for the shows back informed on what was going on. What was given to the public was for the most part from third party sources. Thus is why for the most part most fans still don’t trust them. And they have no one to blame but themselves for that.

    I don’t blame any of the stars for moving on with their careers. I mean for the AMC stars that was well over a year since AMC went off the air. What were they supposed to do sit around and wait for PP to come crawling to them.

  • Debsafan

    I’m so proud of TOLN/PP. If not for them our beloved soaps would have been gone forever. I can’t thank them enough. Through the years we have lost so many good soaps only to be replace with boring cooking or talk shows or game shows. I wish more actors had come back to AMC, but it’s their lost. At least the actors on OLTL showed a lot of class. Looks like just about all loved their show and came back to it. I will watch AMC and OLTL for as long as they are shown. Thanks again.

  • Mike

    I’m so glad to see how fans love to throw things at actors. Maybe it didn’t have anything to do with love at all. How many of the OLTL actors that came back were starring in plays or primetime shows that they had to give up to come back to OLTL?

    the ones that were didn’t come back did they?

    Cameron Mathison, Susan Lucci, Alicia Minshew, Walt Willey, Michael E. Knight, etc. all stated they were tied to projects they couldn’t get out of.

    Do people not understand that?

    Do you honestly think that if Erika Slezak had a primetime gig like Susan Lucci had she would have just dropped it to return to OLTL? Susan Lucci tried but one of her shows said no.

    Do you honestly think that if Debbi Morgan or Darnell Williams still had well-paying contracts with Y&R they would have returned to AMC? What if Hillary Bailey Smith had a contract with B&B? Do you think she would have dropped her contract with B&B to go back to OLTL? For one thing she couldn’t unless B&B released her.

    You can pass judgement on actors and judge them as loving their show more than another. That is what we as humans do best is judge others.

    I’ll sit back and give them the benefit of the doubt instead. These folks have families just like we do. When you are working and have a job already you don’t just drop it at the drop of a hat and take a chance on something that might not work.

  • Mike

    Oh and it is nice to see that the old OLTL and AMC rivalry is still alive. Two cracks toward AMC actors from OLTL fans. I guess it is a good thing to know that fans automatically know why actors do the things they do.

    So what do you guys think about Ron C. and Frank V. — the ones OLTL fans claimed were the best ever. I guess they didn’t love OLTL as much as you all cried. Since they didn’t just quit GH and jump back on the OLTL bandwagon. Afterall the AMC actors showed how much they truly loved their show by not just dropping everything and going back to the Internet. So I guess Ron C. and Frank V. didn’t love OLTL as much as you guys said they did.

    I guess some things will never change.

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