TOLN's Statistics for Premiere Week of 'All My Children' & 'One Life to Live'

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May 3rd, 2013

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The OnLine Network’s (TOLN) “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” topped all charts in its debut week and earned rave reviews across the board. The shows maintained an average of #2 across both iTunes and Hulu, along with 4.5/5 star audience review on all platforms!


Below is a summary of key statistics:


Day One (Launch Day):

  • · “AMC” #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons (dethroned “Mad Men” from #1 position) and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
  • · “OLTL” #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu


Day Two:

  • · “AMC” #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
  • · “OLTL” #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu


Day Three:

  • · “AMC” #2 and “OLTL” #4 on iTunes (dethroned only by “Dexter”)
  • · “AMC” #3 and “OLTL” #5 on Hulu


Day Four:

  • · “AMC” #2 and “OLTL” #4 on iTunes
  • · “AMC” #5 and “OLTL” #6 on Hulu


Recap shows air today and numbers are strong heading into the weekend as viewers are likely to binge view.


  • MBmomof3

    I watched OLTL daily and binged on AMC & GH today. Loving my soaps on HULU!

  • bizzarr

    stop bitching it is nice to see the shows back i think the soaps being online can chang daytime they can say and do more then they ever could i like one life more butt i do like amc two so i cant wait till next week one life seems the same has it was befor maybe some amc vets can comed back later

  • Cha

    Sorry,but what saved GH was when they brought the characters over from OLTL and the writers/production staff as well and some of the OLTL viewers. Turning Kate crazy was a good move too. Since the OLTL actors have temporarily left GH it has been boring. The only ones worth watching are Sonny and Dante. Bringing back all those sorry storylines (e.g.the Felicia/Frisco garbage) is a big has been reunion. If you want real entertainment, watch the new OLTL and AMC online.

  • SoapsAreLove

    I am so happy for both OLTL and AMC! I never watched either show during their original runs on ABC because I always watched CBS shows, but I made sure to tune in when they arrived on Hulu! Us soap fans have to stick together! Let’s make sure OLTL and AMC make it and more soaps are brought back from the dead! :)

  • tj

    Um, I have no qualms with AMC. No rivalry, but these are actors and other than Lucci none of them have any film projects. That I have found anyway. I’m just saying they didn’t want to invest in the project because it wasn’t a sure thing. PP did keep ABC in the loop. ABC just didn’t think it was going to happen. Anyway good luck to Both shows.

  • Amy

    How much is a season? Are they making shorter seasons for the online audience or will it be as long as soaps on network tv?

  • tj

    I don’t know the prices Amy but there are 4 episodes a week and 30 minutes long minus a couple commercials.

  • Mike

    TJ — Have you ever heard of plays? Walt Willey and others are in national tours of plays in which they have contracts. Of course Walt Willey wasn’t even asked to come back, but he said he didn’t know if he could. It would depend on his schedule.

    Michael E. Knight is in a play, but also had family problems that kept him from doing the show.

    Alicia Minshew is in a play. Cameron Mathison had several projects going on including his work on GMA.

    There are other things actors do besides movies and television. And they do have to sign contracts with those projects too.

  • tj

    Okay Mike. I’m a fan and not rying to argue. Good luck to all.

  • James

    @Amy, supposedly, AMC and OLTL are set to do 210 daily episodes for their respective seasons.

  • Mike

    TJ, I am not trying to argue either. I just get upset when fans put stuff upon actors that they wouldn’t even put upon themselves. I just took offense when it was stated that the AMC actors didn’t love their show as much as OLTL actors did.

    I just felt that was uncalled for.

  • David

    @TJ Mike is a poster who has used different names in the past one being Richard. He constantly argues with people who don’t agree with his opinion He also changes facts. He does not like OLTL fans at all and does everything to argue with them. I wouldn’t waste my time the minute you disagree with MIke(aka Richard) he will cry victim. Mike aka Richard should spend more time worrying about taking care of his diabetes and his eye sight instead of arguing with people on the internet like he does.

