Will the Ratings for the 'Happy Endings' Finale Live Up to the Show's Title? - Poll

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May 3rd, 2013


Happy Endings airs its season, and, most likely, its series finale tonight. Fans can take solace in the rumors that USA is interested in picking up the show. The show's fans are passionate, but, unfortunately, they are also few. ABC's frequent schedule changes -- the show began  the season on Tuesdays, briefly had additional episodes airing on Sunday, then moved to Friday -- certainly didn't help its cause. Last week, both episodes that aired garnered a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating.  So, how do you think the show will fare tonight?

  • David

    Will be probably be up slightly to a 0.7-0.9.

  • Pavelsauce

    I really like the show, and I hope USA picks it up, but I don’t have high hopes for its ratings. I don’t think there will be any increase.

  • BigBrotherFan


    RIP :(

  • buttondiet

    It could maybe pull a 0.7 but it’ll be unlikely. At least the fans got to see the entire season, ABC didn’t pull the show and leave it for summer burn off.

  • ryan

    I hope the Neighbors and HTLWYP get moved to other slots and crash and burn. ABC was foolish to move Cougar Town, and they were foolish to move Happy Endings. I give them credit for trying to get all the episodes to air, but they shouldn’t have moved it to Tuesday in the first place, and perhaps more importantly, they shouldn’t have waited until late October to debut the season. People already decided to watch New Girl or (the Voice-inflated) Go On.

    Fingers crossed for a USA pick-up.

  • Bee

    it’ll do the same as last week i think. is ABC even promoting it as the finale? are they promoting it at all? sigh. i guess tonight is goodbye :( thought a part of me is still holding out for a USA pick-up miracle.

  • TV Addict

    … 0.6 again. Everyone is too optimistic. In other news, Communtiy’s season finale will get a 3.7

  • Sel

    I read an interview with Casey Wilson and she said that HE is not ending this year or something like that. I guess the decision has been made, just like last year with Cougar town. So I’m not worrying at all for the rating and the rest of the fans shouldn’t too! :)

  • Kyle R

    It will be up. Last week’s was so low because those episodes were online for a few days after the Watertown manhunt pre-empted them. I’d say around a .9, hopefully higher.

  • RyanCanada

    TBS better pick it up or i will be mad., P.S ABC sucks.

  • Dan

    USA will and should pick the show up. It solves 2 problems USA can air new originals alongside Modern Family repeats (Like TBS did with Cougar Town and Big Bang Theory) and with likely a two 13 episode pick up the show can finally achieve syndication. Also this leaves ABC free to cancel the show so they have more room for comedies.

  • Marc

    I think it has only hit a 1.0 in one of the 6 or so airings so far. I doubt it will top .8.

    That said, if it DOESN’T hit a 1.0, it essentially debunks the multiple excuses from last week (people watched it early, Canada, etc)

  • brandy

    I just love this show. :( Why didn’t it get to stay on Wednesday where it did just fine?

  • MichaelChickless

    Less than a regular episode of Last Man Standing?

  • HV

    Happy Endings 0.7
    Happy Endings 0.6
    Shark Tank 1.8
    20/20 1.0

  • Ryne

    At one point I really enjoyed this show, but not this year. This should be the swan song as it doesn’t warrant a pick up, even with another cable outlet.

  • Fred

    I’m going very low. 0.5 or if lucky 0.6. Very little momentum for this show this year. I’m a fan, but I’m prepared for the end.

  • POlo

    PICK IT UP!!!!!!!
    Let this show die would really really suck…

  • zth

    This has ZERO chances to go up tonight. TV ratings will reach low across the board as Iron Man 3 is poised to get one of the best opening weekends ever in US.

  • jay_s

    I know its a fan excuse bingo complaint, but the Tuesday move was always a bad idea. Such a shame… I don’t see any chance of an increase and voted accordingly.

    Here’s to USA picking this up – hoping and praying for a miracle.

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