    The fact is AMC and OLTL fans have their shows back. The shows have started out doing well. People should be happy to have both shows back and the first week doing so well.

  • David

    Oh yea to the poster that claimed GH only did well when the OLTL characters were on. That is incorrect GH’s ratings did well with using veterans in storylines like the Faison/Anna/Robin thing. Then did well with all the veterans and the nurses ball. Oh did well with stores involving Heather. Not once did any of the OLTL characters cause a huge increase in GH’s ratings. The only one from OLTL that have increased the ratings are Frank and Ron

  • John Fredericks

    I am just glad that we have our two favorite shows back no matter where they are. this is probably an indicator of where things are headed with more cancelled shows being brought back to life on the internet.

  • tj

    @ David I remember Richard,lol. Thanks.

  • Ray-El

    “AMC and OLTL are both much better off now than they ever were on ABC. I am happy they were cancelled so they get these chance to have dignity again. the last few years of both shows on ABC were an embarrassment.”

    I could not disagree more about OLTL’s last few years on ABC…especially their last year. I’ve watched the show since 1986 and consider the Tina Lord era to be my Golden Age of OLTL by which all others are measured. The last year reset that standard for me and now OLTL has two Golden Ages. There was a time in the early 2000s when it took me 10 minutes to watch OLTL because I fast-forwarded through most of the show. In the last few years, I didn’t need my FF button at all. The show came to life when they killed off Nash Brennan and it was almost intoxicating to watch right up until the end. When Marty threw Natalie off the roof, I was so overjoyed I almost had an out-of-body experience. lol. We all have our preferences, of course. But mine is that there was nothing on TV as enjoyable as the last year of OLTL.

  • gerry

    regardless of how many of the original cast are appearing, the shows are back. its also a possibility that PP isn’t working with the same budget that abc was, and therefore was being modest in their casting/recasting as to see how well they did. they left alot of doors open for returns. so sit back and relax and enjoy everyone who is in pine valley (and llanview) now. because if the numbers stay consistent, it will keep the shows being produced and if they continue to be produced, there is more of a chance of the actor/actress you’re missing to return.

  • Paul

    I am just happy both shows are back. If the actors don’t want to return to their roles, then either recast or send the characters away so we are not left wondering what they’re doing. But I think both shows have done an amazing job since being produced by PP. ABC was obviously the problem because both shows are more interesting now than they were in the last few years on network tv. And I love me some OLTL, but even I will admit that the powers that be slacked off on these shows for a long time. What kept me as a viewer was the characters, the great acting behind them, and the fact that even the most ridiculous story could be made believable with the actors throwing themselves into it.

    I do wish they would bring Jessica back, but I want the original Jessie. No offense to the new one, but if she doesn’t want to return, ask the original actress if she is interested. I don’t care that Rex, Gigi, and Shane aren’t back because to me, the only interesting thing that came from them was the Staci/Kim storyline. (yes, I love me some bad girls!)

    I am so glad the ratings for both shows have been so high. I hope they continue to remain high!

  • Patty

    I am thrilled that I am able to watch All My Children again. I commend Toln for taking a chance on reviving both soaps. Yes, it is disappointing that some of the actors aren’t in it but non of us know what is going on in their lives at the present. Maybe they will be able to join the show at a later time. In the past, soaps have done that all along. An actor would leave the show for awhile and then they would write them back in later and I’m hoping that they will do that with Susan Lucci, Walt Willey, Michael Knight, Cameron Matheson and the other actors that we are missing. I hope that if enough viewers watch, that eventually they will make it an hour long, but I understand because of budgets etc. that they have to start out slow. Thank you so much for bring out soaps back. I’ve been a fan from the very beginning!!

  • Nancy

    I am happy to hear AMC is doing so darn good! Online has given them some freedom and it’s doing them wonders. The storyline is great, the acting is great (with a few acceptions, and I do mean few). It’s very exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Debbie Morgan has outdone herself in today’s episode. She is a very good actress who really makes you feel like she is feeling. I am very happy my fave soap opera is back. Well worth the wait!

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